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I ordered flowers through i800flowers. 1. They sent the flowers but didn't include a card. 2. After I complained they said they would give me a 20% discount on my credit card; I received 10 % 3.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILThey authorized tlg live well to charge 38.99 to my credit card account. I did not authorize this charge. I do not want to belong to tlg live.
I will never again order from 1800flowers!!!

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  •   Oct 31, 2008

    We make many orders with 1-800-flowers On 1 order my wife clicked to do a survey. She did the survey and we were hit with $11.99 charge from TGLivwell. She never gave her credit card info. They got it from 1-800-flowers. It asked if she wanted a discount on next order. Of course you would say Yes. Apparently, this enrolls a person in Livwell. They then charge $11.99 a month ongoing.

    This is the sneaky, low integrity crap that businesses do to try and stay below the threshold where people stop the charges. Integrity applies at any dollar amount. The strategy here is to make this a low enough amount that people will not notice it. It is time people noticed. Integrity matters in business. Full disclosure matters no matter the amount.

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