Coles Supermarkets Australianon supply of product refill for dispensers sold by coles

J Jul 02, 2019

At your Picton NSW store Reg: 02 Recpt: 2251, 10:16am, 7 June 2019, I purchased a Dettol No-Touch Auto Hand Wash System (Stainless Steel) -$12. Since that date, I have been unable to purchase the refills for this item which you have carried for many years. Is this across all stores or just Picton? All other Dettol products are still carried. Do u think it fair to sell a product then not support its continues use? The stock details for both items have been removed from shelves so it's obviously not just a stock delay. Fair enough discontinue sale of the dispenser, but you need to support the product refills for all the dispensers sold to you loyal customers. I enjoy using this product & would like to see the refills returned to your selves as would many other customers I'm sure. Don't force us to shop at IGA or Woolworths. I look forward to your response. Regards, Jan Mbl: [protected]

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