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AARP Secure Horizons Medicare Complete / general bad information

1 ArizonaNaples, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 239-216-2665

I have had United Health Medicare Complete for many years .. when United Health kept aquiring smaller companies my plans were continually being switched on me without my knowedge or consent ..

The last switch is now with AARP Medicare Complete from Secure Horizons by United Health ... I have always had a PPO so I could use it on my travels, as I sometimes must travel out of state ..

First they messed up my plan by having me at a California address, which I never lived at .. then they messed me up by not getting me the card I needed, information I needed and so I had a few emergency services due to my condition of Multiple SClerosis ..

Now I fear they are messing up again .. I needed MRI's done as I had a relapse .. no problem .. but I now also need to start medication for the MS and my formulary has it as a listed item BUT the doctors need to fill out forms ??? WHy, United Health, Secure Horizons, Pacific Care and AARP are all one company ..

There is no one "Brain" that connects my information .. I should not have to need approval for a medically necessary drug and am sick and tired of the screw ups .. when I call with my card, the Customer Service claims my Member ID does not exist .. Oh my God .. this is the same crap they pulled the last few years ..

Why doesn't someone investigate ?? Or are you all filling your pockets from the money I pay for all my working life so I can get crappy service ???

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  • Sh
      14th of Nov, 2010
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    Insurers are justified in requiring prior authorization for certain medications because it helps keep costs down and insurers can keep copayments as low as possible. We live in a society where people just go to a doctor and ask for a specific medication that they saw in a commercial; even though there may be plenty of other medications that are far cheaper and would accomplish the same results. Doctors are willing to prescribe more expensive medications to keep their patients happy and get future business.

    If a particular medication is medically necessary and the most suitable option, then an insurer will certainly agree to pay for it. Just get over it, and be thankful you have the benefit in the first place. Before 2006 there was no medicare part d (drug) benefit, so you're lucky to be spoiled with what you have.

  • El
      23rd of Jun, 2011
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    I have been trying to get an Appointment with the Beatrice Keller Clinic Dermatology since May 2011. My Dr. wanted for me to see a Dermatologist since I contracted lice from a patient I took care off. For once I needed help, but no one can help, visits times three at the Urgent care resulted in no success of getting rid of the bugs. Visit to the E.R at Boswell resulted to absolutely nothing no actions were taken, Dr. thought I was mentally impaired, which I resent since all I am doing is to get rid of the bugs. My PCP forever tries to get me to see a Dermatologist, which is impossible now because there isn't an Appointment until August. This is the kind of care we get nowadays with a lousy HMO, there isn't any compasion or care on part of the PCP and the Dermatologists they are all overbooked due to the pressure they get from the Insurance Companies, including that there are just to many people to take care off. It is an impossibility to take care of so many patients in one day, and get the right diagnosis and treatment to a patient. I think we deserve better care, then what is provided. I am extremely upset with the care I am receiving which is none, still have the bugs and I am fighting them any which way I can and still not getting anywhere, they are still with me. This has been going on since mid March and no resolve.

  • Ha
      26th of Nov, 2011
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    I just received renewal for 2012 from AARP/Medicak Complete United Health Care.
    I am with this insurance for many years and I have doctors I trust and Hospital
    Mills/Peninsula 10' from my home. Today I did find that I have to use Palo Alto Medical
    Foundation and I am loosing my heart specialist I had for 14 years.
    I was this year 78 years old, I have no family to help me and I am devastated from the change.
    Who can help me - please!!!

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