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A month ago my husband and I picked out a sofa and love seat. Manager said would hold it for 30 days based on our word we wanted it.
My husband called to check on things to see if we were still going to be able to get it and was informed it was leased out.

Today went to look at other options and the manager told us we wouldn't have wanted that first set as electrical cord was missing and she thought we could not afford it. We found a sectional we liked and again the manager made remarks about us not being able to afford the payment. Being judged on what she believes about us is not right. I ended up with nothing. Terrible service and to me not business like.

  • Updated by Debbie Maldonado-Radcliffe, May 31, 2018

    We also were not notified in a timely manner that manager leased out the set we chose in the first place.

May 31, 2018

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