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Not sure how someone can advise you and sell you a product at their customer care facilities that do not work!

8ta consultant at Canal Walk 8ta Branch advised me to go for the 3GB (2GB +1GB) promo to be used as a data bundle for my children. I went through the whole procedure of buying airtime and when trying to convert to data get told by customer care centre that there is no coverage at my place of residence! Surely this should have been advised to be right from the onset?!!!

Unprofessional and useless!


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      Oct 22, 2011
    8ta - Incorrect account
    South Africa

    During September I received a phone call from a 8ta consultant powered by Telkom. Before the conversation even started I informed the consultant that I am not interested in any contract as I am already a satisfied Mtn customer and I wanted to end the call. The consultant however persuaded me to listen to him. He told me that he does not want to offer me a contract and that I am receiving a FREE Nokia X2 cellphone plus an additional R1000.00 cash because I use so much airtime monthly. The warning lights immediately went off in my head and specifically asked the consultant if he is sure that this is for FREE and that there will be no charges payable from my side. He in turn told me that the only money I need to pay will be a ONCE OFF payment of R280 for the airtime that will be loaded on the phone before hand. I still thought that this whole situation was odd, why would 8ta give me a phone and cash back if I'm a Mtn customer? The phone arrived a week later and I needed to sign a delivery note from UTI couriers. The R1000.00 would be payed into my bank account 21 days after arrival of the phone. Surprise surprise, no R1000.00 was payed into my account. Instead a RECCURRING BILL for R344.66 arrived in the mailbox. I phoned 8ta on numerous occasions to try and sort out this whole situation but instead received no assistance. I have not used the phone or sim card since its arrival and refuse to pay a contract I did not sign up for. Why would I want a Nokia X3 cellphone when I have a Blackberry Curve 8520? The account number on the invoice is: [protected], Cell no: [protected]

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      Oct 22, 2011

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      Mar 24, 2013
    8ta - Sim cancelled without notice and no reason provided yet
    South Africa

    Complaint id - 4157725, not resolved aftr 4 days

    I purchased new 8ta sim on 12th march, then I started using it after 5 days I was not getting any network so I thought it might be problem with network but on wednesday 20th march I called customer care to know what has happened, to my surprise they told me sim has been cancelled.

    Exceutive told she will get back to me in half an hour by taking my alternative number. After two hours she didn't call so again I called cc got to know executive has not taken any action till now then again registered new complaint 4157725, this opened on wednesday but till now they are unable to tel me the reason why it got cancelled. What a shame. You have cancelled the sim without the user knowledge and now unable to update the user with the reason.

    Real carelessness, and now have spent lot on calling cc from other numbers since I do not have any other 8 ta sim (definitely not planning for another stupid sim) , today 24th march they dont have the reason for cancellation telling me to wait more. Comeon grow up how many days you need to tell me the reason, cc executive telling me it has been transferred to another team. Till when it will be still in pending mode

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