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H Oct 06, 2019


I really like Coles and always shop there, have been shopping with you fro over 15 years in St Kilda.

However, i really think the quality of the fresh herbs available in the fresh produce section in my local store is just not great. It's the same in all of your stores i believe. I am not sure if the fresh herbs you sell in your stores are hydroponically grown or if they are grown in the earth? I am studying Horticulture, and I just notice that the quality of the herbs i grow myself in the garden are far superior to what is available at Coles. Not everyone has this luxury.

The herbs in store are often just not robust, and do not have a strong scent or flavour. They are often kind of insipid, and not a strong colour either. The bunches are also too small. I think most people who use fresh herbs in their cooking would be happy to pay a bit extra for larger bunches and also better quality herbs. I don't mean to sound petty but I take my diet and my health very seriously, i will be studying nutrition next year at uni. Could someone please look in to perhaps stocking better quality fresh herbs? They don't need to be organic, it would be good of course but maybe that would be expensive ? Also could you possibly start to stock Vietnamese Mint as its a very useful herb. I believe herbs will become more and more popular as people take an interest in cooking healthy food at home.

I will attach a photo of some fresh oregano grown in a community garden.

Thank you for your time.

Warm wishes,

Celeste Hughes
1/22 Mitford Street St Kilda 3182
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Email: [protected]

Coles Supermarkets Australia

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