Aarons Furniture / 1 day late

Cumberland, United States

I have to say Aarons is the worst place for you to even think you will be helped by them at all. My payments were due on the 1st of every month. I was ( and i am Not kidding one bit) one day late getting there and they had called my phone not once, not twice, but four times that day. So by that time i was ticked off... One day... Come on. So i put them off and put them off. Now i was just doing it to see just how long ot would take them to track me down. Well it took a whopping 16 days, and they had showed up at my door to take what i bought back. Okay now lets see... 16 days at 4 calls a day ( 2 home and 2 on my cell). 64 phone calls they made for my pittly little 30.00 i owed them. I would have went in and would have been more that happy to pay the money to them but the messages were snotty on my phones and they harassed me to much. I think more than one call a day should be against the law. So if you ever think of aarons furniture on industrial blvd in Cumberland md. Let me just say i think someone is on the payroll, just to harass people by phone in that store. Beware of Aarons!!!

Dec 25, 2014

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