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If you have ever paid for flowers through 1800flowers or any other online vendor that does not have an actual store, you are paying close to $15.00 over the cost of the flowers just for their fee. The worst part is, you rarely even get what you see in the picture, and they don't tell you that.

As a florist, I try to educate our customers all the time on how these online services work. The strange thing is that even though customers are "online" to place the order, they rarely look online for a local florist to fill the order personally, and these online companies like 1800flowers, FTD, Teleflora, WesleyBerry, Flowersallhours, ALL OF THEM, send the orders to the local florist anyway.

It is then up to the local florist to fill the order, and most always, if they don't have the same vase or flowers, they send something "similar", which based on costs of the flowers could be a lower value.

Now let's look at costs. Say you have a $40.00 arrangement you want to send someone. Add to that the $15 the online company charges you for delivery and handling, and you are paying out $55.00. The local florist will get $31.20 of the money you paid, as they also take 22% off the retail price as a commission. So, in effect, you are spending $55.00 but only getting an arrangement that is $31.20.

By using a local florist, you are insuring they get paid fairly for the work they do, saving yourself a minimum of $15.00 (more during holidays!) and taking out the middleman who has nothing whatsoever to do with the creation or delivery of your arrangement, other than forwarding it on to someone. Now, after all this, isn't it just more simple to go to the source?

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      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    I totaly agree with the Florsit and not the beltering "idiot" above. You do pay $13 and up for 1800flowers services here's the kicker. They have out sourced employment. An American company that hires those they can pay $3 an hr to. Let's say an average is 12 order per hr. (i happen to know at holidays this is a extreame low average) if you know your math that is at the very least $120 pr hr pr employee (outside the us and there are hundreds if not thousands of them) There overhead is not that great when they have to pay Americans but it's a hell of a lot more then pocket change and you are less likely to get an someone who can't do the job unless they are new. Do they screw the florist? Well, they don't exactly tell them to bend over so I guess you can say no, they rape the florist! If you want happy flowers sent yes call a local florist your self your sitting in front of the computer look up the number and call. Most have a web site you can view samples of what they have. No you can not get a trademark 1800flowers arangment but a florist would be an "idiot" to tell you they can't make something close to it, and if you give the florist the extra 15 you can get exactly what you want plus more and know right then and there if they have the flowers. The only benifit to paying the extra is someone else has to do the dirty work if the florist is out of a flower you just cant live without. A hint about florist most know another shop in town and will recomend or will go to great effort to get the flowers you need and all the time are more then willing to let you know when the truck comes in and if the flowers are bad. Even if they are on there last flowers it's a birthday they will work with you to get a little something there for the birthday and what you want as soon as they have fresh flowers. I say hire AMERICANS pay americans to do what you want done and love the USA!

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