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AARP / insurance

1 atlantis, FL, United States Review updated:

I called AARP/Hartford insurance, on 4-25-09, to change my current Hartford auto insurance and umbrella from my private agent to AARP. The savings would have been $2000 a year. The AARP agent took my information and said my wife and I had an excellent driving record. They asked me several questions to qualify for the umbrella policy and all was in order. The AARP agent then put me on hold saying that he had to get approval from the underwriter. He came back and apologized and said that he had one more question.

Since I am a physician, he asked if I had ever published or will ever publish any scientific article. My response was yes. He then put me on hold and came back and said the underwriter was denying me my umbrella policy because I have or may publish an article in a medical journal.

I explained to the agent that I am a hospital employee and any article written would have to be approved by the research committee at the hospital and that the hospital also carries a liability policy for me. I even offered to fax the policy. I even suggested they exclude or put on a rider excluding any articles written. The agent went back to the underwriter and claimed to have gone to his boss as well. The response was still NO. I asked how they can possibly exclude everyone in the scientific community who will write or will ever write an article. He could not answer. This seems like a ridiculous and discriminatory reason to deny a policy. It seems like that they were looking for any minor excuse to deny the policy.

What I found most interesting is that I already have an umbrella policy with Hartford. I was looking to change to Hartford under AARP to save money on my auto insurance. The umbrella goes with my auto insurance so I could not change. I did ask the agent why Hartford/AARP denied me while Hartford with my private agent had no problem giving me the umbrella. He could not answer me.

Also what relevance does my professional work or professional life have to do with my personal umbrella since I have separate liability insurance through my place of employment? He could or would not answer the question. In addition he would not let me speak with the underwriter.

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  • Co
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    I would like to think that with this happening to you, that you would cancel your Hartford Insurance since this is the way they repay their loyal members. I wouldn't feel safe with them. What if something happens and you must use your insurance, can you imagine what would happen to you if you ever had to submit a claim. I was with Hartford for 1 yr. when I switched from another insurance company that I had had for many years, because I trusted the name AARP and I figured they would never let anyone use their name if they weren't reputable, well, this is what happened to me. The 1st yr it went well, then when it was time to renew, with no reason at all, they went up $800 for the 2nd year. I had a claim from my old insurance that was ready in 1 year to be taken off the books, and Hartford knew this beforehand and this is what they did to me. Good luck. A concerned senior.

  • Ho
      26th of Apr, 2010
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    I had aarp Hartford. it came due in Dec, I did not get a renewel. So in January I called them. I was informed that I had been canceled in August for non payment. I said wait a minute I payed in dec last year and pay by the year.. 13 phone calls later, 4 faxed copies of the check and 2 mailed. they said we will have to check with the underwriters and see if we can reinstate you. After I threatened to sue and had an attorney friend send them a letter, I got reinstated and they gave me an extra 6 months. The next time I got my statement they raised my rate almost $200.00 a year. when I called and asked the reason I was told " Because we can" "no special reason" No tickets, No accident, No non pays, just "because we can" . MY REPLY " I am canceling the policy " JUST BECAUSE I CAN" been with safeco ever since. NO PROBLEMS ! You control the money if nobody pays them they will not last long.

  • Aa
      27th of Dec, 2013
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    My name is Anthony Kelly I'm 57 yrs old and up till Dec 02 2013 I had auto insurance through your company. I received a noticed that AARP was cancelling my auto insurance policy due to one missed payment via EFT. Now my payments are generally collected after midnight on the 30th of each month, but for some reason they were not able to collect. I was never contacted via email or phone. I found out about my policy being cancelled after receiving mail from my old address which I change long before Dec 2013, but back to payment. When I read the letter saying I was being canceled I immediately called and was told because of EFT not going through on Dec02, 2013 by Dec 26th 2013 I will be canceled when I ask the female I spoke to on the phone could I pay over the phone she replied “no” . Needless to say I was shocked because she said I had no recourse and would have to find another insurance company. I read similar complaints in consumer affairs one case was exactly like mine for Dec 2013. My payments were $130/month since June 2013 till Dec 2013 there were no problems. I feel I was wronged and was unfairly treated by AARP customer service. Now I’m left scrambling to find a new policy for my new car . What I find most strange is I was told I could never rejoin AARP again with no recourse.

    Anthony D Kelly

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