ABSA / being in arrears justifies being treated this way?

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Personal issues meant that I had to max my credit card. Budget installments pushed me over the limit and I make the max payment I can afford every month. Excluding budget installments, I am effectively only paying around R300 towards the amount over limit, which is about 20% of what I am over.

I get a call from ABSA every month demanding full payment of the outstanding amount. I explain the same situation to them every time. That is; I have a provident fund with ABSA that I have been trying to have paid out as I have started working for another company and I will use this to update my card.

Every time I phoned ABSA for a progress report, I was told that they dont have a fund manager to release the money. I need to call back in a month to follow up. I submitted my claim on the 4th of Feb 2009.

After I made payment to my card end of May, I got the usual call again. Two weeks later, a sms demanding payment. I reponded to the sms and arranged for payment at the end of June. Today Sat 13 June, 5 days later, I get a call waking me at 7:00AM demanding a payment.

Does R1500 over limit justify this treatment? I've waited 4 months for my fund money! But that's okay, right ABSA?

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      Jul 31, 2009

    My husband has had the same problem with ABSA.
    We also had a difficult financial period and this unfortunatly meant that some of his debit orders did not go through and were sent back. Now we finally got through the finacial difficulties and my husband has not only settled all the outstanding amounts, but he has even been paying his accounts 1-2 months in advance.

    For the past two-three months he has been unable to swipe his card at any stores, on Monday he received a new card (ONE HE DID NOT REQUEST). He called ABSA and asked them if the new cards were to replace his old ones which don't work when he wanted to swipe them - they confirmed this and told him that the new cards will work. So this morning he wanted to pay for things he was buying - swiped the card - and guess what - it didn't work...

    He drove to ABSA, they said it was sorted (after he spent 1 hour there), he went to another store to test the card and guess what - it still didn't work... He drove back and all of the sudden there was a note on the system that he has to drive to the Centurion Branch and go see his peronal banker - No reason given -

    When he got there, he was told that due to the debit orders being sent back, they have now stopped his card and he can no longer swipe the card. This appanently will be reversed after about 6 months...

    When he asked why he had not been informed, he was told that "they have too many clients..."

    ABSA overchanges on Banking Charges!!! They don't care about their service level, and they are not interested in helping their clients!!! I have never seen service this bad anywhere!!!

    We are both moving all our account to another bank!!!

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  • N9
      Aug 24, 2009

    request loan please

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  • Ti
      Oct 30, 2009

    ABSA Bank sucks...I have moved to another bank and I have been getting 200% better service that ABSA...

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  • Di
      Oct 04, 2010

    Well, what can one say. Everybody has been having some difficulty, whether is being financial or what. I have to say that ABSA's service towards their customers are nauciating. They left me broke and hungry, and do you know what their response was, sorry we cant help you. WHAT?

    Now what i need to know is: WHAT THE HELL am i doing at ABSA if they cant help their client. What is the use of them. You entrust you money in their hands and just because they can, they will take your money. They don't give a damn what you say.


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  • Yv
      Mar 01, 2011

    Wow R45.00 for a transaction that was not even successful, What a Rip off!

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  • In
      Sep 17, 2015

    ABSA IS A USELESS BANK, I AGREE!!! I bought the car at a "registered car dealership" that ABSA funded, after going back and forth trying to return the car to the "dealership" my shock it has vanished into thin air! I SPENT THOUSANDS ON FIXING DAMN CAR that i ran in arrears for a 1 month, they are busy harassing me for R2800.00 where else many people are defrauding them of millions!! USELESS BANK

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