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I purchase 6 bottles of Coles Ginger Beer 9o cents per bottle . I have been to 2 Coles stores this week only to find that there is none available . Today i tried again and was told by someone changing articles around that Coles have deleted it > How stupid can Coles be it is a very popular bottle of soft drink as sometimes there might be only 2 bolltle on the shelf. Another lady also a pensioner as i am said they had deleted her gluten free tea she also said thats it for me ill be shopping at Woolworths from now on i said so will i this is rediculous something sells well and you stop it . There was another item i was after the other week and the girl told me it was deleted i asked why when something sells so well she just shrugged her shoulders and said i have no idea i said how stupid. I have just found out that the reason Coles is giving is it does not sell well what a lot of crap i have been to buy it and it has been sold out yet the lemonade, orange, lime, lemom they are sitting there . Coles need to wake up or hire someone who knows what is going on .


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    Deb Salzman Oct 26, 2018

    I am very disappointed that whoever is in charge of decisions regarding shelf merchandise saw fit to discontinue Coles Brand Ginger beer. Not only was this drink 75 cents per bottle (a genuine bargain) but it tasted exactly the same as my neighbour's home made ginger beer back from my childhood days.
    I would ask that Coles reconsider - in this case Coles ... you were wrong.

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