ABSA Bank / recovering of car installment

I was out of work early last year and missed one, yes just one car installment of r3500 and some odd.

I started working successfully around my 2016, where i have since to date not fallen behind any of my car payments. I started to receive calls from a mr hendrik combrink who advised he is employed with absa.

To my horror, this individual was rude, obnoxious and not empathetic at all towards my situation, i advised him that i was unaware that even though i have not missed any car payments except for that one when i was unemployed, he showed no remorse whatsoever!!!

I received threatening phonecalls, on several occasions and when i tried to complain about this, to another manager at absa (Whose name i can get), he asked me in a sarcastic tone what was i complaining about, actually!!!

I have had a vehicle before with mfc and never, never have i ever received this kind of treatment. I am a single mum who is working hard to keep the assets i have. You have white males who use a threaten attitude to what, get people to pay?!!

When i said i was not infrmed that your account is dependent on the number of days the account was in arrears, everyone just acted like i didn't just say that!

I am extremely unhappy wiht absa and disgusted that they hire such staff!! I am in the hr space and i know how you treat people!!!

How i have been treated is just disgusting and distasteful to say the least!!!

Mar 29, 2017

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