Abu Dhabi Commercial Bankpathetic service

I have had the worst experience with this bank ever! I had just requested for a liability letter with a mere intention to move to another bank that agreed to give me a better inerest rate. Following that i received a call from their retention unit claiming they wanted to retain me! Little did i know this is going to be an absolute torture in this manner! They agreed to buy out my car loan which i had with another bank. And so i provided them with the liability letter beginning of january. And following that it has been such a traumatic experince with their incompetent personnel! I had to chase them several times and then i was told they had misplaced my liability letter and that i am to go over, pay again, and get them another liability letter! I refused initally and had to make an issue! Later i receive a call stating they have located my liability letter. After that there was silence again!
And then following several attempts to reach them from my end, i get another call saying the letter has expired! And the staff dealing with my case in the retention unit has absolutely no sensitivity to this matter! I literally had to visit the retention unit and meet the manager to resolve the matter! Upon my visit i promised a further reduction in the interest rate by the manager who was apologetic and i was requested to obtain the letter again as the process could not go through otherwise! Left with no choice, i am yet to receive the liability letter and all this delay has caused me tremendous loss and damages as i had other commitments ! More than a month and i am still stuck up! Absolutely pathetic! I am looking for a way to lodge a complaint and let people know of what the treatment is like! Any suggestions are welcome!

Feb 02, 2015

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