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Resolved technician no show and incomplete set up

Comcast is a scam, the older customers like my father, comcast keeps upping their bill but won't give him any good rates like new customers get, but what they don't say is you are suppose to call them and see what kind of deal you can get or cancel your account and call back up to set up a new account. The older generation doesn't even think to do this or even know. So new customers is comcasts focus. Well I now have the luxury of dealing with them for my own needs and since I live in PHILLY they are the monopoly here when it comes to cable internet and tv. The fees are rediculous but one fee I noticed was $9.95 for something called "HD technology fee" it is listed with my HD box that they are also charging me another $9.95 for. This is complete bull, because my father has 3 HD boxes each charged a rental fee but he is not charged this HD technology fee technology bull. I contacted comcast to get the run around which they think their customers are idiots apparently. Comcast is evil and greedy corporation that doesn't care one bit about their customers, especially the fixed income/poorer ones, who just want the basics. This disabled veteran I had my service installed back in Sept. they did a half ### installation and were suppose to come back out the next day. Well nothing then they said in 2 days someone will be out, took off from work that day, and nothing so I was furious I missed a day of work for these ### to stick me with their broom stick. They did give me a whopping $20 credit cause the tech didn't come in his window time frame (but that still doesn't make up the pay lost for the day off, that's like slapping me in the face), that was all they did for me. They even kept telling me as I called every hour to see if the tech was coming out and up until 9pm was told every time yes they will be there, well 9pm comes no one and then they tell me I have to set up another appointment. that was another 2 days away. This type of crap shows that this company is poorly run and doesn't care as long as they get there money and are in the business to rip people off. I also paid an install fee which was wrong for all this bull they put me through for a simple set up I could have done personally but they wouldn't let me cause I live in an apartment building said the evil sheep on the other end of the line, when I could of went down the road to the comcast point and picked up the equipment myself. Well after almost a week and they finally fixed everything and gave us the additional box we were already being charged for since day 1, that the original tech didn't have in his truck. Plus during this time, I missed 5 days of online classes because of their incompetence (no internet access). Like I said if you can avoid this evil company do so. BE WARNED this company is a joke and will scam the crap outta you before you have enough time to figure out how and how much they took you for. And I have the phone calls all recorded, emails and paper work to show how this company operates and treated me as a new customer, plus comparing my fathers bill to mine shows the different fees they pick and choose to charge different customers. I'm glad I didn't sign any papers like their contracts they are now trying to get people into so I can actually leave whenever. But can't because I live in PHILLY, PA and have online classes plus the wife likes to stream most of her shows and their is no alternate fast internet verizon is still DSL, as only the rich areas have access to FIOS or I would gladly be giving Verizon my business over comcast.

Resolved cannot understand my problem: email

12/09/2013: Cable tech came here to install cable outlets in my new apartment. He said there is no cable in...

Resolved id theft

I wanted to transfer my cable to my new apartment within the same apartment community. Comcast stated that I have a perious bill from the address 121 Brady Street. I have never lived at this address. I explained this to Comcast. I have been living at 9611 Middleground Road Apt. 1108. I then moved to Apt 1101 due to knee surgery and I could no longer walk up stairs. On November 8, 2017, I moved into a new apartment at 9611 Middleground Road Apt. 901. I want to have my cable transfer from the old apartment to the new apartment. I did not have a past due with this company because I have not lived at the address on the bill. I have lived in the same apartment complex for over two years. I have paid my bill with this company for over two years. I informed the company that this bill is ID theft. I am not going to pay a bill that is not mine.

  • Valerie Nov 29, 2007

    Ordered triple play in august nothing worked. had to set up repair day they never called or showed. Next thing i get a bill for $349.00!!! Called and tried to get this straighten out but was put on hold 5 times before i finally got a rep who treated me like ''''crap'''. I was told that i had to pay that amount before they could fix my bill which will be in the future (supposedly) $ 95.05 for the triple play plus hbo. no talk of being reimbursed for the overage. If this wasn't the only cable company in this dinky town i be damn sure not to recommend them to anyone. You would think as much money as they are ripping off from us suckers that they may be able to afford some intelligent employees. Wishful thinking???

    All I want for christmas is my Triple Play... That doesn't break my bank. (i have grandbabies that I would love to by at least a $5.00 toy for, that they don't have to share.)

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Resolved modem backup battery

Comcast is converting all of their modems over to new modems, the older modem contained an backup battery and was replaced free when the power was low. Now they expect the user to not only install the replacement modem that can take over 1 hour but also to buy a battery for about $35 + shipping, yet this modem is being rented at $7.00 per month.

Resolved horrible!!!

5/19/13= over 4 months land line has not worked or been fixed when I noticed it was not working
Talked with a rep over the phone: we spent over an hour trying to trouble shoot things. Eventually she decided we should just schedule a tech to come to my house to fix it.

I do not remember the date that the tech was scheduled. But I sat waiting for them the entire 2 hour window & they were a no show.

9/21/13 @ 7 am-8:15am Online Chat with 3 “Analysts”
1. Dycemi
2. Dandy
3. llyn- disconnected from online chat for unknown reason
I originally began the chat to downgrade my services since the land line has not worked for 4 months & we all seem to be unable to fix it. I had found an online offer that I wanted= Digital Economy & Economy Plus Internet for $64.90. Instead I was transferred to fix the phone line I no longer wanted. I spent all this time again: checking wire connections, restarting the Comcast modem, and them sending signals to the Comcast modem. Again no resolution

9/21/13 @ 8:12am 41 minutes & 58 seconds I called [protected]
I spoke with a Tech Rep by the name of Tanya who transferred me to Corey in Customer Relations. Corey noticed I was a preferred digital customer & began a sales pitch about a DVR package. I kept referring to the $64.90 Digital Economy & Economy Plus Internet package. He stated that he cannot access the online offers. WHAT?? How can a company have a website with posts that its own employees cannot access? I finally gave up when I had to leave to take 1 of my kids to basketball practice.

9/21/13 @ 12:19pm 57 minute 36 seconds called [protected]
Again explained: wanting to downgrade due to land line not working or being fixed & that I wanted to down grade & wanted the $64.90 Digital Economy & Economy Plus Internet package. Again I was transferred to someone else (female), who immediately put me on hold. Then I somehow wound up with someone else= a male sale rep, who started in on a sales pitch again because I am a preferred digital customer. Gave up on trying to get him to listen= I HUNG UP!!!

Since 8/15 at minimum recollection from memory, our land line service has not worked= no dial tone at all. I noticed because on 8/15 when I was trying to order On Demand movies “Bullet to the Head” & “ Olympus Has Fallen” I kept getting error pop ups. Went to call using my land line & it did not work. Instead I spent an hour with 1 representative to fix this new problem. We were also disconnected but she called me back. We got the On Demand to work to order the movies. Since then however, the On Demand TV Shows & Movie section still gets pop ups to call customer service or restart the cable box every time I scroll down. I am sick & tired of trying to fix services that never work properly for long (minus our internet= has worked perfectly, but can be easily replaced).

DECISION: NO MORE STINKING COMCAST/XFINITY with their constantly increasing prices for pathetic services not to mention even worse customer service!!! RETURNING EVERYTHING tomorrow!!


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Resolved poor customer service and billing

Well after having been a 10+ year customer of Comcast/Xfinity, I was finally forced to dissolve my services with them and switch to Verizon Fios. Not that I expect Fios to be much better, what finally broke the camel's back for me was follows: I had just paid comcast $236+ dollars for my current bill. I phone them to add a service (NFL Red Zone to be exact) to my current services and they insist that I pay my current bill before they can "upgrade" my services. 1) My bill is current and the bill that they are referencing is not even due at the current time. In fact I have several more weeks before it is due; 2) NFL Red Zone at an additional $7.95 per month is really considered to be a service "upgrade", I sincerely question that. After countless time of back and forth relentless arguing with Comcast, I got absolutely no where. So, instead of arguing with them I have just decided to change service providers and take my money to someone who would be more than happy to accept it and give me the services that I want. This was one of many service blunders and poor customer service experiences that I have been through with Comcast/Xfinity; however, I was so ultimately pissed off that I have decided that no more would I be willing to be subjected to them and their ways as well as their poor customer service. You mean to tell me that you are willing to let a 10+ year customer leave just because you are unwilling to "upgrade" the service and put on NFL Red Zone on my service. Oh well they can certainly go to hell. I'm done. There is no winning me back.

Resolved over charging

They sent a flyer for business internet and business voice for only $59.50 per month, I signed up for the plan but when I received my bill I was charged $96.23. After several calls and wasting my time and 3 months later, they still have not fixed the problem. I would stay away from comcast at all cost!

  • No
    Not Down w Comcast Aug 31, 2013

    SAME ISSUE, It's taken me 4 weeks of continual calling, on-line chats. FIle a complaint with PA Better Business Bureau and the PA attorney general. The misleading billing, and additional charges complaints are adding up. JOIN the movement!

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  • Sc
    ScrewUComcast Feb 03, 2014

    Same problem here - all I wanted was a business internet service and I was coerced into a package deal that would avoid installation fees and give me some high-speed internet for 3 months. Upon calling to reduce the plan (as I was told I should do by the rep who sold me the package) I was told that the voice service and TV service were part of the contract and that I couldn't reduce it without a penalty. The penalty? 75% of the remaining balance for the life of the contract. Screw you Comcast. I'd rather go bankrupt - JUST so you guys don't get paid.

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  • Ca
    carolyn lee 123 Aug 08, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am overcharged monthly by comcast.I call in to complain, having to wait for 30 minutes to talk to a human being.They are horrible for promising one thing and doing another.Save yourself a lot of trouble by staying away from them.

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Resolved poor customer service & repair service

I have defective home security equipment that causes the alarm to activate for no reason and the alarm cannot be cut off without taking the battery out.
Have contacted comcast 5 times and still cannot get the system fixed. Comcast gives you a 4 hour window in which you have to wait for repairman.
The first time alarm activated was at 6:00 am and alarm would not cut off. Alarm response company said thier system did not show the alarm was activated, but agents could clearly hear alarm over phone. Alarm company could not be of assistance and kept transferring call to a comcast department that opened 2 hours later at 8:00 am.
First service call - repair man did not show up after I waited 4 hours.
The second call - repair man checked battery and said everything was okay. Twenty minutes after he left, alarms sounded again and only was to disarm was to take battery out. I immediately call customer service and was told I would have to set up another service call with 4 hour window, and it would have to be a week later—they said had no way of contacting repairman that had just left my place 30 minutes earlier.
After multiple calls to customer service, they are investigating and will call back. Still waiting—no service—same monthly bill— and must pay penalty to drop service because of contract. Hell - I just want system fixed and don't think I should be given a 4 hour window. Give me an 1 hour window to meet repair service... I've missed enough time from work dealing with this.

Beware of purchasing any item from comcast-you will most likely get the same type of customer service.

Resolved installation nightmare

Where do I start... July 20, 2013 I ordered Comcast Xfinity bundled deal which includes, phone, internet and cable. I ordered the largest package possible with all of the premium channels to check it out. I figured I could change my plan later. We have 7 boxes throughout the house.
I opted for the self install because I am pretty handy and an all around geek with electronics. They scheduled the hot tap for Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The equipment arrived but they did not hot tap the house. I had to go out of town and called on Saturday when I arrived back. I explained that I cannot install my equipment as the services has not yet been connected and no one showed up or called to cancel the service connect. She rescheduled for the next day Sunday, July 28, 2013. Once again no one called nor did they bother to show up. I called on Monday, July 29, 2013. She said they had rescheduled for that day but noticed they cancelled again in the system without any reason. She went ahead and decided to do a professional install at no charge. The earliest they could come was that next Saturday, August 3, 2013. I said no that was not a good day nor was it acceptable since now I was behind other customers who had ordered their service after me. She then patched me through another representative who could check about fitting me in. They had an opening on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 from 8-10am. I agreed and it was scheduled. When 12:45 pm rolled around without anyone showing up I called again. The CSR said that they called and left two messages and sent me an email and that they had to reschedule for 2-4pm. I said that was ridiculous and that no one called and left a message nor did I get an email. I would wait for the next slot for them to come. At 4:15pm I called and because again no one showed up or bothered to call. After an hour on the phone (by the way I had now spend 3 hours prior on the phone) she agreed to expedite and get a technician out right away. I said I would not be home due to going to my sons banquet for his presentation, but my husband would. I said call the main house number or his cell. Do not call me unless as a last resort if you need to change. a half hour into the banquet they called my cell phone and left a message. But there was so much static I could not understand what was being said. By the time I had gotten out it was too late to call and I was too tired to deal with Comcast.

The next day I called again asking what happened the night before. They tried to get me installed on Saturday once again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I said. I said no not acceptable. You have wasted my time now for 5 appointments of no shows. I said I am insisting that this be done now. I got a slot for the next morning. the night before I get a call Mrs.Floriano we have called you now twice to get you to do the third party verification on your phone. We cannot install until next Wednesday because we called and left you messages to call us back. OMG, not again... More lies and excuses. I said I cannot be without a phone I have a medical issue in my home. My husband is disabled and we cannot be without a LAN line. She said well we can give you a temporary number until your number ports over. Or you can wait the 5 days for the install and your number port over then. By this point I am fuming!

I am stuck, so now I have to call my family and give them a temporary number until my old number ports over because they failed to do their job and do the third party verification.

I will be back to lend the rest of the saga... let's see if they show up tomorrow...

Resolved almost impossible to cancel

Over the years Comcast increased the cost for cable and internet to over $127 a month.
And this is just the "plain vanilla service"...
Now I had enough and AT+T advertised $49 for the same service. I am perfectly aware that the real cost will be more like 70-80 because of taxes this and that, but still cheaper than Comcast. I got AT+T and immediately figured out, that I am a sucker, because this deal did not even have CNN (but this is another story).
Now I tried to cancel Comcast. Try to log in... cannot on one computer because the applet which ask you to type in some numbers (to avoid robo login) did not work.
Talk to the Online chat... takes forever to find out, they juts refer you somewhere else.
Cannot log in, cannot do anything with the Chat-Now person. Cannot call because never mind when you call, a robot voice will tell you that they are fully busy and wait time is approximately 15 minutes. Send "certified letter" to Comcast service office... got lost by USPS (yet another complaint), New Computer but " Login-failded" please talk to a service representative. Please wait we are busy, waiting time is approximately 15 minutes.
What are my options? ... waiting. But this is just a lie, because someone answered within 1 minute. My advice: Stay on the line.
But then I have trouble telling the operator to cancel my Comcast Service.
After being referred to the operator who handles "difficult customers", and he had a hearing problem too. I finally asked him if "he needed a Q-Tip". I WANT TO CANCEL MY COMCAST SERVICE.
This worked. My advice: Get nasty.

  • Ka
    Karl123 Aug 13, 2013

    Dear "Learn to Read"
    I know, that my "anger response" is sometimes irrational, but I cannot help it.
    You may want to know some follow-up to this story, which is quite interesting.
    I did send a Certified Letter / Return-Receipt. I never got confirmation, that the letter was delivered. Ten days later I went to the post office to investigate and the Clerk apologized... We are soooo sorry, but the letter was never delivered... the end. (check my other posts about USPS)
    I called Comcast again... we are sorry... line busy... 15 minutes. Instead of holding I tried several times... always the same... until I detected a pattern.
    It is not 15 minutes, rather they have contempt for their customers. They do not want you to talk to a human, but rather press 123 for more services and higher fees.
    Instead, about 30 seconds later I got a lady with an attitude (I have one myself so no hard feelings). After an exhausting conversation she told me, that she could not do that: "Cancel my Comcast Service". Instead I had to talk to her supervisor.
    They have a special person which deals with difficult customers like me. He came accross like a Used-Car-Dealer (the proverbial type).
    He asked me why I wanted to cancel and what he could do to change my mind...
    After I asked him: "If he needed a Q-Tip" and what about the word Cancel he did not understand, he gave up.
    Now I got a bill of $300 for "non-returned" equipment. In the bill was a number:
    1-866-671-1602 and I got a person immediately... Try this number and NEVER wait.
    He told me, that I had to drop off the equipment at their location... I told him they could pick up their equipment anytime... inside my garbage bin. He said "My Credit Score".
    I said "I do not give a rat's ### about my Credit Score", because I do not deal with banks either.
    Apparently they do not pick up their equipment, I have to drop it off at their location.
    But there is an even better way: Return the stuff at their expense. Now, he will sent me a cardboard box, with a prepaid label... I drop the stuff in it and mail it to them.
    I do not know what they want to do with the old equipment. They certainly do not give it to a new customer.
    They crawl all over you to get the account. When they have it they raise prices frequently and go out of their way to make it impossible to change to AT+T.
    My Advice:
    Do not pay with Credit Card, because they will charge you whatever they want. Disputing a Credit Card charge is even more difficult than this... and whatever you do

    Because of the incompetence of the USPS in losing my Certified Letter, I terminated my service 10 days later and still owe them an additional $45 (or whatever).

    Myself as well as Comcast are pragmatic people.
    They will send me letter after letter for me to switch back from AT+T to Comcast for half the price from before. In a year from now I will update you all...
    Comcast monthly cost was $127.45 for plain vanilla cable and internet
    AT+T is around $70, but this was a battle in its own right... check my other posts.

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  • No
    Not Down w Comcast Aug 31, 2013

    I had the same issue. On-line chat and telephone kept referring me back to eachother because "they can't cancel services". Finally phone service (called them 8am on SAT) I told them cancel it . "As of when" AS of right now! 3 minutes in...out goes the tv so they sure can cut it off fast. FF to 2 weeks later, here's a bill for $300+ indicating I have tv, phone, internet. **All I kept was internet** So multiple calls/ on-line chats etc. Finally get someone who says "it shows cancelled as of 8/17) one day into the new billing period. But we bill in advance so you will have to pay the $300 and then get a credit. ...UH NO...Don't think so lady, I do not pay in advance for services that have been cancelled. Mind you this is a period of 4 weeks this is going on. Every time I call, go in, go on-line etc someone tells me it's not cancelled. It's BS...there systems don't update or talk to each other. I did file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in PA, and i am now filing one with the Attorney General in PA (the homebase of COMCAST) You wouldn't believe all the misleading billing complaints they show. We need to keep doing it, in order for them to change. Elderly people, busy people, people who just don't know, are getting ripped off for 100s of dollars with this kind of billing practise. ADD YOUR VOICE/COMPLAINT

    ** MY recommendation---copy all your text chats, paste them into a word document

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Resolved broken t.v.

On Sunday morning, 15th of July, around midnight I was taken by ambulance to the E.R. where I was in ICU...

Resolved overcharging prices and addon service without account holder's consent.

I hate Comcast/Xfinity. They are liars, cheaters, and money hungry thieves who would entice you with a top speed internet service for a low introductory rate of $30 a month for 6 months. Plus they want you to either buy your own modem that has to be approved by them or lease one for $7.00 a month. So after my six months was up, the sorry sons of ### sent me a cable box to my house WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! I tried to returned the cable box and told them that I was sent this product without notice and without consent. SOOOOOO the retail representatives told me that if I return it, IT WILL JACK UP MY MONTHLY BILLS!!! How ridiculous is that? Soo ridiculous that I smell compensation money falling into my pocket and into my bank account. Now its been over a year and my monthly rate has gone up MORE THAN DOUBLE!! I am now paying over $90 a month with the CABLE BOX, which I am FORCED to keep to keep my "PROMOTIONAL RATE" constant. ###! If the PROMOTIONAL RATE was constant. WHY AM I PAYING MORE THAN DOUBLE?

Resolved account managment

What a surprise!!!
I tried E-mailing Email the Office of Tom Karinshak
and I get:
500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.
To: Comcast Digital Voice <[protected]>; "[protected]" <[protected]>; "[protected]" <[protected]>
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2013 5:56 PM

Great, now you have turned over the bill to collections without even justifying that it is due!!!

I do not see any credit where I turned in the equipment!!!

Wait I can't you have not responded to providing copies of the bill and locked me out of the online system.

I have filed a complaint with the Alabama PSC, I am on the way to the Better Business Bureau next, Also I will be contacting the city of Mobile to see if you are subject to licensing.

I assure you the word of mouth and Facebook of the service descriptions will not help your bottom line in the our area.

People are following my Facebook postings about how we have been treated, you are losing business daily.

I cannot believe you people think you can do this.

I am looking into legal recourse as this will effect my credit rating and i am looking into buying a house.

You are the worse company I have ever dealt with in my life!!!


The Comcast Corporate Escalations Team has received your requests concerning your accounts.

Please contact the office at [protected] to discuss in more detail.


Brian D.C. | Corporate Escalations Team | (:[protected] |

Resolved lier's all the way

I used to have Comcast Dvr when I stopped watching tv as much I decided to switch my plan. The Coustmer Rep I spoke with offerd me a great plan He said oh It will be 26 dollars with cable and internet. I was so excited I was paying $190 the next month came and I was charged $68 dollars I called and found out that the cable tv was 26 dollars but with the internet it came to $68 I felt like I had been lied too I requested a ten dollar credit I felt that was the least they could do for leading me on they said ok but only this time because your a good coustmer. Since I switched my internet goes offline and has been slow I had a tech come out and he gave me a super rude attidude snapped at me about me having a bad ether net cord demanded to know if I had spilt anything on the modem again and talked down to me he even went on to say he was lucky i was not going to get charged for him coming. Here it is 4 days later and the net failed on me again again the rep confirmed my modem was fine he didn't know what was going on and credited me anthor $10 somehow $10 does not seem like fair justice compared to dealing with lieing reps faulty equpiment and service and rude techs.

Resolved false advertising

How is Xfinity getting away with an advertising blitz this week for free access to television programs On Demand for all? They are running ads by email and on TV on a "Watch-a-thon" promotion for On Demand. The ad states, without disclaimer, that all Xfintiy TV subscribers will receive access to television programs usually available only On Demand for free through March 31, 2013. It also states that Xfinity customers will receive the promotional access regardless of subscription level.
Just try it. Unless you already have On Demand a subscriber will not receive the promotional access. When I telephoned Xfinity to check if I was doing something wrong I was told that I could receive the 'free' access if I agreed to pay more monthly to increase my subscription level. In other words, there is no promotional "free" access, just a lot of hype to get customers to pay more for mediocre service.

Resolved inferior service and deceptive practices

I signed up for a home security system in December and it is now February and the system has not been removed from my home as promised. Since day 1 the system did not work. Even though the system said I was online and had coverage, the company later told me that I did not have coverage. I appreciated their honesty, but told them that I would like to cancel. They encouragd me to have someone come out to take a look...the matter became worse. I asked them to remove the system from my home, which they agred to do..they scheduled two appointments *they never came to either appointment* all day appointments. Finally, two guys showed up two weweks later without an appointment. I did not let them in b/c I had heard about some criminal activity involving Comcast employees..better be safe than sorry. In any event, I later come to find that even thouwgh they said that I would not be charged they tried to charge me anyway...they have billed me a lot of money for a system that does not work. This is a scam of some sort, so if you need home security go!

services and charges

I live in Montgomery County, MD, the Silver Spring area. They have a monopoly and the service is horrendous and the cost is outrageous and goes up on a regular basis. Right now I am being charged 172.80 for basic service and HBO. We are being charged for the DVR now - a new cost that suddenly appeared after being a stupid loyal customer for 3 1/2 years paying 137.00 which inched its way up to that amount. In the last couple of months the cost for the DVR went from 5.00 to 10.00 to 27.00 in a couple of months. You can never get a straight answer as to why this service cost so much, but 137 is expensive enough .The picture quality is poor as it is pixilated and goes out completely at times. The modem goes out and right now the TV does not work at all. My internet is slow -second only to dial-up. The politicians are paid to allow THIS MONOPOLY. Montgomery County, MD is as corrupt as it can be. The courts are owned by certain law firms and judges are paid to make certain decisions as the lawyers sit in the court rooms and nod their heads when the judges do what they have been paid to do. So it is no surprise that Comcast has this nice deal. My county is allegedly a Democratic one, but this is a joke. They have one of the highest incomes in the country-millions of dollars and the politicians run for office unopposed by a Republican or a Democrat. Now they tell us that we had a service that should have been cancelled and it cost us more than the basic and we somehow should have known that we had the wrong box. We supposedly have been charged for this box, whatever it is, yet we have no special service-only basic TV and HBO We are cancelling service as we are tired of being robbed. Comcast is a bunch of gangsters

Resolved unable to get them to cancel service

I eas told when I signed up for this that it could be cancelled at any time. I have been trying since nov to have the service cancelled and it is still on my comcast bill. I have called 5 times speaking to different people and have gotten nowhere. Never in my 60 years have such bad, rude service. And they are going to help with it issues? What a joke. This is the first time I have ever written a formal complaint about anything.

Horrible company.

Diane weil

  • Na
    nanier Apr 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought Xfinity from them for $129.99, but it was broken. I asked for a refund month ago and still waiting for their response. They don't answer my phone calls as well. Don' do business with them!

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  • Fa
    factsmachine Dec 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This complaint doesn't make sense. Xfinity signature support is a service, not a product.

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  • Na
    Nazarandaz May 01, 2013

    Comcast signature support is a fraud, they don't help you solve your problem and when you ask to have the service removed well it never happens and they always try to con you i delaying the cancelation. All started for me in late January 2013, I called in Comcast for Wireless help and I was put through signature support which I agreed with the charges at the time but the technician after looking into my problem informed me that is not something is covered under signature support so I had to call back to cancel. Well I have called in 4 times and I always hear excuses. SO Don't fall for this (Third Party in another country) customer solution it is all fraud..

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  • Pe
    Peter Ray Oct 02, 2013

    I have just spent my entire evening getting Comcast to remove an illegitimate $39 charge from my bill. They kept referring me to a different department, then to Signature Support, then to various different departments within Signature Support, and in the end I was told (not very politely) that there was a special rule that applied to my case (that I was never told about when I signed up, and which, I suspect does not exist) that prohibited them from issuing a credit. There is no question in my mind at this point that Signature Support is a SCAM. I finally called Comcast back and found someone to remove the charge (if the actually do it!), but I am so angry now that I am going to take a look at Verizon. Do not sign up for Signature Support, even if smoke starts pouring out of your computer. It is a FRAUD!

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deceptive transfer to 3rd party vendor leads to unnecessary equipment purchase

We called the Comcast/Xfinity main number to add internet service to our account. We were transferred to the installation department, where we chose to rent our modem from Comcast for $7 per month. Then, the installation department claimed that they needed to transfer us to another number for more information. This third person, who spoke with a heavy accent, claimed that we needed yet another modem and wireless router. He asked for our credit card information for a "deposit" that we would get back later. We gave him the credit card information. Several days later, we received both the Comcast rental router and another box from a company called Saveology. The Saveology box contained a completely unnecessary cable modem and wireless router. We called Comcast, who claimed that they would never transfer us to a third party vendor and disclaimed any responsibility for us receiving this superfluous equipment. We are in the process of filing a complaint with Comcast.

reducing my bill to the sesonal rate

First I want to begin to say that comcast is rated #1 with the worst customer service ever!!! I just got off the phone with customer service asking them to reduce my cable tv/internet/phone to the seasonal rate because its a shore house and I will not be there for 2 1/2 months and my current bill is $172.00 a month. She told me that it can't be changed to the seasonal rate after jan 1st. So basically the minimum I have to pay is like $70 a month by just eliminating my services. What a scam!!! They basically have you locked in. So I told them to cancel the service completely and they said I have to return the equipment for that to happen. But I can't cause it's down the shore. I hate this company with a passion!!! I was so frustrated with the customer service rep that I told them to cancel the service and if my bill goes to collection that I don't care cause comcast, with there garbage service forced me to do this!!! So someone out there tell me an alternative to cable tv!! And don't tell me verizon / direct tv cause they are just as bad!!