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I am completely fed up with Absa bank now, I only have one account at Absa bank and its too much to handle, I cannot stand the service I’m getting from Absa bank, this is pathetic, ever since I received my credit card from Absa I’ve not had one days rest, the day I collected my credit card from Absa bank in greenstone mall, I took my id, proof of residence and proof of income with me, since then I had to take it through to Absa in greenstone twice after that, I had to take it to primrose branch twice as well, which I don’t understand because I didn’t collect my cards from primrose, I’ve been contacted several times by greenstone branch and primrose branch for these documents, till I decided I will not go in one more time seeing that I have to give up an entire Saturday to go stand in Absa bank due to the lack of speed Absa branches have, and then they don’t even process the documents correctly, no one can collect, sign and use an Absa credit card or any banks credit card as a matter of fact without supplying the bank with the necessary documents, so how according to Absa bank do you still not have my documents?

Secondly, I loaded a debit order to my savings account for the monthly instalments of the credit card to go off the savings account the day I collected the cards, there after I’ve reloaded and reloaded and reloaded the debit order to the credit card, I have been contacted numerous times by Absa banks to let me know my credit card is in arrears, but whose fault is that, debit orders is “an added services to the client for the clients convenience" this is what was said to me the previous time I spoke to Absa bank call centre, now this is definitely not convenient if I’m constantly loading debit orders to a credit card and no one in Absa is doing their jobs. I contacted Absa bank on 12 March 2012 and had this conversation with a lady at the call centre, after numerous apologies I received from her, I was guaranteed that my debit order has been loaded and I was notified that the first instalment due to go off on 25 March would be for the amount of R 687.04, I then transferred the difference into the savings account...

After a few days I contacted Absa again to see if this has been done correctly and if I’ll have problems with Absa again, I was ensured that the debit order was loaded and the man confirmed the amount of R687.04 that would be debited out of my savings account!

I went into Absa internet banking this morning after receiving an sms from Absa stating I should pay my credit card to see that there was only a portion of the R687.04 debited out of my account, then 2 hours later I get a phone call from Absa credit card division, telling me there's a problem on my account, I couldn’t get one word in with this guy then he dropped the line, regardless of the fact that I am not allowed to be on my cell phone during working hours unless its work related and I’ve been contacted so many times before by Absa bank regarding this problem that got me into trouble at my company, still there is nothing being done correctly at Absa bank.

Now, I have always added debit orders to all my accounts, I don’t like falling into arrears with any accounts, reason for the debit orders. If this reflects on my ITC report as unpaid and gives me a bad credit rating I promise I will not accept it and will not leave it at that, due to it not being my mistake but Absa's incompetent staff not only at both branches greenstone and primrose but also at the call centre.

Now please, this time reply with a solution and not with excuses.
I am emailing this to the email adDress available on Absa internet banking as well



Amanda Aspeling

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  • Mo
      26th of Feb, 2013

    Once again, R99.99 unauthorized debit orders is active on my account. i tried to stop these before but now is continuing in another form ( NAEDO debits order, AIM
    _PS&S/SAS00005249451) i now have a -R1300+ in my account because of this Debits. Please Help.
    i bank with ABSA
    Mmp Lebotse

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