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Comcastovercharged twice!

I had satellite t.v. called comcast to get a quote for a package deal. I said I want HD, dvr, cable, phone and high speed internet. I had been paying $125 for all of these services separately without the HD. I was told that they had a package deal for $113 a month no commitment. I was told when the technician came out I would pay him $117 that day. So the man came out I payed him the $117 2 days later I got a bill from comcast for $129 it said it was for the cost of installation I was very angry my house was already wired for comcast service and they never told me there was an installation charge. I asked why they would tell me that I only owed $117 if I really owed $246 They said they like to break it up for people. That makes no sense to have someone pay a bill and 2 days later send them another bill to break it up. I was deceived! Then my first bill comes and it shows a monthly payment of $144.29 not the $113 I was told, so I call again and now they tell me the bundle that I got was $113 + ANOTHER $31 a month to get the services I wanted again I made it very clear what I wanted and they told me that it was $113 a month they never mentioned additional charges. When I called to complain they said "i'm sorry" well that doesnt do anything for me. Now Im out my installation money, I already returned my equipment to dish I don't even know how to turn my t.v. on because I wasnt given any directions, and the phone isn't working for some reason! And I am paying more than I was before This has been a big pain wish I never called comcast!


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    Precious N Sweet Nov 28, 2015
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    This company is taking advantage of people from all over. They are overcharging people all over. Lying. They pay people from the Philippines and other countries to take calls and give our social security numbers out and these people can't even understand what you say half the time. Then they are using this pro rate BS because they were recently sued in court, and now they are trying to make their customers pay lots of money out of pocket to pay for their mistakes. IT is a scam service. They are buying up companies thinking that everyone in time will be forced to use their service, but hopefully more and more companies will realize what they are and not fall for it. I am very angry with this company my self, who has overbilled me each month. I am checking out and going to AT & T and Dish which I can get the all three services for $98.. They are now using the name Xfinity also. I feel bad for you. I feel bad for everyone that has been ripped off by this company

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