Coles Supermarketsst. remio coffee capsules

G Sep 11, 2018

You will be aware that Coles now stocks only one brand of Caffitaly coffee capsules I.e as above. As a weekly shopper at Coles Kingston in Tasmania, this lack of choice has not only caused me some inconvenience but also caused damage to my Saeco Caffitaly machine. The capsules have jammed it rendering it inoperable. Therefore I now have no choice but to purchase my coffee elsewhere with better choice. I have read online blogs by other customers who have had the same experience with these capsules which are obviously inaccurate and vary in size.

I spoke with the Grocery Manager at the store and he suggested that I contact the distributors. He was always polite and friendly but I pointed out to him that as Coles is selling a product designed for a specific purpose and it does not meet the stated claim, it is up them to take it up with whoever and withdraw the product from sale until the flaw is rectified. As I no longer have the receipt he was not able to refund me for purchase so I left the packet with him as a gift!

My weekly shop with Coles totals around $150. I do not intend to shop there and then go to Woolworths for a packet of coffee so from now on will shop there for all my grocery, fruit, vegetables, meat, et al.

I believe that Coles should ensure that all products stocked in their supermarkets should meet specifications stated on the packet and not make inaccurate claims which inevitably cause damage to equipment.

I look forward to your response.

Sandie van der Stolk

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