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My car overheated and stopped on Highway 152 westbound from highway 5 heading to Gilroy. I called AAA and tried to give the best description I could of my location. I was in a very large turnout about 15 minutes from the reservoir. This was at 2:08 pm. I was told a truck would be out but might be up to two hours. Because I was on a freeway, it was given priority. It was also 100 degrees, no shade and I had very little water left — and I'm 70. I have on my phone 19 attempts to call AAA over the next 4 hours, 5 of which went through. I made it clear that I was in a no service zone with an occasional single bar. I could not receive calls or texts. I also was able to receive a 1 min. call from Los Banos, asking for my location, which I described. I made 4 more attempts to call Los Banos, but could not get through. When I realized after 2 1/2 hours that AAA had not sent a truck, I called 911. I was told a sheriff would come. I called again at 5:00 (1/2 hour later) — no sheriff came. The supervisor at AAA told me I had to call 911 — and told me that they could not send a truck until they knew where I was! I was beginning to panic.

When a truck came, it was not for me — he had been returning from a crash, saw me and wanted to confirm that I was a member. He said he could not take me. It would take another 4 hours. I became rather hysterical at this point, so he doubled up the cars and put me in the cooler truck. I was very close to collapsing from heat and no water — he can confirm this.

I spoke with Emily from AAA today. She claimed that they were "trying to find me". I do not believe that. What I do believe and was assured by the driver is that AAA screwed up initially, called the correct station in Gilroy, then decided I might be closer to Los Banos and cancelled the Gilroy truck — but never followed up to be sure the Los Banos truck was coming — which they didn't.

I honestly could have died out there. If not from heat and dehydration, then by one of the endless trucks roaring by. All they had to do was have a truck drive 15 minutes from highway 5 down 152 and find me. That apparently is against their policy according to Emily.

I have been paying $119 for extended towing service to have peace of mind that nothing like this ever happen since I drive alone through desolate areas. This is a serious complaint.

Jul 27, 2018

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