Aarons / unethical behavior/ harassment

Brooklyn, New Yorkbrooklyn, United States

I rented a entertainment set from aarons, made my intial deposit and paid 1 month in advance my items I ordered were 1 month late I then called to check the status on my order they said i'd have to wait till the district manager come back from vacation. My order came in exactly 3 days before my payment was due. On my due date I get a call from the store manager requesting payment, I then tell him I already paid 1 month in advance which by the way the items wasn't even in my possession till 3 days prior to my due date. Aarons are a rip off so you know what I stop making payments n told them to come get their items cz they are ripoffs they said no. Now they're coming by my apt harassing my family, literally kicked my door in n left a big huge dent in my front door, some big african monkey then calls both my sisters a [censored] and [censored]. So guess what you aarons [censored]es definitely aint getting your [censored] back n you can take me to court all you want you stink [censored]es cz u aint gonna get [censored]. N I am protected bythe law you dumb stupid ass [censored]es hahahahaha...

Oct 26, 2018

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