Coles Eden Rise in Berwick 3806negligence / lack of customer health & safety

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Hello there

Whilst doing my usual afternoon shop today at Coles Eden Rise in Berwick 3806, with my 2 sons 8 & 6, I noticed that there had been some changes made to the store, which immediately flagged alarm bells for me. I've never had a problem with Coles, as a supermarket you are my preferred place to shop and I do so on a regular basis.

However I was deeply disturbed at the lack of knowledge, consideration and absolute disregard that you have shown for those people with allergies! Yes one of the biggest health concerns for young children, Even adults and the elderly.
As I was walking down the isle I immediately noticed that you had created an "Open Nut" Select your own section where nuts could be bagged on there own and easily left lying on the floor or easily even have people touching them and then leaving residue from these nuts on other items in the same isle created a huge danger zone!!!

My son is 8 years old his name is Andre, he is anaphylactic to nuts! I immediately with the mess of nuts everywhere along the floor and also along the side benches and isle where the nuts were, went immediately into PANIC mode, as all it takes is a simple touch of a Nut, a slight bit of residue to touch his skin and we have ourselves a life and death situation.

My question to you Coles is, how has this not come to your attention as a cause of absolute major concern? Luckily myself and my son are extremely educated of the importance of not touching nuts and making sure that he is kept well clear of any nuts product or residue, but my son could have simply brushed past your horrendously messy isle of nuts and put himself into an absolute life and death situation, this is not good enough, in fact this is sheer incompetence of your behalf and I a law suit waiting to happen.
What would have happened if my son had come into contact with the slightest bit of mess from this isle of nuts in an isle with other products, apparently the gluten free isle also, he could have died. He could have lost his life, I could have lost my son, even tho I also carry with me all the time the appropriate Medication for such a disaster if it were to take place?
Coles Management, this needs to be fixed before we have a serious problem take place, let's make a change before we have a deviating outcome, let's not let a death take place before you choose to change this setup.

There's no appropriate signage warning customers of the dangers they are entering and you and a major organisation have taken no initiative to put into place a cause of action to prevent something serious from happening.

I would love to work with you to make a change and prevent such devastation from occurring.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and should I not hear from you immediately, I will be looking at taking this matter further, as this is blatant negligence on your behalf and we could work together to make a huge change and show that coles does care!!

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards
Krystle Patterson


  • Wine Is Good May 06, 2018

    "luckily myself and my son are extremely educated of the importance of not touching nuts"

    That is your responsibility. there are literally billions of people in this world that do not have nut allergies. pardon me for asking, but why in the hell should we cater our lives around you? it is your job to protect your kid. if I want to bag my own nuts, I should be able to. your child's allergies are not, should not, and will not become my responsibility.

    If your child will die from just nut residue, then I am sure you carry an epipen. if you don't then you are irresponsible as hell.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 28, 2019

    @Wine Is Good But they walked down the isle!!!

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  • Um is not an answer! May 28, 2019

    "As I was walking down the isle"

    Say Hi to Gilligan!

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