Coles Supermarketsjalna yoghurt pot set vanilla

J Mar 07, 2017

I purchased a couple of Jalna Yoghurts from the Spencer St store on the 5th March. I placed the yoghurt into the fridge. when I come in today for my shift I took out one of the Yoghurts to have after dinner. as I did this and placed it into a bowl and the yoghurt started to curd. I have had this yoghurt before and it has never done this. There was also an off smell to it so I placed it in the bin and opened the other one, but there was the same smell to the second one and it had curdled as well... the best before dates were the 27th March 2017.

This particular yoghurt is one of my favourites and never had a problem with it apart from this time... I'm not sure if they had been recalled but it definately wasn't what I paid for.

I await your reply



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