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I opened a new business account in August and requested for personalized cards. Its the 5th of October today, countless number of calls and still no cards. Worst of all i closed down my other account. Now I'm stuck. What do i do? Who do i complain to?
Each time i call someone says they will check and get back to me but it never happens. Today i was put on hold for over 30 minutes and they still couldn't get me through to the person who can assist me.

Oct 05, 2018
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  • Ma
      Oct 06, 2018

    Is Absa even aware of this site, because I don't see any response from them?

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  • Lw
      Nov 07, 2018

    I am typing this message to you with a heavy heart and wholeheartedly hope that you can assist. My mother runs an NGO and has banked with ABSA for more than 12 Years. She has recently been granted funding on one of her applications but now in order to fully process her application, an account confirmation letter is required. On this confirmation letter, names & ID numbers of signatories on this account need to be listed.

    My mother has been to her Absa Branch in Galleria requesting this letter and she was referred to a Business Consultant, Mr Rudhir Sookhoo who's based in Arbor crossing. Mr Sookho did provide my mother with an account confirmation letter which did not state the type of account it is nor mention the signatories. My mother went to submit her application and got rejected, she had to go back to Mr Sookhoo again, who then said that they are not allowed to state the type of account nor List signatories, however he printed another one which now stated the type of account.

    My mother and I went back to submit the application, it got rejected again. Signatories need to be listed, we went to another Absa branch to request for assistance, the consultant there was willing to assist but discovered that Mr Sookhoo hadn't loaded the signatories on to the system. She then sent him an e-mail.

    This Morning my Mother went to see Mr Sookhoo hoping to get assisted as this is a simple request when you think about it. Again, she has been denied any assistance, she as been sitting outside for almost 2 hours whilst I was trying to communicate with your call centre consultants which ended up not being of any benefit as they declined giving me any assistance as I am not one of the signatories.

    This has been very costly time wise and been a waste as my mother has had to drive around back and forth jus for a mere piece of paper.

    Please be advised that should this sponsor withdraw their funding nor something happen to my mother due to the high stress levels she is experiencing because of this, I shall forward this matter to the Banking Ombudsman and the media

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