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2006 Nissan Altima Se - R / defective oil consuming engine

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Superior Nissan of Carson - 1505 East 223rd Street Carson, CA 90745. Toll Free: [protected] Phone: [protected]

I must let you know how dissatisfied with the service that I have received at Superior Nissan of Carson. I've owned many cars in my day and many Nissans, but this is hands down one of the worst service departments I have experienced. First of all, I just took a practically brand new car in for two problems that should not have happened. We purchased a 2006 Nissan Altima SE-R from the dealership in late 2005. Mid-2006, the car starts indicating the oil pressure is dropping. I take it in for service and I am told that it was a faulty gauge. The gauge is replaced and I get the car back. Again, after a few days, the oil pressure is again dropping per the gauge. I bring it in again, and I am told that the service dept. would perform an oil consumption test. They would put something on the car to let them know if the rate of consumption is abnormal. Meanwhile, during all of this back and forth, I have to keep coming in a leaving my car without given a loaner or something. I accepted that at the time because I was told that since it's a minor problem, and the car is "drivable", then it could not be provided. Soon after, I bring the car back and sure enough, the car IS consuming oil. Looking on the internet, I see that this has been a problem with a handful of Altima SE-R V6s with 6MT and Infiniti G35 coupes with 6MT. Great! SO now what? I was told by my service advisor Carl, that Nissan will order an engine, but Superior Nissan would NOT provide a loaner because the car was "drivable". That was 12/27/2006 and I had been bring the car in since October 2006 at the sign of the first problem. Meanwhile, the next week after I [picked up my "drivable" car, that I have to put oil in as much as I have to put gas in it, starts making banging sounds under the hood. This happens on a weekend, Sunday night to be exact. Once again, I have to drop my car off at the early bird drop at Superior Nissan of Carson, get a friend to take me to the Long Beach Airport to Enterprise-Rent-A-Car (Because that is the only place to rent a car 9:00 pm on a Sunday) because I need a "DRIVABLE" car to go to work the next morning. THIS 2006 ALTIMA SE-R V-6 IS NOT DRIVABLE! THE RATE AT WHICH IT CONSUMES OIL IS INCREASING EVERY TIME I DRIVE IT!!! I don't know when and where this engine is going to finally SEIZE UP! I call Carl the service advisor, that following Monday morning. I told him that the car is making noises and it is not drivable. He says that the new replacement engine is on order and will be in because it is a warranty job. I inform him at that time of the rental that I HAD to get, and he informed me that they will take care of the rental since I got it from Enterprise and they use Enterprise. I then keep that rental with the expectation that they will take care of me. Weeks and weeks go by and we are in to February of 2007. All calls to the dealership go unanswered, and finally after a desperate attempt to reach my service advisor, he informs me that I need to call Nissan One and complain about the engine taking to long. I call Nissan One 2/20/2007, and they confirm that it was up to the DEALERSHIP to provide me with something to drive and they will be involved with replacing the engine. I spoke with Jason at x57864 of Nissan One, and he gave me the File# 5624224 for my complaint. This was a classic case of "passing the buck". Finally 3/18/2007, almost 3 months after it was ordered, the engine comes in and is installed in the car. I return the rental the same day and present the receipt to Superior Nissan of Carson's service manager Manny Casillas and the service advisor Carl. Manny later tells me that Superior Nissan of Carson WILL NOT PAY for my rental! After I was promised compensation from the service advisor Carl and received confirmation from Nissan One that this was a dealership responsibility, they say "No". It was not my fault that they engine consumed oil and was defective. It was not my fault that the SE-R engine was on backorder from Nissan. I bought a brand new car with the expectation that I could drive a dependable and reliable car back and forth to work and home. I believed in this product and that it would be safe for my family to drive and ride in. I believed that this disastrous defect would be handled with the highest caliber of customer service. I was dead wrong. Now I have been stuck with a $1600.00 rental bill, a Chrysler Sebring for God sakes, and the dealership has duped me. I call every Nissan point of contact available to me, and no one is trying to hear me or give me compensation. As the proud owner throughout the years of a 1990 Nissan 240 SX, a 1989 Nissan Maxima, a 1991 Nissan Maxima, a 1994 Nissan 300 Z, a 2001 Nissan Maxima, a 2003 Infiniti FX35, and a 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe, I get NO NISSAN/INFINITI LOVE?! I have bought Nissans and Infinitis most of my driving life, and as a customer many times over, I do not deserve this treatment. I will not buy another Nissan made vehicle and will discourage others I know from doing the same until Nissan steps up and takes care of business. I hope that this posting will speak through me to others. Maybe now someone will hear me... or maybe not.

Thom Washington

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  • Jo
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    I just have a few questions regarding your service. I always bring my Nissan quest there for service for 2 1/2 years now because the service was good but right now i'm not satisfied with it. Before everytime i go there to do a service they always check the tires , the wheel rotation and everything so i always have a good idea that everything is checked well.

    I have a few questions here.

    My nissan quest have an alert for tire rotation and engine oil.

    How come they did not check my tire pressure. I just did an oil change and hydraulic brake system fluid flush. They check on my tire and told me that it should be replaced but they did not do any tire pressure check and tire rotation check. Right now i'm thinking if all of my services for the past 2 years have been done right because simple things like this should be checked . I've been paying alot for the maintenance of my van you can check it in your file but right now i'm not satisfied i did a brake flush that means that the brakes is check and so is the tire. They recommended a tire change for $700 something but the tire rotation they did not check and also the tire pressure they did not check. Hope that you will email me back regarding this matter.

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