Coles Supermarketspackaged smoked salmon

J Aug 14, 2018

Hi there, I purchased a pack of 200gm (or thereabouts) Coles branded smoked salmon during the morning on Saturday 11/8 and my Mum, partner and I had it for lunch on the same day in bagels (we always consume smoked salmon within 24 hours of purchase and are vigilant about that).

My partner and I also had it for lunch again the next day. Around 8pm on Monday 13/8, I started feeling extremely tired and in the hours following, I developed intense nausea, constant diarrhoea and shaking / sweating and heart palpitations. My partner developed all of the same symptoms approx one hour later and then also started vomiting violently. We were both up for the whole night. My Mum messaged me from her home to advise she was projectile vomiting around 9pm on the same Monday evening. These symptoms subsided approx 24 hours later but even right now - almost 48 hours later - I am still feeling unwell with mild nausea, sweats and general fatigue / weakness. My Mum and partner are the same.

I would be grateful for a refund but I suspect that won't happen. An apology from Coles and an assurance that they will commit to ensuring the safety of all fresh and frozen products for other consumers ongoing would be appreciated. This was clearly listeria poisoning.

Coles is our nearest major supermarket but I am hesitant to ever shop there again.

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