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Aaron's / poor service!

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We rented a TV, had been paying for 3 months, then on Labor Day weekend, we took off on a trip to look at some property in northern NV where we bought some property. My wife works overnight shifts, and I am self employed where I work an hour/half from home. We got back from our trip that Sunday, and thought we would take care of all bill that were due that following Saturday when we are both home. Well Aaron's didn't wait a day over our due date, that they were sending an employee to our house. Not at a reasonable hour. The first time the guy came by was a little after 6am! My wife had just got to bed, when the door bell was ringing and pounding at the door!! She told him we would take care of our payment that Sat. when we could come in. Two days later same guy came knocking (pounding) on our door again!! This time was around 7:05 am!! My wife told they guy NOT to come around so early and said we will take care of it!. Then three days later that Sat morning, the same guy (again) showed up a little after 7am!! This time I was home!! I told him NOT to every come to ur house that early!! He laughed at me and told me he could come any time he wanted too!! I them told him to get off my property or I would call the Sheriff! he once again laughed at me!! I was really mad, so when my wife got up we went to pay the bill, then decided to call them and pay over the phone, while we were on hold waiting for them to process our payment, the manager came on the line, and started yelling at my wife, that his employee made a police report against me for threatening him!! What kind of business do they run?? They are worse than loan sharks!! No professional business would ever come knocking on someones door so early in the morning!! The manager said to me that he wanted them to come and pick up our tv!! Then he told us that they are charging us $10 for every time they send some one to our house!!! Convenient for them, when the guy lives right here in this little bitty town? Isn't it just a "bit" unreasonable to send someone over, not only that early in the morning, but 3 times in one week, when my wife specifially told him we were on a trip and coming in to take care of the payment in 7 days???... We called the corporate headquarters and made a complaint. The business is a franchise we were told, and the owners nema is 5 star corp and a man and wife owned it, he also gave me their names... The complaint was sent to them. We should be hearing from them on Mon or Tues. This is ridiculous, they took our payment and now want to come and pick the tv up! We have a 6 month agreement with them, how convenient it is for them to take this back??? Our suggestion before leasing anything from Aaron's is check them out before leasing with them. Even though Aaron's has a standard policy for all the franchises, we are told by corp headquarters, that because it is a franchise, the run things the way they want to. Even if they are out of line. But they CAN get in trouble if they cross the line. They can have their franchise license revoked... Beware!!

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  • Br
      25th of Aug, 2016
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    Aarons, Inc - Manager Dispute
    Aarons, Inc
    4355 Eastex Freeway Beaumont
    United States
    Phone: (409) 896-2828

    The Manager Black male over 30 accused me of stealing a financed Laptop until I ask or gave him information of who was involved in the stolen case from the suspects Jerry Smith and Megan Byrd, who used my truck keys from the Authority holding them over blackmail issues being charged against me which caused my College Laptop to be taken out of my truck. The security briefcase with Laptop in it was locked up in my truck and secured but in my backseat .The provided evidence is from those two deciding to steal my truck keys from the Authority I ask to secure them my Aunt Stephanie Byrd who gave them to her daughter and family who Megan explained was given to Jerry Smith involved until I had moved safely to my living address from being accused of doing and smoking drugs.

  • Ma
      25th of Aug, 2016
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    Aarons Furniture Rentals - Delivered wrong furniture
    Aarons Furniture Rentals
    United States

    We picked out some furniture from internet catlog at aarons store in dayton ohio easttown shopping center 2 weeks before x-mas, we were told the furniture would be delivered 29th of dec. i called to check when they would be here for delivery they said they just found out that they did not make that set anymore after i paid downpayment prior to delivery actually i paid for it the day we ordered it . anyway come to find out they did and got the furniture delivered two days after it was promised. when it got here the tables were not the right ones they had the gall to send me tables that they thought i might like without even asking me first and they were broke corners were knocked off and colored in with some sort of marker the coffee table had a hole in the bottom of it the couch was broken needless to say i am a very dissatified costumer. you know we are supposed to pay $3000.00 for some piece of crap i don't think so!!! so my husband and i went down to the store and supposedly got things taken care of and picked a total new livingroom suit expecting that everything would be delivered right this time two days after the promised day we were wrong about everything being okay they still did not bring the lamps that we picked out and guess what no recliner who would have guessed!!! so i just want to say thanks alot ken and chris the only two managers in the whole world who doesnt know their a** from the hole in the ground!!! you really either need a new job flipping burgers or need some type of traing in a mad since.

  • Ch
      15th of Jun, 2017
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    I live in Fall River MA and I have had trouble making my payments for three months. I understand that they have a business to run and I have had no phone to contact them letting them know that I am having issues with making my payments. I have known the general manager from when he owned Colortyme another rental company and they still lack customer service skills. I don't let them in my house and one time, when they tried to get my furniture, I was not home, and they came in without anyone letting them in. I have told them not to come to my house because they are sneaky, they park a block down the road and knock and pound on the doors and you don't even know who it is coming for their stuff. They knock and pound on every door and window. One day, they came at 9 pm when my son and I were sleeping and knocked so hard, that it woke me up and when I went to answer the door, I was so mad that I slammed the door in their face. Now because I have been trying to work on getting furniture somewhere else, they are taking me to court. I have found other furniture somewhere else, they are refusing to pick up my stuff. I had to put some of the furniture outside just to get my new stuff in and they are so sneaky that they drove by my house to take pictures of the furniture on the lawn . COME GET YOUR STU[censored] I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH YOU ANYMORE. A VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER.

  • Ma
      13th of Aug, 2018
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    I have informed Aarons since 7/3/18 that my oven door needed repair since I have the warranty thru Aarons and my item has yet to be paid off I requested this through the Aarons on Wheeler Road, Central Islip, NY. I also purchase and pay for the Extended Warranty to cover all my products purchased through Aarons. On 7/3, I was advised by the person who came to repair my oven that he had to return to the store and could not fix the door. After not returning on 7/9 and my appointment being ignored with no phone call or no one coming to my home even after being placed in the schedule book I filed my 1st complaint and Nia the regional manager contacted me and advised that someone from Aarons will come to my home on 7/13. After that date I was informed that they had to outsource the repair to AllPro and register the product with Frigidaire, after a Month on 8/3 I called Frigidaire for status and was told NO ONE from Aarons called to register the product. I, Myself went to register the product and called AllPro to try to schedule an appoint and was then told by AllPro that NO one from Aarons called them because if they did they would know that AllPro does NOT SERVICE the Brentwood Area. I am very UPSET since I have to do all the work to have my own items repaired when I am making my payments and also am paying for an EXTENDED WARRANTY!!! How is it that when it is time to make a payment Aaron calls me 5-6 times a day even when I make payments online. When I told that to Aarons in Central Islip, I was told what does that matter one has nothing to do with the other. I find that this has been the worst experience ever I have a Family gathering on SEPT 1st... Very Important and I do not have an oven for Over a month trying to just cook on a stove is somewhat very difficult with children. as to my 2nd complaint on 8/8 no one has even bother to call me not even the regional manager. My 2nd Complaint number is HSC0246774 and the 1st complaint number is #HSC0235815. I hope to have this resolved ASAP.

  • Lo
      4th of Feb, 2019
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    I have gotten stuff through Aarons for a long time and I have never been treated as bad as have lately there a very rude and hateful employee that works there who is extremely rude and hateful instead of trying to help out with the u have to pay gets very rude and will not accept the money I do have he told that he don't care if I have grashiments coming from my other job and demand that I pay the full amount I pay want I can and I usually pay in full my next payday I do not appreciate the rudeness I show them respect at least he could do is the same thing I will after I get my stuff paid off I will never to back to that place again

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