Comcastscam and fraud


In October I switched to Comcast business high speed internet, and also changed my telephone from QWest to Comcast, bundled with cable television service. I had paid three months ahead so as not to have to bother with details during my busy retail season. Nevertheless, I got two letters (to my residential address rather than my billing address - I still haven't received any physical bills re the new service!)claiming I owed Comcast money. On both occasions I telephoned Comcast to clear up the misunderstanding, and was told not to worry about it as I had a credit balance. They said they had issued me a new account number with the change in service, but had forgotten to switch over the money that I had on credit, which they would now do. I also verified on the Internet that there was a credit on my account. This morning I woke up with no Internet. It took three hours of my time and three hours of my technical adviser's time on the phone with several departments of Comcast to try to get the matter resolved. Basically, they have allocated my telephone and cable television services to their residential section, and the high speed internet to their business section, but have been continuing to bill me for residential internet on the old account number. None of their departments cooperates with the other departments. They refuse to consolidate my services on to one bill, which was one of the reasons for dealing with one provider for all three services. Even though Comcast had notified QWest of the change in phone numbers, Comcast still had my old QWest phone number listed in its records; its website refused to change it. If I phone Comcast to check what is owing, I now have to give the new telephone number for the old residential account and the old (defunct) residential telephone number for the new business account. I have to log into Comcast under two different user names to check my bills, and have to erase old cookies every time to make this work. Comcast claimed it would credit me for the two months of residential internet it should not have charged me for; according to their math a pre-existing $62 credit from my payment ahead plus a $60 or so credit for two months of residential internet that I had cancelled equals $2. Go figure. And I'm supposed to "trust" them??? The "customer service" people claim I didn't tell them to disconnect the residential internet service, even though they charged me for connecting the new service. I do not have the energy to tackle getting my online bill payment service to handle two different customer numbers from the same provider. That'll likely take another four hours. Overall, the two bills together will be higher than I was told the "bundle" of three services would be. I haven't even had the heart to tackle Comcast on the question of the phones not working when it rains, which is pretty often here in Eugene. I wonder if the confusion in billing in deliberate. They give a 30-day guarantee, but you can't even find out what you owe within the thirty days. Perhaps there's a special part of Hatlo's Inferno reserved for Comcast executives.


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    C. Feiler Oct 06, 2006

    It is born out of the worst customer service or lack there of that I must write. Because of my location I have no choice but to have Comcast for my services. Most recently switching from Digital phone service to Digital Voice. This is where the problems began. I first researched Digital Voice before calling and asking questions. Because of a home office, it was IMPERATIVE that I have the ability to receive faxes the same way I had been via my single phone line. I was assured that I could.

    With that, Digital Voice set up was scheduled for Sept 16, 2006. If you are to look at the many many service calls and emails to your company you will note that the fax capability and several other issues were noted. I was told countless times “yes we see the issues noted and I have escalated the ticket”. I am assuming this means fixing the problem quickly. Apparently, to Comcast it means passing the buck.

    At one point I was transferred between Digital & Digital Voice SIX times. It became comical. A return call nets me that an expedited ticket means, I would be contacted within 24 to 48 hrs. I am NEVER contacted! I call again in frustration and ask that the service be turned off and my old reinstated. This was after a 47 min hold time. I am then disconnected and Digital Voice was disconnected. I left without any phone service. I call now using my cell phone and speak to a supervisor Calvin Hunter who takes my issue under his wing. However, I never get a return phone call from him despite his promises to call me within a few hrs. I am without phone service for 2 days. I call again and speak with Chanetel the ONLY person who gets the ball rolling. I am scheduled a service call for the next morning. David Montalvo #1744 was terrific! With only a phone call from David to his office my service was turn back on. Funny that’s all it would have taken. I am told I am stuck with Digital Voice because you apparently cannot go back. It was imperative that I retain my same phone number as I have a home office.

    So, I have the service of Digital Voice and cannot receive faxes on the same line without manually doing so or at a cost adding a separate dedicated fax line. Switching was of no benefit to me. Due to my phone issues my many work & personal contacts know what a headache Comcast created. I am sure this is not the word of mouth you would want. Today is Sept 30, 2006 14 days after having Digital Voice installed.

    ü 2 days without any phone service or THE ABILITY TO CONTACT 911. This violates the FCC rulings. I will contact my attorney.

    ü 2 weeks without the ability to receive faxes.

    ü 2 week without the ability to call certain numbers and them being able to hear me.

    ü 2 weeks without the ability to receive calls from certain callers (they received only non stop ringing)

    ü 2 day of having to use minutes on my cell phone for all my communication needs.

    COMCAST = The worst service providing organization I have ever dealt with.

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  • Cs
    C. Shaunessy Dec 02, 2006

    Well, I have worked for Comcast for over ten years, and phone service is a new product for technicians who have only done cable. Comcast gives you TWO DAYS of training, and thats it. Of course you had numerous techs out, Comcast is to damn cheap to train their technicians properly.

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  • Valerie Jan 29, 2007

    I am a very angry customer (or about to be ex-customer) of your Comcast cable company. For over two years now, I have enjoyed your company’s service, especially the WWE pay-per-views that I purchase every month.

    But, as of January. 28th, 2007, I can no longer accept this brutal mistreatment of a loyal customer.

    No the 4th of August, 2006. My girlfriend and I put in a request to transfer services to our new apartment. I wrote a check, (which is enclosed) for 90.00 dollars for the first month’s bill for our new apartment. So, my girlfriend and I moved into our new apartment under the idea that everything was taking care of cable wise. Three months pass and I look at our cable bill and see that we are paying way over the amount that was quoted to us, even after all the pay-per-views. We call our local Comcast and a customer rep was very helpful in assisting us. Come to finds out, that we were being charge for a bunch of extra opinion that we didn’t even have... We had been charge for internet, additional cable channels, such as Showtime and another movie channel that we did not sign up for, and we were charged for two DVR boxes and two remotes. Which in reality, we only have one box and one remote. And on top of that, we only had cable in one room. So, the sale rep credited us back all of our fees from the internet, extra cable channels and the extra box and remote that we were being charge. She also sent out a tech. to give us another DVR box for our second room. The tech came the very next day, which was on a Sunday, and did a great job in installing everything. That is how you are suppose to treat a customer.

    But a month later, it was totally different and I couldn’t believe this was the same company who had treated us with such kindness and timely service.

    A moth later our cable service was ended with no notice or anything. I called Comcast and they actually told me that we were three months behind on our bill... (WHAT!!!) Comcast stated that we owed over 400.00 dollars on our bill. After further argument and researching, I found out that these quotes were false. Yes, I do admit, the last check that my girlfriend and I wrote did bounce, it was written off of the wrong account, and I even told the customer service rep. that and we will full pay the amount and any fees with that check, that was our mistake. But, come to find out, that the 90.00 dollar check that I had wrote to Comcast back in August for the first months bill, went to the wrong account. Then, once they found out that it went to the wrong account, they refunded my check to the account at my old address... Comcast also owed us 188.00 dollars for internet services that were never requested in my new apartment. Comcast said that the work order stated that the tech. that set up my new apartment came inside and set up the internet. (THAT IS A LIE) First of all, it took the tech. a week to come out to set up our new apartment, and when he did finally come, the only thing he did was check the outlets, because I had already hooked up my cable because I kept my same DVR box.

    Now that leaves us with the problem today, January 28th, 2007. Comcast said that they would not turn on my service until all balances are paid. Over 400.00 dollars in our new apartment and a back old balance of 270.00 in our old apartment. (WAIT) For one, we never had a back balance in our old apartment, that was all paid-up BECAUSE I know, you can’t transfer cable in the same name to another address there is still a balance, so where did they come up with 270.00 of cable fees in my old apartment. I even ask the lady, to make sure, who’s name the cable is under, and she said the accounts are under both names. Really, I didn’t know you can open up a ton of accounts in the same name, that’s news to me!!! And the fact that the work order said that he install a modem and internet in our new apartment, really, our laptop crashed well before we moved into our new apartment, so what computer did he hook it up to??? We don’t owe any money on any old address and we don’t owe over 400.00 dollars either. I didn’t authorize that 90.00 check to go anywhere but to my new apartment on my new account, not on some other person’s account and then to an old (made-up) account that was pulled out of thin air. So minus that 188.00 dollars, also that 90.00 dollars from this ridiculous 400 dollars plus bill and you get something like 145.00. That is how much that I agree to pay, 145.00 and plus the returned check fee of 36 dollars. That is all that I will agree to pay, and we didn’t have cable for half of January so, prorate that.

    Also, the customer service rep. was very nasty, Thomasine Carter... And her number is 804-266-1900 and her extension is 7417, she laughed and giggled on a number of occasions, it wouldn’t be so funny if this was happen to her... The young girls that I spoke to about this same account through this month and last were way more professional then her, you should listen to all the recordings since December. One young lady named Maria was very knowledgeable and helpful. Ms. Thomasine Carter also refused me when I asked countless times to speak with a supervisor. I am pretty sure that if I call any other business and ask to speak with a supervisor, unless he or she is not busy, I will get a supervisor. Ms. Carter flat out told me that her supervisor is not going to deal with this today, (please listen to the recording) of January 28th 2007, at 1:30pm. And whoever the supervisor on duty was that day, needs to be fired for lack of a backbone!!!!

    So again, I will pay the amount of 145.00 and the return check fee and that is it!! I am in the process of terminating my account and service with Comcast and I will be DISABLING THE CABLING and moving to DIRECTV. As a customer I have never been treated like this and I will make sure and tell everyone I can about the heinous mistreatment that I have been meet with by Comcast. No one is perfect, and computers mess up to, if you make a mistake, don’t cover it up, admit it and correct it so we can all go on living our lives. Thanks you for attention…

    Very Disapproved Customer,

    Brooks J. Blake

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  • Valerie Jan 29, 2007

    Every call and person's name is documented. This is possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. As a courtesy, I left them out of the complaint, but they will not be left our of the scathing letter I send to the company.

    This borders on insanity.

    January 12, 2007 Received a promotional offer in the mail from Comcast. The Comcast Premier Bundle. $159.99 per month for two years when you get all three! Exceptional Service, Savings and Convenience.

    Was using Comcast Internet, HDTV Cable Service with 2 Comcast rented HD boxes HBO. Verizon Phone Service.

    January 13, 2007. Called and set up appointment for installation.

    Appointment set for Jan 22, 2007, 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

    January 22, 2007 Called 1:30 (appt confirmed on automated system) 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. window January 22

    January 22, 2007 1:42 p.m. Contacted live help, on-line customer service (Screen capture Transcript available.) CSR stated the tech was on the way. I asked if one the way meant directly on the way or after other stops, then on the way. Also asked for an ETA. K… didn’t know. (Pause) Asked if he could call the tech and get an ETA. K… said, “we don't have the means to communicate with the tech.”

    2:24 J… (service tech) called. The original tech who was supposed to come had car trouble so J… was coming instead and he was on the way.

    Comcast Tech J… - Arrived 2:34. Evaluated my office where it was being installed, the cable line, phone line, and installation. (Explained that he would drill a hole in the wall of our garage, put the modem out there, run a wire from the phone line out there, through the garage, into my office, another hole in the wall. I explained that I had this done on another property with another Comcast account I had and they used the existing lines etc.

    So why a holes in the wall? He paused and said, "Yes, I guess I can do it that way too."

    J... Installed new modem, new cable box on primary TV, no hole in the garage, walls… whew!

    4:47 completed. While J… was here I made a call from the new Comcast line with the my ported number and it worked. Checked the TV, working order. Checked Internet, working order. Left 4:49 p.m.

    4:50 Phone call on my cell phone informed me that my land line was disconected.

    4:52 Called Comcast and spoke to Chu…. Chu... said he will call dispatch right away and have the installer come back.

    5:25 – E--- called saying that when I called, they were between shifts and Chu… asked her to take the issue. She said she will have a supervisor handle the issue ASAP.

    7:30 p.m. (still no phone)

    No Internet 7:47 p.m.
    Called 4:42 seconds on hold

    Chelsea responded. – had us reset modem and router, said there was a problem with the switch-over. Reset from both our end and theirs and all is well.

    8:35 p.m. Chelsea Transferred to Comcast phone department.

    8:38 phone dept Roseanne, (knew immediately what the problem was and said she would call us right back. 2 minutes later she called on the Comcast line. Phone service activated, incoming calls now available

    10:00 p.m. no service on the cable box upstairs. Called 1-800-COMCAST. Needed to have CRS upload the information on our new account to our upstairs box. 10:30 TV upstairs now activated.

    1/23 Email program freezes with downloading email from Comcast. Called our IT Guy, Informed us that the problem was with Comcast.

    1/24 10:15 Online live support – Eh…reported that the account needed to be re-registered and to call 800-COMCAST

    Called 10:25 a.m. Called CSR Ral… – Stated what Eh… reported that the account needed to be re-registered. Read him the error code.

    Task ' - Receiving' reported error (0x8004210E) : 'Your mailbox is temporarily unavailable because another e-mail message is being delivered to it or another mail application is accessing it. The server responded: -ERR box locked [INACTIVE]'

    Eh… tried a couple of things to re-register but needed to escalate it to a supervisor. He stated they should get to it right away: Filed Ticket number CR08 @ 10:33 a.m. January 24

    12:00 No email

    2:00 no internet

    4:00 no internet

    4:00 called. Spoke to Tina - transferred to trouble shooting dept

    4:03 – on hold, muzak ………….

    4:05 more muzak ….

    4:07 more muzak… not good… taped for your enjoyment if you would like to listen let me know

    4:09 more muzak and it’s not funny anymore…

    4:11 Cin… pick up. Explained problem. Looked at the ticket number. Stated they are working on it. That’s all she knows. Asked then if I could speak to a supervisor. She filled out supervisor call back form and wanted to know the reason why I want to speak to a supervisor. Ticket number 147697 End call 4:22

    I never received a call back from anyone.

    January 25, 2007 January 27, 2007 no Email

    I have email today 1/28/07... but no HDTV... Pixelated images. OMG!

    I have my Comcast bill sitting on my desk here and never, never once was it late. I always pay on time. Although I know I have to pay it today, it makes me SICK, SICK, SICK!

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  • Pa
    Pamela Norton Feb 11, 2007

    I live in Annapolis, MD and the city repeatedly renews contracts with only Comcast for cable service. So, I've had Comcast for about 15 years and have lived thru their growing pains. I have my internet service w/AOL & phone with Verizon & have been happy. One year, AOL offered me a package deal w/Verizon for broadband service. The service was scheduled, modem received & I installed it myself following their directions. Everything went smoothly & only once in 18 months did I need to call Verizon Help for a disconnection. I was on the phone for an hour & the box was re-set remotely.

    So, one day, I find a deal in my cable bill for the triple play for current Comcast Digital customers & a rate increase chart starting in March 2007. Trying to pick the fat out of my bill, I find a monthly charge of $1.25 for 'lite digital'-so I call. 'Course I call on a Saturday so it's a 20 minute wait. The little girl that answered helpfully found out what the charge was, after she found someone to explain it to her. She didn't know why it was there anymore because it was a charge from a while ago because I've always had a 4 movie package 7 they sell 1,3 & 5 movie packages. She told me she would credit $25 for the last 24 months. How nice, I thought, especially since I'm at fault for not perusing the bill all these years! She sells me on the triple pay package which is to include a new digital box & remote & this box will include a DVR & service. She also says I can get 2 FREE DVR/digital boxes for other t.v.s. I take one, because I want my daughter to move out someday. The triple play also includes digital voice (I can keep my phone #) & cable internet hookup. She tells me it takes 5 days to give Verizon notice to give up my phone # & I'm please that I can have an appointment the next Saturday. This process involved being put on 'hold' alot & I had the feeling someone was behind her guiding her through it. They 'verify' info constantly so that even you can't remember how to spell your name anymore. -it took 90 minutes & I realized I need to buy new batteries for my cordless. That night, I try to watch a movie channel & it tells me I need a subscription. I check the others, same thing. I call the local # & after 45 min of 'holds' & transfers, they can't return the movie status w/o cancelling my order. If they do that, I'll have to wait another 5 days for Verizon to release the #. I leave the order as is & accept an apology & a credit.

    I placed the order 2/3/07 for installation 2/10/07.

    Tues-There's a msg that the install needs to be re-scheduled because Verizon can't 'release' the phone# yet. It tells me to call 1-800-comcast. I call 7pm & am on hold for 30 minutes, transferred twice & both CSRs tell me I'm on for the 10th.
    Fri-There's a msg that Verizon didn't release the # & the phone # given is so faint & quick, I dial someone else in the country. So, I dial the local cable # & the recording recognizes me, telling me I have an appt 3/1/07 & would I like to cancel? Back to 1-800 # again with a 45 min wait. I get thru to Maurice x 7793. He sees the notes Verizon has left & thinks the # can't be release because the 1st name is different on the acct. He starts to re-schedule for the 13th but then sees a note that Verizon wants it scheduled 7 business days after President's day. That day is the 19th, not the 12th. Anyway, it's scheduled for 2/24 & he promises no more delays & gives me his ext. Like they all don't share the extensions? I gripe to him about being w/o my movie package for 2 more weeks. He says he doesn't know why it's not working 'cos he can see the pkg on the account & transfer me to that dept. I'm disconnected.

    Today, on a whim, I call the local cable # & the recording recognizes my # & says I have an appt for 'Feb 44th'. I'm tempted to use the 'cancel' option but I'll have to deal the 'Pollyanna's in my family. I'm figuring I'll save $30 monthly if I bundle but I think another lesson is coming.......

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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    This is a copy of my complaint that I sent to the members of the Montgomery County Council members in Montgomery County, Maryland.

    I'm frankly tired of retyping and restating this story, so this is it...

    Dear Council Members,

    I am writing this email out of pure frustration and increasing anger about the service, or more accurately, the lack of service or caring of Comcast as a corporation and a so called provider of services to the residents of Montgomery County.

    Last year I had an issue with Comcast that I wrote to you about. We were experiencing problems with the service line to our home. When Comcast sent someone out, they confirmed that the problem was with the line and they would send someone out to fix it. When that service technician left, he left our service disconnected completely. It took us 5 days of continued calling and an email to you at the council to get our service reconnected. This was a very frustrating time for us, but even since then the line was NEVER improved, so the signal has always been poor.

    Most recently, I would guess I was taken in by all their wonderful commercials about Digital cable, high speed internet and now their offering of broadband telephone service. So I contracted with Comcast to cut our telephone service over, upgrade us to digital cable and provide the high speed internet service. Their so called Triple Play.

    This installation took place on January 25, 2007. The installation technician told us that the line signal was week, so he ran all new cable from the telephone pole across the street into our house and all new cable throughout the house. He then installed 3 digital cable tv boxes, the modem for the telephone and internet service and got everything working. 2 hours after he left, we started having problems.

    It started with the digital tv service and then the telephone went out and the internet service went out.

    To keep this email as brief as possible, we have placed 9 trouble calls since then (about 2 weeks). Every time someone came out they were incapable of correcting the problem. After many calls and many visits, we were finally told that the signal is now too strong and “line” service was scheduled. We were told that this would happen this past Thursday, February 8, 2007. Needless to state, this did not happen. The telephone and internet service has been out completely now for third day in a row. We called Thursday and the representative on the telephone told us she would take care of it. When we called that evening, we were told there was no scheduled line service and they would look into it. When I called last night, I was told that there had been line service scheduled for that Thursday, but the Network Operations Manager had cancelled it and had not rescheduled it.

    Why do I feel like I am getting the run around? What is wrong with this company? Who can hold this company accountable? Are they completely incompetent? Why are they allowed to continue to operate in Montgomery County?

    I am an angry resident and an angry tax payer and I DEMAND that you, as elected officials of this county, DO SOMETHING ABOUT COMCAST!!!! NOW!!!

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  • An
    andieo May 19, 2007

    I had called Comcast over the years asking for some relief from the ever-increasing costs for Basic cable and high-speed internet, which my husband requires because he is a programmer who sometimes has to work from home. My relatives who live ab0ut 10-15 miles from me in Pennsylvania were getting a better deal because they had the opportunity to get their service from RCN. The internet service, in particular, was extremely bad and Comcast was never going to go to the expense of making a permanent fix. Every time I was met with either silence or a response like "well that's the price". As soon as Verizon came into our neighborhood four months ago, we switched, and what a difference. When I called Comcast to cancel they were willing to give me a very good deal indeed; when told I had complained before, the woman said "well you didn't talk to me"! What she meant was we weren't going to do anything for you when you had nowhere else to go. A few weeks ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Comcast's profits have increased 80 percent. I'm sure that's attributable to their forcing everyone to move to digital cable and most communities still having no alternative to this terrible company. Free enterprise bah, humbug, monopolies for the selected few in this country.

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  • Ra
    Ram-C Jul 30, 2007

    Comcast is totally waste company. No service, careless ness. Never go for comcast!

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  • Ni
    Nick Stone Aug 08, 2007

    I have both Comcast Digital HDTV and Internet "service." I have lived in my current home since 1980. I've had more service outages with Comcast in the last 3 months than all my other utilities COMBINED since 1980. Every evening, the digital tv freezes for minutes at a time. The internet goes in and out all day long.

    I pay $140 a month. I've had techs out a dozen times. Every tech has a different opinion. I've had amplifiers put on and taken off. The underground cable has been replaced twice. Calling 404 - COMCAST results in wait times as long as an hour. I assume it's because a good many of Comcast's customers have similar problems. Once you finally get through, a service call is scheduled several days in the future. They call right before they are scheduled to arrive. If you just happen to be on the phone when they call and they get a busy signal, they simply cancel the appointment! My wife & I work out of our home and require broadband service. We contacted ATT today and will be switching to DSL next week. I will be contacting my local government cable franchise representative and suggest a new cable company be allowed to replace Comcast. They truly don't give a damn about their product and customer service.

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  • Ch
    Chris Johnson Sep 08, 2007

    Instead of whining to your politicians and boo-hooing about everything why don't you get off of your lazy butts and switch to another provider, either go back to an antenna signal or switch to dish. Take their power away from them instead of crying to all of the greedy council people to fix it. If everyone in this world pouts about not getting to see desperate housewives or what ever you watch, think about what it was like before cable. It is not a necessity. Either use it or don't.

    As far as the person talking about consulting your attorney about the 911 "FCC" regulation, have your attorney read the contract you agreed to upon taking the service. If you read your agreements you don't have a leg to stand on!

    Wah Wah Wah!

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  • Ja
    Janice Rawls Nov 24, 2007

    Had to pay 91.13 upfront for my install of home phone and high speed internet. 8 install dates, 3 no shows, without a phone or home alarm system for 1 month. Was told I would have my install payment credited back to me. Had my home phone for 1 week(requiring a cable going across my living room floor hooking into the modem in a different room) when I got the bill for a month. I was double charged for my internet plus charged a different amount than promised. I have a hole in my wall that needs repairing after Vee one of the installers damaged it trying to get the phone working. After her and her supervisor came out she admitted that she had messed everything up. I got a call yesterday about my bill. If they would refund the 91.13 and 49.99(double charged internet)plus 19.99 (amount over the promotional price promised) then I wouldn't even owe them. I was also told I would receive a refund for the 3 days of no shows for 20.00 each day. They would still owe me after credited back everything. They will probably cut my phone off due to no payment. I am furious that companies get away with this type of behavior.I have sent a letter to Comcast corporate which the certified signature is simply a line. NO-ONE cares at this company. I spoke with Evelyn again last week and she told me she never said anything about refunding me. I told her I thought she drank if she didn't remember. I then left a message for her boss Doug Powell and still no call back. Corporate people care as much as the installers, not one bit.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Turner Nov 29, 2007

    I am sick and tired of Comcast Cable TV showing the same movies on LMN, they show the same movies for 2 days in a row.

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  • De
    Dean Dec 16, 2007

    I am with you on this one, all though I do not or cannot get cable service unless I shell out $6000.00 for a 300 Ft run of cable.
    Monopolies need to be stomped out, broken up or whatever. Comcast, verizon or even Walmart need to be looked at, but local and state laws allow them to get away with it, the reason for this is no competition means no cheaper choices for people, and more money in the pockets of the local politicians.

    How can cable companies fight for better pricing and or services if there is only one in your area? Comcast are scammers, rip off merchants, blood suckers just like the Bush administration.

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  • Valerie Feb 03, 2008

    The company after one year changed my rate without advanced notification, also double charged these rates when they knew I had terminated their service. I sit with a bill for $307.71 for a $99.00 service per month, of which I was paid up for one month in advance. During the last month they sent invoices almost every week, with each one greater than the last to a total of $558.11. Then they reduced it to $309.71.

    As if their greed must have gotten to them. When seeing the new rates they wanted to charge I immediately canceled service.

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  • Je
    jean hurley Feb 17, 2008

    comcast is over priced and under serviced the employees think they work for comcast bu without us as comsumers comcast will go down we ned to bring the companies down and show who they truly work for for with out the customers the are not here. I am getting away from this company for have ben on hold for as of this report 30 minutes. (SICKING))

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  • Valerie Apr 17, 2008

    When Comcast 1st took over my area there were a lot of issue with internet connections after trying 2 cable modems with my accnt they then said we need to send a tech out when the tech came he tested the modem and found it was getting a bad signal so he had put a test modem on the accnt after he did that and called in the test modem he still didn’t get a good signal when he called back in he was on speaker phone and I heard them day that there were 3 modems active on the accnt meaning they did not release the other modems out of there system after they had released the other modems the test modem sync up and was pulling a good signal the tech had said we need to replace your modem I questioned it because I knew that they didn’t release the modems on there end we ended up buying a modem from Comcast and the tech hooked it up 40.00 for the modem I know in this area they took on something like 400, 000 new customers and I know I was not the only one that had to buy a new modem a lot of residential and commercial accnts had to buy a new modem it just doesn’t seem right when you have a cable modem that is working fine and then all of a sudden doesn’t and the only HSI cable provider telling you your going to new modem I believe they had flashed or blocked the modems from receiving a good signal to be able to make a quick buck you can do the math for self even if 20, 000 people out of 400k had to buy new modem that’s like 800, 000.00 nice chunk of cash I would like to see the numbers on how many people they told they new a new modem and how many people went ahead and bought one from Comcast and Comcast has now said that they don’t sell modems anymore they only rent ? And I have to say Insight's service was way better we still have issues with our internet but they don’t care about us consumers because they know they have the market in my area Comcast better get on the ball and provide the best service we ever had.

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  • Valerie Apr 23, 2008

    I’ve been reading on the controversy about Comcast blocking or limiting bandwidth to end-users.

    I have been an avid gamer usually running 3-4 xboxs @ the same time for hours on end.

    Occasionally using itunes for music or movies. With uninterrupted ups or downs.

    But for the past week I have been using a p2p network trying to obtain certain files for my children’s psp. Usually average files size 700mb.

    Xbox live HD movie file size average 1-6 gig.

    Now ask why is it I can DL files from Xbox live with no interruptions with the file size 5 times the size of p2p uninterrupted.

    But it takes me all day to DL file from p2p? I usually have to unplug my modem and reset it to restart the DL from p2p. HUH.

    I did several tests. I purchased 3 HD movies via xbl. No problem. Stay connected.

    I found some more misc. File 5 times less the file size of the Hd movies and every 150mb I had to reset Modem.

    WHY. I wasn't a believer but now I'm starting to think something otherwise.

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  • Valerie Apr 28, 2008

    Comcast is the worst cable TV service I've ever experienced. And I have been a consumer of cable services for over 20 years, living in many different cities all over the United States and Canada, so I have plenty of experience with cable TV services.

    Since February 9 (today is April 27), I have had no less than 10 service appointments with Comcast because our cable TV reception, boxes breaking, and "not authorized" messages which cannot be fixed over the phone. Three of these appointments, a Comcast technician didn't even show up or call.

    Oh but they sure remember to send us a bill. Almost $250/mo with our Internet and Telephone services included. But I think I could pay them $100, 000 per month and still get crappy customer service. Their people at their phone center (you get to speak to a different one every time) have no clue what they're doing. About 1/3 of the time, when a technician has showed up, they tell me that the problem could have been fixed over the phone.

    I hate Comcast, and if I had *any* choice for my television services, I'd switch immediately. Unfortunately, our apartment faces exactly the wrong direction to get satellite, so we're stuck.

    I strongly urge you never to use Comcast services. They are, by far, the worst in North America.

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  • Valerie Apr 28, 2008

    Comcast NJ - The FTC has to end the structure of cable TV. When we don't have enough options, customer service becomes the lowest priority for a company. Such is the cast with Comcast. I scheduled a service call for Sunday, 4/27. Wanted to get a hi-def box installed. I sat home today and waited. My window was 9a - 11a. As it got later and later, I called Comcast and of course they weren't showing I had an appt. The idiot phone rep never recorded it. He did, however, make a push to get me to sign up for the bundle package. (I didn't) Wouldn't shut up about it - yet he wasn't competent enough to get my appt. Straight.

    The best part -- the web site features a section from Rick Germano (I think that's the name), who is supposedly SVP of Operations. Nice long letter from this guy bragging about how great the customer service is. They lead you to believe you can email the guy. When you do the automated response is nothing less than patronizing.

    Comcast = Slime, pondscum, just plain criminals.

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  • Fo
    Foxy roxy May 04, 2008

    As a comcast employee..i must say our customer service needs work, however people dont understand cable any more. its not the days of going to radio shack and picking up a gold splitter and your fine. the fact is now you MUST!!! have a comcast tech intall your outlets, and DO NOT..DO NOT move the equipment. we intall it so the equpment will work were its at, if you need to move it call!!! have a tech relocate it for you. back to the gold shack stuff causes so many problems it can effect your neighbors service..because it can put noise in the line and effect the node. so if your having issues make sure you dident self install a outlet..we dont charge by the outlet anymore so leave the installing to us..
    O one more thing dont buy an amplifer from radio shack it can make your problem much worse...

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  • Valerie May 05, 2008

    When Comcast came to install our service, the technician arrived 4 hours late and then informed me that he would have to come back the following day. He installed the service but never covered the outside box that is attached to the side of the house. I called soon after the installation to have them cover the box and have called over 10 times since over a 3 month period. I get the same response from "Customer Service": that they will forward the issue to maintenance but they can't directly influence them to complete the project. Aren't the technicians also Comcast employees? Why do they feel they can be totally unresponsive to customer concerns? Last time I called I got the corporate number (not toll free) and will try that route. But at this point, Comcast has been the worst internet provider that I have ever had.

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  • Valerie May 19, 2008

    Ok so Comcast comes in changes name and prices...

    Well I find out the other day I’m late on my bill I call the 800 number to find out why they called me. They say I’m late on my bill. I have had no past problem with paying. They tell me I’m $49 behind, I’m like ok I just mailed a $60 check so are we ok? They said no your account is in status for being shut off. They tell me I will have to call the local office. I do and they say there is nothing we can do... I want insight back!

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  • Valerie May 19, 2008

    Have you ever watched the commercials where they do the stories about the low intro rate ending and comcast raising the prices? Well, it happed to us. We signed up last May when we moved into an area that comcast is the only provider. We opted for a second digital box so our total was $108 a month with taxes. We had been thinking for the last few months of getting rid of cable because we don't feel that it is worth the price. When the bill came on April 30th, it was for $143.

    $35 more for the same overpriced services. I called to cancel the service half expecting them offer something to keep us as a customer. Nope, the woman said no problem she would cancel our service. She asked me if I wanted it canceled right now and I asked her how long we were paid up to. She sad the 3rd of May so I told her to cancel it on the 3rd. The second I hung up with her, my digital voice and internet service were gone. I had to call them back to get it turned back on. They also wanted me to deliver their hardware to them (For free). I told her to come up with another option. She shipped a box for me to ship them back in. I shipped them back yesterday on the way home from work (Got a tracking number).

    I called to make sure that they canceled the service because I have read that they like to continue billing even after you cancel. She told me that the order would not be completed until the 19th but not to worry because I would not be billed. I told her that I don't care when they come and cut the wire, so long as I don't get billed but I don't see why they need to wait so long.

    So I got home and my new Yahoo DSL service was working as promised, and despite what comcast says about DSL, mine works just fine. I put up a tv antenna and the new digital tv is clearer then what I was getting from comcast. So we are happy.

    I really wish that they would have just lowered the price. They run ads in our market for the triple play for $66 a month but when you call them they tell you that rate is not for our area. I guess it makes more sense to them to make no money from us then the $99 they were getting. Go figure, I always thought it was better to keep a customer then find a new one.

    Cable is not like gas or electricity, you can live without it. No point and putting up with the outrageous prices and very poor customer service. I really hope more people will dump them and force them to change.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Jun 02, 2008

    I had signed up for a special offer which had a $125 rebate. And after 9 months, the rep tells me that the rebate form is from Bridgevine and my signup was from ComcastOffers!!!

    I filled up the reabte form that was attached to the offer that I signed up for and mailed the rebate offer to the address shown on the form.

    I waited for 6 months and still had a message on the rebate ststus page showing that it was pending. Finally, I submitted ticket for investigation, and the rep asked me to send in the documents again. Unofrtunately, I had not kept the original "firt bill" so I had to request it to be sent out again, and then I sent it in. That took another 3 weeks. I had asked why she could not use the bill I had already sent in and she said it was at "HQ" ??!!

    This has happened to others before and that's the reason I made sure to check the dates and all the fine print to make sure that they had no reason to refuse the rebate!

    However, now this new tactic! How do I get my rebate ?

    Note: After I signed up, I got a confirmation email and that was sent from - so is Comcast scamming innocent consumers and hoping most of them get fed up and give up trying to get their rebates???!!

    Please help. In the meantime, I am now being billed $60/month for the service that I signed up for $20/month and still did not get the rebate they promised!!!

    Many Thanks for any help,

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  • Valerie Jun 04, 2008

    Between customer service and repair people there is no communication. It's kind of like "who's on third!". Nobody! Three months of calling on continuing outages, tiling, no pic, no data and Comcast rep would provide a short time fix, a "blast" thru the cable. Thinking that it is reasonable that I be credited for service paid for but not received, I requested a credit and each time was told it would show up on the next bill. Well, three months later I called the rep and they want to know when there was a problem! Unbelievable!!! I quit Comcast!

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  • Valerie Jun 04, 2008

    I currently have Cable and Internet though Comcast and since I switched my phone service to Comcast month ago I am unable to access to my account on line because it needed a pin # which I was not aware of. When logging in, it prompted me to have my pin# mailed to me. However, its been 4 weeks and still no pin # sent. So I went to the local branch office and was told that a pin# will not be mailed out to me unless I show my valid ID. What a hussle! When I called few days ago and demanded for the pin # I was told they will mail it out within 24 hours. When I called today the account Manager said it would take 5-10 business days to get my pin #. What a story! Comcast *** big time.

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  • Valerie Jun 10, 2008

    Comcast has the worst customer service department I have ever dealt with. In the last year I have had no less than 10 service calls to my home for dysfunctional cable boxes, loss of video on demand, and loss of signal(in less than 1 year). Their technicians never can get my service working for more than 2 weeks in a row, so I have just given up and will go back to my satellite dish. When I call them about my continued problems they just say that they'll send another technician. Even after speaking to supervisors, I get little help.

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  • Valerie Jun 10, 2008

    Two weeks ago I had my cable and internet installed. I have a TIVO, so I requested the cable CARD; and my appointment was scheduled on Sunday, May 25 between 1 and 4. The tech. finally arrives at 5:30 pm, with a DVR. I told him that I do not need a DVR; I need a cable CARD for my TIVO. It turns out that he did not have anymore cable CARDS, and that I would have to reschedule an appointment to have that installed. I could not do that because I was leaving on vacation and I needed something to record my shows, so I had him install the DVR until I return and I can then schedule to install the cable CARD. He then moved onto the internet installation. He was clearly online setting everything up, and as soon as he left it stopped working. I called for tech support, but a recording tells me to do two options which are unsuccessful. I am told to make an appointment to have the internet repaired. I leave for vacation and return on Monday, June 2.

    I call to make my appointment for Saturday, June 7. I explain that not only do I need my cable CARD installed, but I need someone to come and fix my internet. The representative on the phone tells me the same person can do both.

    Saturday comes, and the tech is a no show. I call, and the representative on the phone tells me that the tech. will call me to let me know what was going on. I wait until 6:30 pm and he never called. I call to reschedule for Sunday, the next day, and the rep. tells me that they don't schedule appointments on Sunday. How was I able to get my installation on Sunday two weeks ago?! She tells me to reschedule. I have to schedule on a weekend, I work until 6 pm and apparently your tech. people can't schedule that late. Why is that when most people work 8-6? I am not waiting another week to have someone finish what they started, with the certainty that I will be sitting all day waiting and not have them show up? I can't trust your scheduling!

    I call on Sunday to try and talk to someone else, with no success. He tells me that tech. can come on Sundays. Why was I told the day before that they can't?! The rep. tells me that Monday between 1-4 is available. After much debate, I tell him to book the Monday 1-4, I can once again modify MY schedule, how very inconvenient! He tells me "now it’s not available, we are all in a system and someone must have booked it". I hang up; this is incredible how hard it is to experience anything positive from your company.

    I am sitting still with no TIVO and no Internet. Now do not tell me that I need to schedule something with the internet department to have that fixed. Do you think I want to go through all this with the internet department as well?! IT is this hard getting something accomplished with my cable; I have absolutely no faith in your internet department!

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  • Valerie Jun 11, 2008

    I recently moved into a new townhouse in Miami and Comcast struck a deal with the Association so that cable service was included in the monthly maintenance fee with no choice of provider left up to me. After moving in I had internet service added and was told that there would be no installation charge. Comcast send a contractor to install the internet service and it was working when he left. Much to my dismay my service quit working the same day! I called Comcast, waited on the phone for over an hour and they required me to go through a long series of meaningless power up and power down sequences of both the cable modem and my pc. No success. They dispatched a tech to repair the service and I had to take vacation time from work. The tech arrived and put a meter on my line and said there was nothing wrong with the service. He reconnected the cable modem and brought it back on line. Later that night the service went down again. I called Comcast (waited nearly an hour and a half on the phone) and went through the same power up and power down sequences again (meaningless). This situation went on for over 30 days!!! Then the bill arrived, I called Comcast to request an adjustment due to the fact that I had very little service over the last thirty days and was rudely told that if I didn't request it on the day that the service was down I would not get any credit. The rude woman said she would send out another tech and I would have to take another vacation day to wait for him.

    The tech showed up, put a similar meter on the line and said nothing was wrong, this time the modem would not connect. This tech worked on this for over an hour and then got the modem to connect. The tech really didn't make any changes and just got lucky that it connected, I knew it would go down again. He shoved the service call sheet in front of me and told me to sign. Before I would sign I reviewed the sheet. Comcast had a customer aging report on the service call sheet and it stated that I was 60 days past due and I was instantly enraged! The truth is that I didn't even have service for 30 days at that point. I called Comcast again!

    The young boy at the other end of the phone said that I was past due and scheduled for shut off. I reluctantly paid the bill (for almost no service) over the phone with a credit card. The young boy gave me a confirmation number and told me I was back to good standing. I snapped back to him that I was ALWAYS IN GOOD STANDING and Comcast screwed up AGAIN!

    The next day...

    I got home from work and all of my Comcast services were turned off. I was enraged beyond belief!!! I called Comcast again, (this time the wait was only 20 minutes) and the rude woman on the other end said that she saw no record of payment. I took a deep breath and read to her the confirmation number and explained that I had paid it over the phone. She said that she had to open a research request with another department and there was nothing she could do to help me. I had to wait.

    I waited with no service for 1 week (even though promised 24 hours turn time for research). I called Comcast again (with a very long wait on the phone) and was told there was no record on my account that I had called and requested a research on this lost payment. I was pissed off!!!

    I could go on forever but I was cut to the chase.

    I made a total of 17 calls and even called the corporate headquarters. Finally, they found my payment applied to another persons account. I had to call them to get updates on this situation no Comcast employee ever called me back. I requested termination of this service. (I'm forced to keep the cable TV portion which is HORRIBLE LOW QUALITY PICTURE) and today 2 months later A COLLECTION COMPANY CALLED ME TO COLLECT A BALANCE DUE ON MY ACCOUNT!!!

    I am now going to file with the small claims court to get results from Comcast!!! This and previous problems over the years has cost me over $1700.00 dollars (I keep detailed records) and I'm tired of being abused by a company that is supposed to provide service to me, THE CUSTOMER.

    I am convinced this is a scam run by Comcast to generate additional revenue to compensate for their lack of management skills!!!


    If you have been through a situation like this from Comcast I encourage you to take action and file your case in small claims court. It only requires you to fill out a form and pay a filing fee!!!

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  • Valerie Jun 11, 2008

    Comcast cable has the worst customer service ever. Funny this is supposed to be a service industry and they suck at it! I tried to order service and called up several time only to get hung up on a few times. The other times that I did speak to someone they had conflicting stories/ offers/ promotions then the previous salesman.

    This has been one of the worst experiences of my life. Hope I never have to go through it again. I do not wish this one anyone. Comcast is a rip-off someone should put a stop to the monopoly they have on this industry.

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  • Valerie Jun 13, 2008

    I have never been able to get Comcast to fix problems with my cable TV and internet. They have missed several service calls and when they do come out they don't fix the problems. Comcast customer service is a joke. You go through a telephone maze and then they ask you the same questions when you finally talk to a human. I've asked for a supervisor to call me at least a dozen times and have never received a call. The total disregard for their customers is sickening. I have been told by the service techs that the problem is with a node (whatever a node is) and is too expensive for them to fix unless I live in River Oaks (a wealth Houston area). He said that calls in River Oaks are answered the same day and the equipment is well taken care of. So, unless you’re rich Comcast doesn't care. Funny that they pay the same amount that I do. Do Not Use Comcast!

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  • Ch
    chillz Jun 16, 2008

    comcast is full of it i recently filled out a new service request with comcast. thay have a deal for new customers that order service online get a rebate in the mail for $150.00 i ordered online and was told by a rep tha ti had to go to a servoce center and show them my lease also so i did. well since i went to the service center and showed them my lease they finished the order there well since i didnt do it at home and they did it instead they now say i dont qualify so beware of this scam by comcast.

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  • Valerie Jun 17, 2008

    Comcast was supposed to get my internet started, only the technician left a wire running down my lawn, across my driveway, and then across the driveways of my 3 neighbours, and finally ending at a box at the end of our row of town homes.

    Not only that, but the internet still doesn't work, and I spent over an hour on the phone with them. I was assured that in 24 hours it would be working and the wire would be gone, but it's been 2 days and neither has happened. My neighbours are starting to get angry, and Comcast won't do anything about it. Who would leave a wire laying on multiple lawns and driveways and think that is ok??!?!

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  • Pa
    panchy Jun 20, 2008

    I’m a disabling woman and my only income is the SSI, I’m feeling distress because Mass electric company don’t send me the monthly bill, to know how much I’m spending in electricity every month. No matter that I do not get a monthly bill in my mail I am sending to the electric company $100.00 0r $200.00 monthly. This situation has been occurring during one year or more, paying my electric bills without a bill, and using only my number account. Past month I receive a bill from the electric company threatening to disconnect my electric services because I ought more that $1, 000.00. I got shock because I was sending monthly payments. I called the company and I gave them the numeration of the payments that I did during one year, because I was sending the payment by western union. The company told me that they receive the payments, but still I ought more than a thousand dollars. I was shocked, because I do not have a business. The company wanted that I send $600.00 to avoid disconnection, so I had to borrow three hundred dollars and I send it immediately to the company with a letter telling them that I did not had more money. They agreed, but the following month I did not get the electric bill, but I went to pay and I send $100.00. At two weeks, I got another threatening notice from Mass electric telling that they will disconnect my services. I was scared because I suffer lupus systematic and cardiac problems, I cannot tolerate the heat and it summer time. I called the company, I plead to do no shut my electric services, and they told me to send $200.00 to avoid disconnection. I had to borrow money and to send it immediately. It was pass week and yesterday I received a electric bill and the amount is almost $900.00. I do not understand, I do not have a business, I paid $300.00 this month, I paid $300.00 past month, and I paid $100.00 and $200.00 monthly during one consecutively year. I cannot understand what’s going on. Comcast Company is doing the same, they do not send the monthly bills and then they disconnect the services alluding that I ought too much. I only have regular cable services, and I am paying $100.00 monthly to Comcast and I had the proof because I send my payments by western union. I paid this month $100.00 to Comcast and they turn off my services. Those companies are working wrong; they are taking chances from the poorest. It is abusive, and the government needs to take action. It is the duty of the government to protect the poorest rights.

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  • Valerie Jul 09, 2008

    Comcast has a commercial that says Comcast cares about their customers that is a lie. The CEO and employees know they have corner on the market. We have to tolerate their rude customer service. I got pick up a DVR box and they were none available. I told to make a second trip. The lines at the service centre are very long. I have a bad back. I will have to wait in line or call a lazy not on time tech. How do we get our congress to deregulate these suckers? Memphis customer service the worst. I call the corporate office got no help.

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  • Valerie Jul 11, 2008

    This is an email I sent to Comcast: I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Comcast's service. I placed an order last month through the internet. I ordered digital preferred with HBO for 39.99/month for six months and high speed internet for 19.99/month for six months. The installation fee was 29.99. I did not receieve an email confirmation so I called the office and the rep confirmed the rates for me. These rates are STILL on your website. I paid the technician 92.93 after installation for installation and first month's charges as the rep told me I had to. This was on 06/08/2008. I just received a statement yesterday with completely different rates and was charged again for JUNE-JULY and for July-August. The rates are the normal rates. To solve the issue, I first contacted my local office at 202-635-5100. After half an hour, I was told by both the representative and the supervisor that since I ordered this online, it could only be solved online through a customer service rep as they did not have the codes for internet promos. They could not even provide me with a phone number to contact for online support. So I got on the internet and signed onto your chat system. I spoke with a representative for nearly an hour only to be told that they too do not have the necessary codes and I would have to contact my local office. I told her MANY times that I ALREADY called my local office and they were of no help. The chat rep insisted, however, that I call my local office as they would be the only ones that could help me. I was given this number: 301-424-4400. The chat rep was completely UNHELPFUL. I have a print out of the transcript. I then called this number to be told the same thing, that this could only be solved online because the local office does not have access to internet promo codes. This promo has not expired. IT IS ON YOUR CURRENT WEBSITE. I do not understand how it is possible that no one has the codes for CURRENT promos. Are you just lying about these promos then? I was told by the local office to go to the local payment center with a copy of my work order as proof that I had in fact ordered those rates. Everyone has been USELESS and unable to help me. It is ridiculous for a company of Comcast's caliber to not have a copy of my work order for a rep to pull up. It is further unacceptable for the company to not have an account of what my 92.93 was for. All the reps told me that while they saw I had paid 92.93, they had absolutely no idea what it was for. I have wasted nearly 2 hours this morning trying to resolve this with absolutely no progress. Now I have to go home to get the work order during my lunch break, come back to work, then take the bus and train to go to the payment center with the HOPE that it MAY be solved, no guarantees. This is the first time, I am having to go to an office to resolve a billing issue. This is unacceptable. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN DO? WHY DOESN'T ANYONE HAVE CODES THAT YOU ADVERTISE ON YOUR WEBSITE? I AM MOST LIKELY GOING TO CANCEL COMCAST, BUT NOT BEFORE THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED TO MY SATISFACTION.

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  • Valerie Jul 18, 2008

    After signing up for an account with comcast for 6 months at prorated amount, I moved and had to reestablish service. When I called to move service, the sales rep offer to extend out the 6 month offer to a full year because I would have to pay a reconnect fee.

    However after the first 6 months at the new location, my bill went to the normal rate. After 3 calls, one email, and one internet chat session, they were unwilling to negotiate in any manner.

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  • Valerie Jul 18, 2008

    I have had Comcast internet service for several years and had been fairly happy with it. However over the past 6 months or so it has become increasingly more difficult to access my email via their website.

    Approximately 50% of the time that I attempt to access email, I receive a message saying "Log in failed." And with increasing frequency, I receive the same message while I am reading my email. It simply cuts out and it is hours before I am able to log back into their website.

    I have made repeated calls to Comcast and spent hours with their techs to no avail. In fact, the more I complain about this problem, the worse it gets.

    Their customer service is all but nonexistent. They will not even admit this problem exists! I am so frustrated I am considering getting rid of Comcast altogether. I no longer use their phone service because of poor customer service.

    And the internet is full of customers saying exactly the same thing I'm saying. Evidently, they don't really give a ***.

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  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 18, 2008

    You have a choice in the matter. Either go wait in line, or wait on the tech. You know that already. The other choice is to go dish. Or stop watching TV altogether. Might help your back to get off the couch once in a while.

    As for the "lazy" tech, what do you do? I would tell you those techs probably work harder than you could imagine, and have as many back problems as you do. Get a freakin grip.

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  • Valerie Jul 28, 2008

    I made appt. on Saturday at the Waldorf Comcast office for a Sun. appt 12pm-3pm. Technician was a no show even with a phone confirmation of appt... I have not had internet service for 2 wks. CS stated problem was with ZoneLabs. I removed Zonelabs and installed McAfee and the problem has not been resolved. Talked to CS four times and access to internet problem has still persisted. This has no show for the appt. happened in the past. I expected to pay for service but technical issues are difficult if not impossible to solve without an act of Congress.

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