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AARP is losing sight of what brought them into being originally. It is no longer interested in the common man but becoming buddies with all of the underdogs in this world. I am so reminded by them of one of our parties. My latest complaint is of AARP again backing president Obama in wanting to take part of our social security retirement fund and put it in the social security disability fund. We all know about the horrendous fraud going on in the disability section with people stealing billions on false claims and instead of AARP demanding our president fix this to make the disability fund solvent, they go after our retirement savings. Bunk!!

Feb 12, 2015
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      Feb 12, 2015

    Do you have proof of the accusations you are making? I haven't belonged to AARP for many years because I think their membership fees have gotten too high and the articles in the magazine aren't as good as they used to be. The last few years I belonged the magazine articles seemed to be geared more towards younger people, being sexier, etc. Also none of the discounts are anything that would benefit me. The things included in the discounts are still too expensive for me. I honestly don't think there is that much disability fraud going on. Do you know people that are committing disability fraud and if so you should be reporting them. In my 74 years I have known many people that have been on disability, honestly and the majority of them are also working some type of part time job. Unless you have proof that you can show, you shouldn't make accusations.

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