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I shop at Coles Haynes (Armadale) and I have been shopping since the store was opened. I really love customer service there. I was shocked that one of the staff members was told she talks to much to customers. I personally think it's what you call customer service. It would be different if she was still talking to customers while serving other customers but she is on task and is always fast working. I also think she a good representative to your company and I think the other staff should see her a good role model. I hope you can forward this on to Haynes management. Her name is Shari. Kind regards Mel


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    Millss Feb 06, 2018

    I am writing to express my complete shock at appalling service from Coles, Eastlands in Tasmania time and time again. This morning was the 4th time in 2 weeks I have been in this situation. Not enough checkouts open for big trolleys, so we are forced to line up and just wait. After being next in line and waiting for a period of at least 15 mins with a line up behind me today another 2 registers finally were open after the very long wait BUT instead of common courtesy from the check out operators when opening a register they take the people from the end of the line - people who have just joined the line getting served first - can you believe this? I find this utterly disgraceful service. I am heavily pregnant and this is the 4th time it has happened to me. Why can't the check out operators approach the next person in the line and ask that customer to come to the opening check out with them? I complained about this in store on the 3rd time it happened to me - it has clearly fallen on deaf ears. Today I asked the checkout operator why she didn't ask the next person in line to come to her register instead of serving someone that had just joined the line and the reply I got was "oh" thats it, no apology, nothing. I feel like I have given Coles more than enough chances to retain my service but they just keep doing the same thing over and over again. How could service be so bad? Why are customers having to wait 15 mins for checkouts to open? And why isn't common courtesy being shown by the checkout operators? After a 20 min wait to actually get near a checkout this morning, I had to ask a lady who had only just got to the register who should have been behind me if she minded if I want first as I was feeling very faint - she had pushed me out of the way once a register became open. This would not happen if the operators took the next person in line! I would like feedback on this problem and an acknowledgement it will be addressed. I spend approx $500 a week at this one store and if this does not change I will never shop at Coles ever again.

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    Keith Beard Mar 12, 2018

    I wish to complain about the new advertising of Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, as you are well aware that Cadbury dropped the name EASTER from the name of the Egg due to it supporting the HALAL CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY.Now the problem is Coles has started to advertise these eggs as CADBURY CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS so when did Coles take it upon themselves to false advertise a produced.

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    Paulorcj Apr 01, 2018

    Today my girlfriend and i went to Coles to buy grocery's we bought some cheese and bread to make a sandwich for Breakfast, upon opening the cheese it was covered in mould, with the expire date of 5 of may. so i went back to Coles to show them and complain when I showed the person who was on the front desk, he took the product out of my hand, got some money from the cashier, gave me a refund and didnt even apologized or ask if I would like to make a complaint.
    Rude, dismissive worse customer service ever, no compassion for the clients.

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    nikiliaa Apr 05, 2018

    COLES YARRAVILLE- worst customer service ever.
    Is the manager there for real? I had to exchange a Loreal face product, which I accidentally grabbed a wrong one a week ago. Came back after a week to exchange with my boyfriend, Spoke to a girl as soon as I walked in and she was happy to exchange it but as I had a list of more shopping to do, she said I could come back. Later after done with my list, came back to the counter. The girl calls in the manger Suzanne and she says she cant exchange it, I thought she was kidding then the second word she said straight up was you STOLE it from here? Seriously. I work in a hospitality industry and literally have come across people stealing stuff but seriously that how you approach a customer who just wants to exchange the stuff and the only mistake was that the receipt had that product crossed off. You tell me to my face in front of all your staff and other customers with no proof what so ever that I stole from you. How can you just accuse someone? Then she explained me the reason that my receipt has the prices crossed off and that what they do when they have to refunds.
    NO, you print a new receipt and give it to the customer that's what you do. Then the other guy jumps in with no freaking idea what going on and starts assuming stuff. Honestly, I am not surprised I can see the environment the team members are in. When a manager simply does not know how to explain a simple company's policy and just accuse the customer just because I was from work? because wasn't in a clean attire ? just because I am a brown skin, I don't know I am assuming a million things too now.
    The manager just could have simply explained me the policy honesty I would be disappointed but at the same time, would have learned my lesson, open my eyes wide next time as obviously, people cannot make mistake, no crossing off the list for what so ever reason probably dress up too to get my $36.95 refund.
    Never going back again hope you made that extra $36.95 sale and made some profit for the store. Worst experience.

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  • Gr
    Graham Willett Jan 16, 2019

    Could someone arrange to collect the shopping trolleys littered along Park St in Mona Vale as they are not only an eyesore but a health hazzard as they have been sitting there for so long they are now full of rubbish . Obviously whatever system is in place for collection is not working as they have been there for over a week .Its a disgrace and whoever is responsible should be ashamed .Residents deserve better than to put up with this . Get your act together Coles Mona Vale .

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