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Good day

I hereby refer to absa account [protected]

In jaunuary I have been into two different absa branches in secunda. To request at account to be closed but they did not want to close the account telling me I need to pay R500. I explained that I didn't have the R500 at that point time but can they close the account and debit the outstanding balance as I have changed my salary account and I don't want any debit orders to be processed in this account. The branch Manger refused I even as for them to stop any transactions on the account until I get paid and come with the R500.

5days later I get I go to the branch with the R500 to close the account. They have already added February banking fees and other fees the amount is now triple. Even today debit orders that I don't know off keep getting return unpaid.

I will not pay for those fees to close bank account. Because a request to close the bank account was already sent in January.

I will also be forwarding this matter to the credit ombudsman.

Thank you


Feb 7, 2019

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