Coles Supermarketspacking of groceries

S Dec 09, 2018
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As we now bring our own bags for groceries, staff are continually over packing my bags and making them so heavy. I have plenty of bags always but they pack as much as they can in each bag and i go home with spare bags. Staff dont seem to care what goes in together, I have bags for my cold things and they always get used for tin items. Today when I came home I found cream with my fruit and vegs, biscuits in with meat, iceblocks with washing powder, soft food items underneath cans.. This has been happening almost every week. I spend at least $200 each week and dont expect to have squashed groceries all the time. Maybe some training of packing groceries and what food goes together would be good. When I put my groceries out of the trolley onto the counter I make sure the items are together.. cold things together, meat together, fruit and veg together etc. I have shopped with Coles for more than 35 years but the service is getting bad.
Something have to change so please help.

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