Comenitycredit card fees

E Aug 16, 2018

I have a Talbot's card through comenity bank. I have paid on time and I owe very $40.i recently got a call from a representative there wanting to know when I can make a see that comenity dropped from auto pay which is how I do all my bills and I didn't realize it. I asked the rep to waive the two 39 dollar fees and was told that they waived another fee at some point and so they won't be able to.the representative was very nasty and judgemental asking if I had a good reason for not paying and that I should"take responsibility".the one late fee is almost as much as I owe for my entire bill.the no payment was an accidental on my behalf and really there fault as they won't accept seems like comenity does this to many am also disabled and on a pension. I cannot pay staggering fraudulent charges..pls advise me..

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