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This was happened last may 8, 2017 at exactly 5:05 in the afternoon. One time i was trying to buy something from 7eleven store located at basak mepz 2 lapu- lapu city,
The first thing i have noticed is there is no greetings when you get in side, second thing was the clerk was not able to meet my expectation as a costumer as if was i was trying to redeem an item from there store, and then third was when i just wanted to sit have a sit, one f the clerk was having a mop and was trying to hit my chair 7 times and i ask here if she would not say sorry, she said "no sir " so as a costumer i have to argue with the clerk because she has no good costumer relationship, i know everyone of us is a costumer but this situation is not normal because she is annoying while i just wanted to have a sit from the store hoping to give me a feedback about this a have a picture of the girl, and the last thing also is about the guard on duty, guard at that time is trying to ask if i have an i.D, i ask also for what ? So that time we argue the most, because he wanted me to put a handcuff even i don't have committed any crime inside. I want the explanation for this matter hoping to give a feedback from the 7eleven company. I want to terminate the clerk since she has hired for the costumer but since she has no good costumer relationship she is not fit for the job. About the guard on duty i want to know about their agency and ask them to terminate also the guard since the code of ethics of the guard is service and security, he is not amendable to apply i hope to terminate those people who are not doing their job correctly.


May 10, 2017
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  •   May 10, 2017

    You are a 'costumer'? What sort of costumes do you make? Why does a 7-11 clerk need to greet you? Are you feeling that needy? I think you went in there, intent on making trouble. BTW: the person in the photos is clearly a WOMAN, not a girl. You had No right to take her photo and she should have snatched your phone and thrown it in her bucket of water.

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  • Ma
      May 15, 2017

    sounds like you're an egotistical douchebag who needs to lighten up. Greeting people isn't a 7-11 employees #1 job especially when they're working. Apparently whats lost on all of you egomaniacs who think the world should be bowing down at your feet is a 7-11 employee is not a cashier he or she is a Sales Associate so that person may be cleaning a bathroom with [censored] and pee all over their toilets one minute and then having to deal with someone like you the next.

    Maybe you should go to another store if you don't like it. If you had a bad experience it was probably because you were looking for trouble. Most employees through 7-11 don't seek out trouble and not every 7-11 employee is supposed to be Mr or Miss Kiss ###. It's people like you who make the job itself even worse.

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