ABSA Bank / money deducted from my account but not dispensed by atm

On Sunday late afternoon I dropped a client at Lagoon Beach Hotel and I went in to the Absa atm to withdraw money. I entered all my details and chose the amount, and waited, and waited. Eventually after realising that the atm is obviously faulty I pressed cancel various times, but the screen stayed frozen on the prosessing display, so I removed my card from the machine and it still did not change the screen display. I saw the plug of the atm and switched it off and back on as I needed to leave and was weary as it was on the processing screen, so I figured that will be the only way to assure my transaction was cancelled. It then had a white display on the screen and did not change over to the absa display logo. I left and went to the next closest atm and withrew the money sucessfully. When I got home and I switched my phone on as I was left without battery, I received messages saying that absa bank had deducted the money that was never dispensed from my account. I called the hotel and explained what happened. The lady at reception went to look at the atm and it was offline. Now a day later and the transaction has not been reversed, so basically I was plain and simply robbed by the bank... I can not believe how absa can take money from my account and charge a transaction fee for money that was never dispensed. This is absolutely unbelievable, surely there must be some way to verify that the money wasn't dispensed and for absa to return my money to my account. At an absa teller you need not worry about strangers taking your money, absa bank will simply just keep your money for themselves. I really hope this matter will be resolved and soon too. I can't believe in this day and age a bank can makw this kind of mistake. Please fix this asap.

May 28, 2018

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