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Hi coles. We've shopped with you for decades. Yesterday we had a very disappointing experience at Coles Manly Vale. We would like to complain. Would you kindly let us know who to contact. This staff member, tall, about 35, not caucasian, was very rude and put us down in front of a number of other customers and staff. it was completely unacceptable and belittling. We were in fact only at the information counter because you're Coles online store had totally stuffed up our order of over $100 and substituted items even though we had clearly stated no substitution. what's worse is the substituted items were nothing like what we wanted. In fact one item was substituted for another item which was of lesser size than what we paid for originally.

This is so disappointing given the thousands of dollars we have spent in your store over the years. It really put me enough on edge to decide not to continue my loyalty anymore.

What can you do to rectify this?

By the way I have noticed the staff in that Manly Vale store with only a few exceptions are generally rude and uptight. It must be coming from upper management. I notice it a lot less in your other stores. I look forward to hearing from you. A very disappointed previous (????) customer

Sep 27, 2019

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