Coles Supermarketscoles little shop collectables

J Aug 12, 2018

I am not happy that someone I know has been to our local Nambour Coles the last two Sundays and spent forty dollars and thirty five dollars respectively and received 9 and 8 mini collectables respectively. She doesn't even have children. I have been buying on line and instore spending hundreds of dollars and trying to get the set for my daughter and only ever receive the correct amount. We still don't have the set. I just think that there has been such unfair distribution and why does someone only spend 35 or 40 dollars and get 8 and 9 when I get two for spending 75 dollars or 8 for spending 240 dollars. Totally unfair and corrupt staff for being selective in how they unfairly distribute the toys. Stick to the rules please or give me a whole set to make up for all the money I always spend at Coles. I have introduced many people to shopping with Coles and been a very loyal customer but this has really been unfair.

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