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I would like to lodge a serious complaint against your ABSA Short Term Insurance Department for not attending/ responding to my email correspondence in connection with my short term insurance policy number [protected]*001. I tried during 2014 as well as the past week to draw their attention without any success. In 2014 after failing to communicate with them I had to utilize the services of an ABSA freelance financial advisor, ms. Elizma Kotze to assist me but unfortunately resigned. I am paying my monthly premium as well as a monthly brokers fee but do not receive any service which is unfair. The email concerned is as follows:
Good day
POLICY NUMBER [protected]*001
I was informed by Bongekile Dlamini that your office is responsible for the maintaining of short term insurance policies. Your office does not respond to my emails the past few days and I therefore referred it to him. I would like you to give urgent attention to the following matter, please.
I communicated with you with difficulty in 2014 and now I find it now difficult again to draw your attention urgently. My premium increase of R 167.78 to R259.08, in other words, almost R100 per month is shocking for me. My bank statement for February is attached for your notice and you will agree with me that I cannot afford the premium increase. We can barely survive with my monthly Transnet pension of R 5100 m. On 1 January my medical aid contribution increased with R 90.00 per month, the levy on my townhouse will be increasing with 75.00 per month from 1 April and later in the year increases in property tax and water and lights will follow. What is incomprehensible to me is that my house content is insured for R 262, 168. I occupy a small 2 bedroom town house with security and my house hold content consists of minimum house hold equipment and furniture such as:

Double bed with bedding, dresser and old curtains.
Clothing myself, 3 shorts, 3 shirts, 2 sets payamas, underwear and sandals, no suits, shirts, ties and shoes because I am mostly bed ridden as a result of emphysema.
Clothing my wife, lingerie, 3 dresses, blouses 4 with 4 matching skirts and trousers, 4 pairs of shoes and sandals.
1 single bed with bedding and curtain


4x2 20 year old cane sitting room couch and chairs
Wood TV cabinet with TV, HiFi, DSTV decoder (which I have to cut off soon) and DVD player.
Dining table and chairs
Refrigerator and stove
Minimum pots, pans, cups, saucers, plates and cutlery for 4 persons stacked in 2 kitchen cupboards.
Groceries, we only buy weekly minimum grocery and some are provided by my son from time to time what we need. Furthermore, we only eat mince meat dishes and stews made of doggie bones (pieces).
In view of the above you have to agree with me that it is impossible that my house hold content worth is R 262, 168 and should therefore be redused to a reasonable level of R 190 000.

I still own the 1998 Volkswagen Jetta which worth is certainly not R 34 200 and myself estimate it to the value of R 29, 000.

In view of the above it would therefore be appreciated if you could reduce my premium to an acceptable level, please.
Kind regards

Mar 21, 2016
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