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F Oct 10, 2019

On June 25 2012, I went to Coast Dental on East Colonial in Orlando, Florida. I went for full dentures and Dr. DuLac performed the full extraction procedure. It went very smoothly and easily, i thought. I also thought that there should be another x-ray after the extraction to be sure she got everything.
On the next visit, a week or so later, the doctor pointed out a large bump, or "Torus" on the lower gum. "I could cut it off with laser, but I think it's OK, " she said. "Just push on it a lot with your finger, it will go down." I thought that sounded ridiculous, but went along with the program.
When I returned to Coast for my pre-paid routine "reline" of the lower denture, the new dentist, Dr Uddin, informed me that I cannot have the reline because of the "Torus" on my lower gum which must be removed surgically first. She sent me to another Coast office for the procedure.
When I got to Lake Mary Coast Dental, I was given an estimate of $600 for the surgery. I could not at that time afford it, so I passed, choosing to live with no lower teeth, at least until my financial ship came in.
Being chronically in poverty (and then the Great Recession), jobless and basically penniless, I never made it back. I have been living for seven years with no lower teeth I have lost weight due to dietary limitations and my social life is dead. I feel unable now to initiate any romatic relationship and have resigned myself to being a lone buck. I feel that my life social and professional life ended with that extraction--I was a professional musician but it's quite impossible to play the flute and sax with no lower teeth.

After finally getting some awesome insurance from Medcare, I thought I would re-start the process and finally get fixed and get back into Life.
I went back to Lake Mary Coast Dental to discover that my new insurance was not so "awesome" and the new estimate was $3500, all from my pocket. I headed for the door, but as I was leaving I heard the doctor utter the magic words "BONE FRAGMENT"
After all these years, I find out that it was never a "Torus" but a piece of tooth that was missed and then ignored by the original extracting doctor, Dr DuLac. I was mis-diagnosed by Dr Dulac, Dr Uddin, and by the surgeon at Lake Mary Coast back in 20012.
I still have not been fixed, Dr Shoer declined to remove the bone fragment (without $3, 500) that was left over by her associate, Dr. Dulac.

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