Resolved Comerica Banktrustee won't pay bills on time or not at all!

My parents and I live in WI - Opened a trust for my brother (CA) and I (WI)
Mom died (my brothersKEITH JAMES MUELLER & wife of 5 years(CYNTHIA MUELLER - of Saratoga, CA came to WI took everything 0 heirlooms, antiques, carnival glass, art and the original Trust made in 1986- chucked the real will/trust (revised by mom and dad in 2004 because they feared the new wife was a gold digger (BOY WERE THEY RIGHT !)
I've been stalked, harassed, intimidated, and assaulted since 2004 (mom changed the will /trust to benefit me - and put keiths in a trust for HIM ) To my understanding by "thugs"' and politially connected buddies he knows (maybe even ol' Bernie M. )
They made a new will/trust they ALLEDGED have dad sign WEEKs before his death after they took him to CA - cashed in 16 life insurance polices and are living the high life. Me ? I got a Trust with Comerica Bank (BRENDA PEARSON ) - I have to BEG< PLED for anything . SHe got ALL SHE NEEDED TO OPEN MY TRUST< FUND IT and make distributions on my behalf why does she pay my Credit cards late, my homeowner insurance cancel (non payment because she FORGOT ) and my residence in foreclosure because she didn't think $14, 000 on a 174, 999.00 I have 80, 000 in equity - in her opion was "in MY best interest" - (I'm sleeping on a couch and all my stuff is still in my house)
Forget calling the COMPTROLLER OF CURRENCY - that suppost to PROTECT consumers - they push papers, ignore you and of course side with the bank - because since Aug 2009 - they haven't done a thing (do tax payers PAY for that ???) I attempted to call M Goodnight (manager) there a LAST resort - but hey - I'm still sleeping on a couch, the mortgage lender won't work with me because I'm physically disabled (yeah - you guessed it - from an assault by thugs- LOST MY JOB because of it too! ) But the Trust suppost to take care of that RIGHT ? Oh yeah Brenda thinks Property taxes aren' t necessary as well - along with food, shelter, and a car (want to save that trust money so IF I die - like 3 family members 6 months lovely brother and wife in CA will not only have all my properties (as well as my inheritance) but the phony Trust they created for me too !
Think thats wrong ? Yeah... I guess I'll have to hire an attorney to help me in CA - Oh yeah I did that - put down everything I had (1000) with a hope the trustee would pay the balance 9000.00 - NOPE she ran up my fees so the 1000 went nowhere - and guess what there is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST between the attorney and Comerica - found that out when I got the retainer check back - stamped COMERICA BANK ON THE BACK - SAN JOSE> is there a law against taking a retainer 'pretending to help' then abandoning you in court MINUS 1000 you might of paid another mortgage with ? Of course there is ...I guess I'll have to hire another attorney (with my good looks ) and my foreclosed property or my belonging still in them - HEY

trustee won't pay bills on time or not at all!

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