ABSA / disability with no dignity being treated like dogs

Mitchells Plain, South Africa
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My husband and I went to Absa Bank in Promenade Mitchells Plain on the 15 October 2018. My husband is currently in a wheel chair for the first time and needed to do some banking. I entered the bank at 15:10 and left my husband by the revolving doors. I looked for the security as I wanted him to open the side door so my husband could enter. No security was in sight at that time and I proceeded to the shortest queue which was information. At the information counter there was 1 person and the bank official Justice. Justice could see my husband standing at the revolving doors as the information counter faces the revolving doors. When Justice and his client almost were done, I interrupted him and asked him if he could open the door for my husband that is in a wheel chair. Justice informed me that he is busy with a client and will attend to me when I am done. He informed me that the staff member needs to accompany my husband. This I kind of understood as he was busy with a client, having a prolonged conversation, while my husband sat in his wheelchair like a dog outside the bank. Eventually the security came pass and I assumed he asked security to open the door. This conversation was done in Xhosa. To my surprised the security never went to open the door instead proceeded to the consultant named Shereen. When i asked when are they opening the door Justice informed me that the staff member needs to bring my husband inside. Soon afterwards the security came back and told me that they cannot open the door as the bank is about to close. I demanded that I speak to someone that gave that instruction. At this time Shereen came out and told me that the bank is closed. I informed her that the bank will close in 5 minutes and my husband has been waiting outside for the past 15 minutes. She tried to interrupt me and I never allowed her an opportunity, and explained that I have been inside the bank at 3:10 and have been looking for someone to open the door for my husband in a wheelchair for the past 15 minutes. She mentioned that there was a misunderstanding she though I needed to use there wheelchair. I told her that it was a poor excuse as from where we stood everyone could see my husband sitting by the revolving doors in his wheelchair . That time I pointed him out to her and she could see him sitting there. This is no excuse for how the staff treated my husband. Eventually they let the dog in and he done his banking . When we arrived at home, my husband ended up in tears. He said he felt so helpless and was scared. Imagine he was robbed while sitting and waiting when I was looking for someone to open the door. Imagine every single person with disability that gets this treatment. Pathetic coming from ABSA bank. In all honesty I intend to publish to raise awareness that this is how Absa staff strips a disabled person of their dignity.

Oct 16, 2018

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