7-Elevenunethical behaviour

On December 2nd, 2018 I visited the 7/11 location at 124 Maple Avenue Norfolk Virginia to buy a tobacco product, milk, and muddy buddies. When the cashier, a "Mr. Vee" scanned my ID card, the machine alerted him that the ID was expired. I informed Mr. Vee that my card had been renewed, and that I was waiting for the card in the mail. I offered the go get my DMV temporary paper ID, which combined with the expired card is a valid license. When I offered this suggestion, Mr. Vee told me to leave the store and not come back. When I asked him why I had to leave the store, he began to hurl insults at me personally. That he didn't want to sell to "people like me." I asked him if I could just get the milk and snack, and he said no, he would refuse sale to me. I then asked him for his name and he responded by threatening to call the police. At this point I was feeling entirely disrespected and violated as I had not done anything to warrant the kind of hatred I received from Mr. Vee. I asked him and his coworker for the number to their manager, to which they both responded that they didn't know. When the police arrived I explained the situation and he helped me find the number to corporate 7/11 since the to employees had apparently no knowledge of their supervisors contact information, and no managerial information was posted in the store. This experience was very discouraging and hurtful, and I had never had an issue with this store before. Mr. Vee often works the night shift and has sold tobacco to me before. Sometimes he locks the front doors and has you request to be let in. It seems to me that his attitude about others may be detrimental to the reputation of 7/11. I truly hope his prominence in the company is reconsidered.

Dec 02, 2018

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