Coles Supermarketsservice

J Sep 02, 2018

Hi.. i've just bought from coles broadway. There's staff name "Vita". I never saw how bad the cust service!!! we would like to pay by cash and normally the comp will have the sticker "card only". But we didn't see and also in a hurry. And we just scan because the comp they didn't put sticker or any. I never saw there is staff who dare to use finger in front of my face and blame that it was my fault. And i was say like "how could i know if i didn't see the sticker?" Because the comp really don't have the sticker. after that she was said like" where is your eye"??... next time you use your eyes open it big and saw the comp(she is act like she was teaching me to use something for first time). I really not happy after that!! this is the last time i would never recommend to my friend or parents to shop in broadway again!!! So upset and dissapointed!! She is old and i think she is know what's the manner!!

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