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2004 Nissan Maxima / nissan is a lemon!

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Please review the message below I sent to everyone one in my address book. I would like to get this posted on and the pictures of my 2004 Nissan Maxima.

Thank you in advance.

Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances:

I am reaching out to all of you because of a little research I did on lemons and Nissan automobiles.

For those of you who know me, I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima and take really good care of it. Well as it turns out, I’ve come to realize I purchased a Nissan Lemon.

Before I purchased my 2004 Nissan Maxima, I thought there was only one kind of LEMON and only one place to purchase them. I believed the only lemons were those you purchased from grocery stores to eat, use in beverages, etc. Well, I stand corrected.

There are two kinds of lemons. Yes, the kind you buy in grocery stores as I described above and those you purchase from Nissan Corporation.

I purchased a 2004 Nissan Maxima in December 2003 and thought it was a very classy car. Well little did I know, what I purchased was a 2004 Nissan LEMON. Since I’ve had the car, it has been in the shop at least 20-22 times for numerous items:

* The driver’s door tends to come open unexpectedly (my car has been in the shop at least 2-3 times for this). This happens mainly in the winter so what I’ve determined is that you are not suppose to wash a Nissan Maxima in the winter. This is not stated in the owners manual.
* Left and right front struts broken and had to be replaced
* Electrical anti-lock breaks went out
* Shifter assembly to the transmission went out
* Stereo speakers had to be replaced
* Lumbar in the front seats broke
* Rotors were excessively warped
* Tires were cupped and found this out 6 months after having the car (Tires cupped are broken belts in the tires)
* Seat Harness recalled (thank heaven this was fixed before my door flew open while driving)
* Front Grill was replaced due to peeling
* Driver’s door molding has to be replaced
* Driver’s power window motor had to be replaced
* Sunroof and windshield gets condensation on the inside of the vehicle in the winter when the car sits outside overnight. I don’t park it outside much in the winter for fear the doors won’t shut.
* Console lid latch replaced
* Frame unibody recalled due to rusting in winter from salt

The message I am spreading here is to let all of you know that if you are considering buying a Nissan Lemon, Nissan Corporation won’t back you. I opened two claims with the Nissan’s Consumers Affairs group and contacted the District Regional Sales Manager only to get a call on Friday, March 16th from the Sales Manager of Nissan Corporation indicating that since they made every attempt to fix my car and give me rental cars while my car was in the shop, that they have decided they’ve done all they can.

Nissan won’t even consider any buy back options because the car is 3 years old and has 45,000 miles. I was told that they would be happy to help me pick out another Nissan Lemon and finance the new one.

What person in their right mind is going to go through what I’ve been through with my 2004 Nissan Lemon and walk right into another dealership and purchase another one; not me. It would be different if my current vehicle wasn’t almost paid off but to go finance another $20-30K for another 4-5 years, they have to be nuts. If I am going to do that, I will purchase another model.

Therefore, I am reaching out to all of you asking you to spread the word to anyone you know that is considering buying a Nissan and explain to them the difference between the lemons you purchase at the grocery and the lemons you buy from Nissan Corporation. Now don’t get me wrong, they both leave a sour taste in your mouth.

PS: If you need to see the difference in a Nissan Lemon and a Lemon purchased at the grocery, open the attached documents.

Please spread the word!

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  • Da
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    I have experienced the most of the same issues on what i thought would have been an excellent value. I too am a repeat owner who has been convinced that i have made an error in being loyal to nissan. so here endetg the courtship...

  • Co
      24th of Apr, 2008
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  • Do
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    I am so upset...My 2004 maxima sits right now at the dealership with no transmission, my abs fried, (after they said they fixed it a year ago) they want $8000.00 to fix it and Nissan the headquarters hangs up on me and refuses my phone calls. I will never, ever buy a Nissan again. Pass the word...I was a loyal costomer and now I will never buy again. I have a $30, 000 peice of ... would anyone like it. There is no accountability to the customer at all---------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Rr
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm having a fun time reading about so many people complaining about each and every car dealer claiming bo one should ever buy from them. Every car I've ever owned (around 30 of them) has cost money and broken in unexpected ways. Sure a dealer should warranty within the stated limits, but once you get 50, 75, 100k on the odometer, more and more goes wrong. Always. Most (not all) of the things in this letter are VERY minor things. Of course don't wash your car and allow ice to freeze in the mechanism. Derr. have you never in your life have that happen prior to this car? I think $8, 000 for ANY problem is way overboard and an 04 model should still be covered by a drivetrain warranty unless you have excessive miles or bought it used...I don't know, cars are cars. I'm off to read more sniveling.

  • Ch
      28th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I came across this while looking for a front grill for my 2004 Max, and although it's peeling, it's not a big deal. My car is perfect and has never left me stranded. For the most part Nissan is excellent, I wouldn't trust another brand but you may not have had the problems corrected, or maybe you did get a lemon?, but Nissan doesn't intentionally make lemons... mother nature and farmers do. With all your negative energy, no wonder you've had nothing but problems, as the universe delivers to us what we want.

  • Ma
      4th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Nissan Corporation knowing they have a problem with their Maxima product are to me nothing but a bunch of thiefs. I have repaired my transmission still using Nissan parts and you would think that replacing a transmission, they would correct the old problem well it did not fix it. I am still having problems with the same old thing, plus also having problems with brake rotors being warped. I will never ever buy another Nissan product and I will tell anybody that I can that Nissan sucks and they do not stand over their dumb ### product.

  • Ko
      11th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Nissan sucks and the Maxima really sucks. I have owned 2 other Nissans and the 04 maxima is by far the worst piece of [censored] I have ever owned. There are soo many complaints from owners it is ridiculous. It is no coincidence that everyone is having the same problems. When I read comments someone posts about their issues they sound so similiar I feel as if I worte them. I have another Nissan I've had for 15 years and because I refuse to give this thief of a company anymore money for anything, I will be selling it.

  • Aj
      9th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have a 2004 Maxima as well and my transmission is slipping. I have 81000 miles. It seem like soon as I paid my car off it want to start acting up. I am going to call Nissan Consumer Affairs and complain and also ask if anything going to be done about the situtation. I also agree and think if Nissan get enough complaints then maybe they will do something about this costly matter.

  • Sl
      17th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    These people on here who say they don't have problems with thier Maxima should feel blessed.
    I have an 2004 Maxima and the Nissan dealership can't find the problem. The problem is the car will stop running. I can't even drive it.
    I understand that there are lemmons in all makes of cars, but to buy a 30, 000 car and the maker (Nissan) can't find out what is wrong with it so it can get fixed, is insane.
    I am a cargiver for people with disibilties, they ride in my car. I am responsible for them. It is very urgent that I get my car fixed so I'm not putting them in harms way. And no right now I can't afford to buy a new car. I am borrowing family members cars. I shouldn't have to do this. I wouldn't care what it cost to fix it, but nobody can find the problem so it can get fixed. I am very dissapointed in the nissan company.

  • Be
      22nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima and am having the same transmission problems. I was told to replace the engine mounts which I did but the problem persists. I have had many problems with this car, which is my third Maxima. My windshield has been replaced due to defect, there is rust, front grill has peeled, seat motor has been replaced, moon roof replaced, strut defect which cost me many tires and the list goes on. My car was $34, 000 before finance charges and I have less than 70, 000 miles on the car. I expected to be able to keep this car for a long time. Does anyone know if a class action law suit has been started?

  • Dj
      26th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    i bought a 2004 maxima last year it only had 15, 000 miles on it now has 38, 000 ( going to florida etc etc) well every was good till last night . my gear is stuck in 5th and its not gearing out .ive had no luck with cars lol, this car is a baby with 38, 000 mile on it, i cant understand how !?

  • Po
      4th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Same as the rest of you guys. I have a 2005 Max, along with the bad struts, motor mounts, And transmission problem. My ex husband had a 95, & an '03. Both had over 150, 000. Drove the hell out of them with no problems.

  • Ma
      12th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    My attorney is handling my 2009 Nissan Altima Coupe lemon. I purchased my '09 Nissan new in 10/2009 and have had 8 repair attempts at the multiple brake failure issues within 4 months of purchase. I'm hoping Nissan will reimburse for all of the towing, lost wages, and other incidental damages associated with this lemon. Just FYI: lemon cases can take a loooong time.

  • 20
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    I purchased my 2004 maxima new in December 2004. My transmission started shifting hard between 1st and 2nd gear at about 80, 000 miles. I took it to the shop, could find no problems. So I continued to drive it. At 104, 00 miles I took it back to the shop and they drained and filled it twice which did not fix the problem and I was told that I needed a new transmission. I did not have the money to spend $4200 on a transmission so I have been driving it in standard transmission since then and it of course has gotten worse. 3rd gear does not work at all and it gets stuck in 5th gear. I contacted Nissan and they said that I had to take it to a Nissan dealer and have them diagnose my problem and then call them back. I have taken my car to a Nissan dealer and have contacted Nissan and have yet to hear back from them. I have contacted MSNBC news and they are investigating this so I expect to hit national news shortly. Nissan has failed many of their consumers and they need to be held accountable!!! I will NEVER purchase a Nissan vehicle again. Due to being financially strapped, I am unable to have my transmission replaced, so basically I am screwed! I have been forced to drive a vehicle with a faulty transmission. I just recently discovered that it is a widespread problem and I wish that I would have discovered this 3 years ago when I started having problems. I have contacted an attorney and have been told that due to the fact that I now have 141, 000 miles on my car because I had no choice to drive it with a bad transmission, that I don't have a case against Nissan. I am so frustrated!!! Nissan sucks!!

  • Es
      30th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    2004 Nissan Maxima SE automatic bought brand new. Car has 34, 000 miles. It had problems starting, jerks when shifting gears, totally went dead twice while driving on the freeway.

    Had car towed to a mechanic and diagnostics showed a problem in the position camshaft sensors. He commented and other mechanics we've asked that it's too premature for the sensor to fail given its low mileage. Local mechanic advised to call Nissan to see what they can do because car has low mileage.

    Took the car to a Nissan Dealership, Nissan Consumer Affairs Regional office waived the 2nd diagnostics of the car. Findings are faulty sensors that need replacement. Nissan Consumer Affairs' stand was warranty has expired, cost should be covered by the owner.

    This experience has led me to believe that Nissan does not really care about its consumers. Their website indicates that they are committed to delivering durable and safe cars that will last a life time thereby gaining consumer trust. I have not seen that happen.

  • Po
      2nd of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I should've bought a Camry. I own a Solara Convertible as well. Toyota TRULY stands by their vehicles. How many years has it been since Nissan had a huge recall?? I can remember a sensor or something on the late 80's 300zxs.

  • Su
      10th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I bought my 2004 Maximas SE5 new in 2005, Basically, it has been trouble free until two days ago when I developed a jerking transmission and a loss of power in 5th gear, I drove it the next day to a local Nissan deealer who diagnosed the problem for $111, 00. The mechanic said the transmission was shot, I have 51, 165 miles on the car which has been maintained according to the Owner's Manual. The cost to repai the transmission with a remanufactured on is $4, 400. I balked at this and was immediately approached by a sales man who tried to get me to trade the car in on a new one. I asked for my car back and was told I would have to pay $10.00 for the inspection. I tdrove the car with no problem back home and the next day took it to a transmission mechanic who diagnosed a sensor problem. He said there is nothing wrong with the transmission per se. I notified Nissan Motors that I want my $110 bqck for a faulty diagnosis. The in a sense told me to take a flying jump.

  • Sa
      18th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Remember the old Chevy's transmissions like the 70's? Well, they ran their transmissions mechanically with the go hard or go home attitude; well as an American we do our research on our cars. This is what's going on, the electronic is trying to operate with the solenoid. All you have to do is just run the transmission on Mechanic mode and everything should run slow but smoother. So one solution you can take is to do the following:
    ***Cut the BLACK wire on the DRIVE transmission harness which is located on driver's side near the battery under the Air Filter (the set with the wire that has a set with only one stripe BLUE and YELLOW color) and the rest with solid colors like YELLOW, LIME GREEN, GRAY, and BROWN that harness set if you cut the Black wire you'll be running on Mechanic American Mode/Toyota Convert Mode/ Safe Mode (the CVT slow upgrade)and this should eliminate the jerking.
    Hope this was helpful!
    Looking to sell your items,

  • Ni
      29th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    We thought we were being smart. We bought a 2004 Nissan Maxima SE in 2009 with 50, 000 miles on it from Wendle Nissan in Spokane Washington. We insisted we buy the best extended coverage plan offered. My wife and i decided we would only have the car serviced at the dealership. After we realized the car was sold to us out of alignment our new 245/45/18 tires cost almost $1200. The engine light come on breifly and then turned off at 60, 000 (no big deal, right?) We had a full service done at 70, 000 miles 4 days before a cross country road trip. Oil change, alignment, transmission flush ect...20 miles into our trip our car died at 430 in the morning on a mountain pass. We had it hauled to the dealership who diagnosed it with a bad transmission. They told us to take it to a transmission shop. The transmission shop said that the transmission looked perfect (he charged us $118), take it to another shop. The third shop found that 3 catalytic converters had gone bad and we just missed the government regulated cut off because the car was made in 2003. So, $2300 later we were up and running. Then the ticking noise began and we discovered the car was 3.5 quarts low on oil. And then discovered that the car was burning 1 quart every 80 miles. CNA warranty company said have the engine pulled and well come look at it. they denied out claim and told us to call Nissan. Consumer affairs said take it to the dealership and they'll diagnose it for you. They offered to pay for it but id have to pay for everything else. I called 2 dealerships they both told me DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE! So my mechanic charged me $760 to pull the engine and diagnose it. The parts are in the trunk and it got hauled to my house on a tow truck. The diagnosis was that the engine was burning oil and the crappy dealership didnt say your car seems low on oil every time we brought it in (because they suck!) The burning oil burned up my converters, engine is in peices in the trunk and the back seat, the warranty company wont honor the agreement that clearly states it will cover the engine completely, and my $300 per month is going to a giant peice of crap sitting in my garage! I HATE THIS CAR! It is as if it was made by the devil himself. The AWEFUL scorpion people at Nissan USA are equally as bad in my book. This is the most rechid vehicle I have ever owned. Oh, and the sky roof is rusty too, Nissans rust warranty, 12 months or 12, 000 miles. WOW. Way to back up your product. Quick review. Car is dead, CNA warranty company in Scottsdale is a bunch of liars, and Nissan USA is the worst.

  • Oj
      18th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I myself brough a 2004 maxima as well brand spanking new. So I thought then came the problems first the stereo could not get reception then the shocks went out and then to top it off when I hit 42000 my transmission went out lucky I purchased the extended warranty and was covered. Then the power windows on both passenger and driver side went out. I just took it in again and this time there saying my high end and low end hoses leak and that my motor mounts are split. WTF... I never ever heard of a car manufacture with this many issues. I believe anyone and everyone that purchased a nissan should get there money back or at least compensate us with paying the bills on these lemons. Especially if you did all maintenance on the car. Freaking crooks

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