7-Eleven / service

The customer service there is great but the new security guard there is really disrespectful . I've never felt so uncomfortable and harassed at the same time . My boyfriend had a few drinks already and I was already going there to buy hot chocolate so I purchased the beer for him . I am pregnant so the security already started making comments and when I asked him what he simply said, " modelo, for your baby girl or boy." And continued to stare me down harassing telling the cashier to id me which I am 21 . He was also staring me down, it's not the only time he's been rude about something . Whether pregnant or not I feel like it should be none of his concern what I chose to do . His comments were uncalled for . I don't think I'll shop there as long as he's there . I don't think it's right for him to make rude comments and make me feel uncomfortable by looking at me the way he did . I went home and cried at how disrespectful he was, securities are supposed to be there to make you feel safe . I didn't . I felt harassed, humiliated, and much more . What if I was just a bit on the heavy side . I feel a person should never make comments like that .

Mar 11, 2017

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