1and1.comterrible tech service

Our company has been a customer of since Jun 12, 2004. In November 2014 we started experiencing problems with two of our 4 email accounts. Both accounts had the same problem, both accounts had no emails in them, neither in the Inboxes, nor in any of the long list of subfolders they have. Both accounts are set as IMAP on multiple machines (both OS X and Windows 7 operating systems). For those unaware of email protocols, IMAP leaves all messages on the host server ( None of my email settings are set to archive on a local machine and even if they were I should see an archive on one of the machines. No such thing anywhere. In both accounts I had contact information, correspondences with business partners, invoices, etc. related to my businesses. I called multiple times and was told that the issue will be resolved and my emails will be restored. This didn't happen. To the contrary, in December 2014 my emails were cleared again, and again in January 2015. At this point I was on hold for many hours, being told that my issue has been escalated to the back server support team, and finally being told that my issue has been resolved. What was resolved was that the technical team restored a week worth of emails in my mailboxes and the deletion of emails stopped for 6 months or so. Until June 15, 2015 when I saw my emails being deleted once again in front of my eyes when I was searching for an email saved in one of the folders. My whole mailbox was cleared once again. All records of business done for the past six months disappearing once again. At this point I called once again, stood on hold once again for an hour insisting that I need to speak to a supervisor in the etch support team. I finally got to speak to Charilyn who (i) refused to give me her direct number, (ii) refused to give me her email address, (iii) refused to give me any information other than her first name due to company policy. I was told once again that my issue will be resolved, that my emails will be restored, and that the server techs will look into the settings on the server so they server will stop deleting my emails. I was also told that somebody will call me to update me on the progress of the issue. As a result, I now have the earliest emails currently in the account is from [protected], i.e. a mere week before the latest deletion incident.

Jun 25, 2015

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