Coles Supermarkettruck driver

S Mar 08, 2019 Review updated:

A Coles truck was driving in the right lane for the entire time I was on that section of highway then when I tried to pass him in the left lane he moved his truck closer to my car to try and intimidate me. At the time I had my daughter in the car on that side in the back and she became quite scared. This was a large truck with two carriages as a load. Not sure what you call them. His rego number is 805QYE QLD PLATE.


  • Al
    Aleks Babic Mar 18, 2019

    Coles Truck driving recklessly on Lord street after Ried hwy WA, rego - 1gio376 at 7.25am on the 13th off March. He almost whiped me out after swerving into my lane with no indicator I could have been seriously injured if I didn't brake and swerve out of the way.

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  • Mi
    Mira mourad Oct 07, 2019

    Coles Truck Driver/Rego Number TD 84 WG on the Pacific Motorway, Monday 7th October at 8pm. I was driving in the left lane and he merged from behind me and proceeded to tailgait me even though I was driving the speed limit. He kept flashing his lights in order to get me to move to the middle lane and as a means of intimidation. I managed to move to another lane and he proceeded to drive over the speed limit and weave through the traffic at dangerous speeds.

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