Transport Connection Complaints & Reviews

Transport Connection / product s and service

Oct 15, 2018

Stay away from this company!!! I called them up at their 5555 NE Trieste Way, Boca Raton, Florida location and ask for a quote, then I politely let the guy who was answer my phone know I am going to shop around and compare prices with other transport companies. He started to tell at me and...

Transport Connection / Moving services

Mar 31, 2017

Unbelievable! I called to see if he took credit cards and the owner (Bill) began yelling and telling me not to waste people's time. It was a simple yes or no answer but the owner felt the need to go into detail about how the industry worked and how I wouldn't find anyone to take...

Transport Connections / Shipping quote phone call received from bill the owner

Sep 14, 2016

Bill the owner is a real gem of a man he sure is not!!! He, called me to give me a quote and as soon as i mentioned the price of another company then he just flipped out, snapped, swearing at me putting down the other companies, so i hung up on he!! He proceeded to call two more time...

Transport Connection / Racist - They dont do business with cheap Indians

Feb 9, 2014

Racist - They dont do business with cheap Indians This is the first time i talked to any broker for moving my car. And WOW !!!, when i requested the quote they updated on the website $890 but when i actually talked to him he said dont go for that price its going to be $500 more than what u...

Transport Connection / Dishonest Quote, Abusive language

May 14, 2013

Contacted Transport Connection to move my wife's vehicle from VA to HI. This Bill Avrich guy quotes me $1880 to transport then says $2300 after I contact him to ink the deal. So I tell me that the quote seems a but high considering I can get my wife's vehicle shipped by the same...

Transport Connection / Racial Attacks

Mar 27, 2013

I have requested a quote on transport reviews and found the best price (around $650) and good ratings for this transport company. I called the Transport connection and got the quote ($900 - $1000), for which i replied as I will get back after contacting some other companies. Thats when I...

Transport Connection / bad customer service

Mar 23, 2013

racist person lier. we are a carrier company he lie to us and ask for help to transport a 1966 corvette he told us he was only making 50 and if we can transport the car for 450 which we did just to help him after we deliver the car we fing out he charge the customer 250. and now is sending...

Transport Connection / Abusive harassing owner

May 11, 2012

Bill Avrich, owner of transport connection, is verbally abusive and threatening. If you hesitate in working with him, he will turn on you and insult you, harass you, and threaten you. He phoned and emailed me from several different numbers and accounts - he likes to hide behind hi...

Transport Connection Boca Raton, FL / Avoid at All Costs

Dec 23, 2011

Avoid doing business with this company at all costs. Bill is a complete A-hole nut job. I submitted a quote request online and got a call from Bill shortly after. The first thing out of his mouth was "you wanna move this car or what?" To which I replied that I'm getting quotes to do...

Transport Connection / Auto Shipping / Convicted fellon who uses abusive language

Aug 28, 2011

Like other people here have mentioned, this guy is a complete nut job who is looking for excuses to pick a fight even with his prospective customers and uses very abusive language. Like someone also suggested, this guy is a convicted fellon (extortion). See and search...

Transport Connection / Scam

Aug 25, 2011

This company does not live up to its "standards", and states that it is a BBB company on their website: In the past week (End April 2010), I have searched for moving quotes, and car shipment quotes. Many sites will not provide you quotes through email, and... / Harrassing and Abusive


I went online for quotes on shipping my vehicle when I move. He e-mailed me with quotes which were up to more than twice what several other carriers had quoted me. When I sent a response telling him thank you, but I’ve decided to go with another carrier, the owner/president of this company...

Auto Transport Connection / Fraud


Bill Avrich who purports to be the owner of ths multi national shipping company is an insane and unbalanced man. This is based upon my experiences with him and the unreal amount of google press he has if you search him. This is clearly a guy who needs help, has anger issues, and is an...