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M Sep 08, 2018 Review updated:

I bought 6 pcs.avocado it's $2 per each in Coles Chinatown Broome WA branch. Because avoacoda is one of a favorite of my lil one. When we came home i opened it and its already brown inside then i open the next one and next one and next one but it's all the same! Went back try to atleast exchange it but sadly i don't have the reciept normally we not grabbing the reciept when we doing shopping except it i bought some electrical. I does'nt expected that avocado's is roten and still they selling it!! I'm really dissapointed because it's so pricey but the manager did not give me a refund! I had the picture i want to attach it but i don't think i can!



  • SubSquirrel Sep 08, 2018

    The manager or store don’t have X-ray vision or machines. How can they know an avocado is bad inside? Always keep receipts for a month in case of return. I keep them a year in case of recalls.

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