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A & E Factory Service / no customer service/refund

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On Thursday, October 14, 2007, we started experiencing problems with our Maytag washer’s timer control. To make sure we got the appropriate service for our washer we consulted the, “Maytag User’s Guide” that came with our washer. It states on page 11 to call [protected] to locate and obtain authorized factory service. I called this number and I was given the name and phone number of A&E Factory Service in my area. Then I looked on the Maytag website and I found that A&E is listed their number one ”Nationwide Service Provider”. I called A & E to obtain service for my washer. I got an appointment for October 18, 2007. When the service tech came out I explained to him what the washer was doing. He told me, without even touching my washer that the timer was out and he didn’t have one on the truck. He said he could order it and it would be here in three days. I said, OK and he placed an order on his laptop and I paid him $149.45 on my credit card. He said when the part came in to call the office and they would come right out and replace the timer.

Three days came and went and no part arrived. After a week went by and no part arrived I called A&E on Wednesday, October 24th to find out if they knew anything about the missing part. I talked to a guy named Aaron. After taking my information he informed me the part was on back order. He said it was on back order and is not scheduled to arrive until December 31, 2007. I was shocked upon hearing that I would be without a washer for two and a half months. And I didn’t understand why I had not been informed, by A&E that the part was going to be delayed. I told Aaron to cancel my part order.

He said he would cancel the part order, but another department had to refund my money. He said someone would call the following day. No one called. On Friday, October 26, 2007, I again called A&E. A man named Marcus answered my call and I told him what had been going on. He said he would cancel the part order and he would transfer me to a person who would refund my money. After waiting on hold for five minutes the phone clicked and went dead. I called back and talked to a lady named Becky. I had to give her all my background again. She told me that she would now cancel the part order and she transferred me to a lady named Debbie. Upon talking to Debbie she told me that no one had canceled the part but she would? But she couldn’t refund my money. She said she would cancel the part and I would have to call back for my refund. I asked her why I needed to call back when I was already on the phone with her. She said she had to fill out paperwork and call the parts department. I told her to call the parts department and cancel that part order and then I would stay on the line and we could fill out the refund paperwork together. She stated to me that to obtain a refund I would still have to pay the $50.00 service call charge. I said fine. She seemed reluctant to help me at this point so I asked her if I could talk to a Supervisor. She transferred me to a man name Dan who said he was the Customer Service Manager. For the fourth or fifth time I had to tell my story again to Dan. He tells me that “none of the other people I have talked to are allowed to cancel my part order only he could do that”.

I told him that I am getting the run around from his company. He says “he” will help me personally. He looks up my information and says he has cancelled my part order. He then tells me he can refund my money, but I will have to pay the $65.00 service call charge. I said wait a minute, I just talked to Debbie, your employee not more than five minutes ago and she told me the service charge was only $50.00. At this point Dan said because Debbie had said it was $50.00 he would refund $100.00 to my credit card and keep the $50.00 for the service call. I said that was fine and asked for his direct phone number in case I had any further problems. He gave me his direct line and assured me he would take care of my problem.

After a week went by and not receiving a refund I called Dan. I was on hold for ten minutes. I then called the service number and the lady I spoke to tried to call Dan at the number he gave me, and she was also placed on hold. She tried an internal number but no one answered. I then drove to A & E ( aka: SEARS ). I finally found “Dan” and asked him where my refund was. He said the employee who does the refunds had gone home for the day, which I found very convenient. He assured me that he would call me the next morning, which he did. He said that my refund would show up on my charge account in three days. Well three days turned into a week without a refund. I called Dan again and as usual he didn’t know what had happened, although he is the manager of the department. Once again he promised my refund would be in my account in three days. Again a week went by and then my refund was in my account, sort of. Instead of the hundred dollars I was scheduled to get I only got $84.45. So on November 12, 2007, I had to call Dan again about what had happened to my full refund. And as usual, Dan didn’t have an idea of what went wrong. He promised to call me back with the information. I’M STILL WAITING

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  • Je
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    I had a very similar experience with A and E. The timer on my Maytag washer went bad and I waited 7 weeks for parts delivery and for the technician to return. The technician arrives and realizes the first technician ordered the wrong timer. I called a local appliance repair shop, within 2 days the washer was fixed.

    I cancelled the A and E order, but after 3 calls I had the same run-around on obtaining a refund. I gave them 10 days to correct the problem. After 10 days with no credit issued I called Visa and had my full refund within 3 days.

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