Coles Supermarketscustomer service

J Mar 07, 2017

The first complaint would be when I went into Coles on Australia day and bought 2 BBQ chickens that were on special but when I got home I found out on my receipt that I paid full price for them when I went in store I felt like a criminal they made me feel ### they called the deli to check what time the sign went up and made me wait about 15 minute while they checked my story out the second time was when I waited to buy baby cotton buds where they were cheap I found then at a good price at Coles so I bought them when I got home I found out they charged my twice for then the next time I went in the lady went to use my shopping bags for the next lady before me I had to tell her that they were my bags and that their was a divider between our items then I got home to find out I was charged full price for a item that was on sale some poppers

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