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Velas Resorts review: Lies, scam and rip off!

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The 90 minute presentation we attended turned out to be between five to six hours. Once we got down to signing the contract we were rushed through to "get us back on vacation." We were told the timeshare we were buying was previously owned and therefore we wouldn't have the right to rescind. Violation of Mexican law.

The sale of our existing timeshare was a condition of purchase at Velas Vallarta. The salesperson misled us about the guarantee to sell our existing timeshare for $60,850. We didn't get the guarantee until we were leaving after signing the contract. The guarantee was for no more than to list the property for sale for $60,850.

We talked about the RCI bonus weeks we were getting. We talked about the cost of $169 or $189 a week. Nothing was said about having to pay maintenance fees first.

We were told we were getting a $80,000 annuity. We then found later it was an "anticipated" annuity.

Update by Valerie
Jan 22, 2007 1:51 am EST

We went to the presentation at Velas Valarta to get our free tickets and had no intention of purchasing anything as we already own a timeshare here in Minnesota. We explained this to the first salesperson we spoke with. She asked us if were interested in a timeshare in addition to or instead of our current time share. We said instead of as we did not want or need 2 timeshares. She then said we should talk to the "trade in manager" Ken Waller. Mr Waller went on and on with numbers, drawings and said he had a broker that might be interested in buying our existing timeshare from us. He went away and came back and said he had spoken to his broker and they had made us an offer on our current timeshare. He also said the broker would buy 3 of our Velas weeks for $2110.00 a week. This was a good deal and we foolishly signed on the dotted line. Like all of you, we were told the timeshare we were buying was previously owned and therefore we wouldn't have the right to rescind.-Not true.

When we got home we got a letter from a company by the name of Regal rentals and resale saying they were going to list our property not purchase it. Never in our conversation with Mr. Ken Waller did we discuss listing our property. It was always purchase our property. We made it very clear we did not want nor could we afford 2 timeshares. Upon receiving this letter from Regal we immediately e-mailed Ken Waller and Regal. This got no response. We then sent a letter to both parties. Mr. Waller called and for 20 minutes he spun the truth around, quoted passages in our contract and said we must have “misunderstood” him when he spoke of the fate of our current timeshare. He was loud, obnoxious and would not let us get a word in. His behavior was actually comical. We asked him if he ever Googled himself- this actually got him to shut up for a minute. He had a few excuses, told us to talk to our lawyer and then hung up on us. We received an E-mail from a Johnny Noe which was just as pointless as our phone conversation with Mr. Waller.

We have sent letters to Velas Vallarta, Regal resale, Visa and, The Mexican Profeco advising them that we would not pay them a cent and demanding a refund of our down payment. If we do not get a written release from our contract and a refund of our down payment we will be sending out mass e-mails to travel agents, news media, travel clubs, and state and government offices.

If you have had run-ins with this place please respond so we can all keep in contact. I am all for a class action lawsuit.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 16, 2019 4:34 pm EDT

I have had my contract since 2009 and have used 1 out of 12 weeks purchased. The maintenance fee has increased from $503 to $1100 in 2019, yet i see nothing in my contract that indicates they can do that for existing contracts. In order to carryover unused weeks thru Velas i have paid $169 per week. I have done this for three weeks now. This year i am donating all my weeks to my Pastor and found out he is required to attend the sales presentation. For two years now i have not received an initial invoice on time to pay my maintenance fee in january when we have the option to pay $50 and waive the maintenance fee to pass on our week, but instead a late notice was received the following month.
My question, what happens if you do not attend the sales meeting when you book a week? Secondly, it appears the $50 fee going forward to pass on your week may be cheaper than an attorney fee. What would be an estimated fee to waive future year?

Jan 23, 2017 10:44 am EST

Was told I had 25 weeks that could be used anytime in any amt of weeks in any year. Now it is one week every two years...if I book as an online st time customer the charges work out the same, apples for apples, I was lied to and it cost me 10, 000.00 and 800 $ maintenance fees..Im furious and know I was duped.

Nov 05, 2016 7:01 pm EDT

I have the same story as all of you. I was also scammed into purchasing a week at Velas Vallarta in 2001 with the promise of them taking my existing timeshare I had off my hands and Vacation Networks would rent my unit out and pay me $1, 750 for the years I would not use my timeshare so I would never have to pay maintenance fees and I would make money on the deal. As soon as I got home and found out their promises were not true I wrote and called Jonny Noe and asked for my money back and cancel the deal. He said all he would do is give me my other timeshare back. I stopped paying the maintenance fee last year when they just got way too expensive over $1000 and I was starting to lose my weeks in RCI since I was not going on vacation much anymore. I wrote Velas Vallarta and informed them I will no longer be paying for the maintenance fee and to rent or sell my remaining years like they promised. I found out this year they sent me to a collection agency. I had my attorney send Meridian Financial Services collection agency a letter asking them for proof and to purge the account from their records and remove all derogatory information they have reported in my name. Failing to comply and violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act will result in legal action against them I just found out they reported it on my credit report with Experian and it has affected my Home Equity line of credit where my bank just canceled my account. I will contact my attorney and find out how to get a class action law suite against them.

Dec 14, 2016 8:49 am EST

Stacy, we are interested in being involved in your class action lawsuit against Velas Vallarta. We had similar circumstances with Ken Waller and Johnny Noe since 2005. We have also been turned over to Meridian Financial Services and have been receiving calls from them for several months. If they keep calling, we would like to add them to the lawsuit too. Please contact us at [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you, Russ and Linda Campo - North Carolina

Mar 15, 2016 9:48 pm EDT

I can tell you what happens! I made the unfortunate decision to purchase a week at Velas Vallarta in or about 1993 or 1994. I paid off the original $10, 000 within 6 months and then paid maintenance fees for about 17 years (almost the entire length of the contract). I too was sold an annuity that was supposed to pay me back my original investment after 20 years which of course I can't track ...yes too good to be true, I know. I stopped paying the maintenance fees because they became too expensive and I couldn't afford to go on vacations anyway. A few years went by and I thought that it was over but then I found out through Credit Karma that Velas Vallarta sold my account to a collections agency. I would love to "get" these guys because I too was promised a bunch of stuff that never materialized and also told a pack of lies and now they are trying to screw up my credit too!

Dec 16, 2015 1:29 pm EST

I am another duped victim of Johnny Noe and the Velas Vallarta scam. Unfortunately, I was duped twice. I bought my timeshare in 2002 after a lovely visit to the resort. I already had 3 time share weeks and no interest in another. But, after a high-pressure sales pitch in which Johnny offered to buy back two of my other time shares for a very good price and to help me use my time shares more effectively (through HSI rather than RCI), I fell for the pitch. Of course, I never got anything for my existing time shares. Then to add to the problem, Johnny threw in another week for just $3000, which sounded like a really good deal at the time. Especially since he promised me about $1800 a week in rental fees per year on each unit. Little did I know that the maintenance fees would climb to more than $1000 per year--$2, 000 for both units. And, they've never been rented. I am more than happy to join a class action suit with other victims. If I can't get any money back on my investment, I'd like to at least stop the annual bleeding. Does anyone know what happens if one fails to pay maintenance fees?

Apr 28, 2015 10:55 am EDT
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My husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta to another time share that we had. We were approaced to go to a presentation. We said yes, but then the next day, decided that we didnt want to go. The guy, called our room and made us feel guilty for not going, so we went. Biggest mistake! We got suckered into another time share on the basis that the seller would help us sell our current time share. Never heard from the guy again. I emailed him letting him know that he promised to help us sell the other timeshare and he never contacted us! So we were stuck with 2 timeshares! What a nightmare! Would like to join a class action lawsuit.

Feb 11, 2015 1:43 pm EST
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Sorry you are going through this. Must be very stressful.
Sounds like it could be a breach of contract - I recall on ours that there was a clause about appropriate maintenance fee increases. You should check to see on your contract if there was a clause stating the $177 was for a limited time then would increase to the $800. This is US dollars too and with the Canadian dollar being so low, this is a real significant increase.
How are you paying for the maintenance fee? If it's by credit card, you could show the credit card company the contract and dispute the charge if they violated the terms.
I'm no lawyer but had success with the credit company reversing a charge that violated the terms of the contract.

Feb 07, 2015 7:00 pm EST
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Please count me in in the class action suit. The Velas is threatening to ruin my credit with a collection agency in Canada. I am retired and on a very limited income. I cannot use the weeks. The maintenance fee went from 177 to 800 and I was promised that the fee would never increase more than the Mexican Peso. It is a scam at every single level including the agencies they recommend for reselling and renting your unit. I could go on and on about the lies and devious sales practices. If there is anything I can do please advise.


Nov 19, 2014 1:44 pm EST
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Many clients have received calls from Sierra about a year after their purchase stating that they have a buyer for their Velas Vallarta property. They are told that they just need to pay for the title search and taxes into an escrow account and then they money from the buyer will be released to the seller. The seller wires the money to the escrow company, and then never hears from them again.

Oct 29, 2014 3:55 pm EDT
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Claim to sell fractional ownerships instead of timeshares, but in reality they are not deeded properties, just contracts for timeshare weeks.
Salesperson claims that all travel expenses would be a tax write off against the property ownership because it is a fractional ownership.
Salesperson claims that Sierra will rent out their timeshare weeks for a profit. Sierra charges a listing fee, but then never rents the weeks, and they stop answering the phone.
Many clients have received calls from Sierra about a year after their purchase stating that they have a buyer for their Velas Vallarta property. They are told that they just need to pay for the title search and taxes into an escrow account and then they money from the buyer will be released to the seller. The seller wires the money to the escrow company, and then never hears from them again.
Offer an annuity program where clients are promised to get their full investment back after 25 years if they pay an extra 5-7% of the purchase price to Lloydshare, the third party company that organizes the annuity.

Sep 20, 2014 11:43 pm EDT

I know that we are probably too late to get in on a class action lawsuit that I see mentioned in many previous comments...But can somebody please post on this site if there is any legal action being taken presently and/or what, if anything ever came of any previous action? I'll spare you the details as our story is very similar to all the rest. They get you to sign based on promises which are completely false and/or intentionally misleading. You are kind of stuck, however, because when you actually read the contract, you realize that nothing they promised is in writing... Bottom line is, THEY LIE SHAMELESSLY!

Aug 11, 2014 10:25 pm EDT

I went to the presentation and told them I wasn't sure, they told me I could sign and if I changed my mind I could cancel no questions asked. I did change my mind, called to cancel my interest and they said I had already signed and if cancelled; they would mess up my credit. I negotiated a way out in an expensive way, they asked me to pay $4, 000 for them to cancel my obligations. I hated the option but sent in payment, this happened about 12 years ago. About two months ago when looking for housing in Chicago, I checked my credit report and saw 4 collection attempts posted to my credit history this past March/April 2014; each of them between $1, 200 to $1, 600 for a grand total of $6, 326.40. In shock of what this could be I called the collection agency (Meridian Financial Services), I tried to explain but they wanted nothing to do with my story; payment is the only thing they were seeking. They simply told me these charges were for past due maintenance fees and since I didn't have the paperwork for my $4, 000 payment (who keeps paperwork of this nature for over 12 years?), I had to pay in full or the collection records would remain on my history. Unbelievable but true, don't know what to do but would love for someone to help me on how to make this go away without having to pay another $6, 300 to these thieves.

Jun 29, 2014 8:05 pm EDT

I had the same experience back in 2007 as well. Lots of promises of things that did not happen. Was told that I could sell back up to 4 weeks a year for roughly $2500 a week. Later when I attempted this, I was told that you could only do that once you paid off your timeshare. Johnny Noe was the manager at that time, and was no help at all. Recently was contacted regarding my maintenance fees. Has anyone pursued a lawsuit against Velas Vallarta? I saw some statements here about a class action.

Jul 19, 2013 1:57 pm EDT

It seems like this is a very common problem in Mexico. My wife & i bought into a Royal Elite Timeshare in Playa del Carmen. We stayed in sandos caracol resort & signed contract for royal elite. we've found out in the last few months that availiablity of resorts that we require are very limited (sales person shown us extensive range of hotels). flight deals are no better than booking myself. we enquired to stay lanzarote sandos dec 2012 the ai rate is in total $1900 for the week. i feel that this is going to be costly in the long run, not the ideal deal that was sold to us. This is a forum with more complaints about this company:

I'm in the process of calling the BBB and PROFECO and seeing what they can do. Possibly the attorney General also!

Jul 12, 2013 2:08 pm EDT

HUNTER Liars, la división Legal de Travel Time puede gestionar para Ustedes un Acuerdo de Terminación Anticipada de Contrato de Membresía en un plazo máximo de 45 días hábiles.

Los honorarios son bastante razonables, solo $1, 299.00 USD. Sin importar la situación en que se encuentre su cuenta (pagos vencidos de mensualidades, mantenimientos y/o cuotas extraordinarias).

Adicionalmente ofrecemos una Garantía de Resultados por escrito, de tal suerte que si no obtenemos para Usted el Acuerdo de Terminación de Contrato: NO COBRAMOS.

Siempre funciona, cuando se sabe lo que se hace.

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Jul 08, 2013 7:58 pm EDT
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I agree that there are fraudlent and overstated practices. One of the biggest lies was to suggest that Mr. Bobby Rudd from My Vacation Brokers in Orlando, Florida. You fork over 299$ for absolutely nothing but excuses. Avoid him. If you've been a victim, go to the BBB in Florida and the Attorney General. His scams seem long-standing and far-reaching. Let's band together and fight the scams we know to exist.

Jul 03, 2013 3:52 pm EDT

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Mar 20, 2012 4:11 pm EDT

Just want to add our names to the list of complainants. Our scam goes back to 2003. After a high pressure 7 hour day we finally succumbed to the tactics. Unfortunately, we did not have the sense to get out of there. Two days later we presented our letter of cancellation of the contract. We were moved up the chain to Johnny Noe. He lied to us about not being able to get out, about being able to sell a timeshare and about being able to swap with RCI. Just recently we have seen others get out on the five day cancellation clause. Since the fateful day in 2003 we have only gone there once. Our fees for 2012 are in arrears and Velas is starting to harass us. Does anyone know of a reputable lawyer or government body which will listen to our case? We have been lied to. We want out. We want some of our money back. Canadian suckers.

Dec 02, 2011 9:25 pm EST

Anyone knowing about a lawsuit against velar Vallarta please call. Bob bunch. [protected]

Apr 14, 2011 7:46 am EDT

Please explain your problem.I am ready to sign the contract that says you pay no money until they cancel the timeshare contract. Is it true or not?

Mar 10, 2011 7:09 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

It seems my family have been duped in the same way so meny others have. However i see most messages have been posted over a year ago, i hope this doesnt mean I have missed the opportunity to join any kind of legal action against Velas.

MY wife and I were pitched to on the firist day of our Honeymoon full of hope and trust me in people, to the point of being giving a 'comfort bribe of chocolate ice cream and the potential of a dream job' along with all of the other promises listed in everyone elses stories. When you look back to see all the slimey sales tactics playing on our emotions and when good questions were asked about risk and financial commitment or guarentees of pay back the way Chris Rodgers (the sales men to conned us) deflected every time. Our Honeymoon was March 2009 so we are coming up to our second anniversary and still suffering finacnially because of this terrible investmant which still has failed to pay us back anything through the time share broker 'Dreams' which guarenteed would be able to payback our entire investment for us.

We are from the UK I dont know if that international boundary will cause a problem as it sounds like most of you are from the US. However I am an American citizen if that helps.

I notice most peoples complaints have the similar names listed but I haven't noticed the name of the man who sold us ours. Mr Christopher Rodgers, the self professed creator of the time share, sales man to the core false promises claimes of his own children using the fractional ownership system and being finanically independant with in the first 3 years etc. Playing on our new marriage two days in was so ethically wrong.

At the momen we are paying like $250-300 and then every two years are hit with a maintenance fee for a holiday in all honesty we can't even afford to go to.

So much for a 6 month pay back from Dreams, its sad that the time the broker firm needs to prove they can honour their commitment to sale your weeks', coincides with the cut off date to get out of the contract (6 months). I would have gladly paid 50% of the time share in the first 6 months to escape the maintenance fees and financial black hole that I am in today. However their promises that it would come good prevented me from cutting my losses and now we continue to lose. I'm powerless and what should be the happiest years of my life, two years into my marriage and new born baby are filled with fears of debt and never achieving financial stability.

If we could even surrender our contract and just consider everything we have already invested as lessons lerned for a bad investiment I would be happy. But why should we despite the contractual agreements and nothing in writting being present the assurances and guarentees from the salesmen were so wrong and shouldn't be allowed to be used to exploit couples on holiday.

You would never think a con for £20000 + that locks you in to a contract stretching over 20 years could be done in broad day light to decent people in such a wonderful location designed to make you feel pampered and relaxed. In fact it makas you feel that the entire holiday location of Velas Vallarta is designed to sucker people into signing on the dotted line. The blatent salesmenship and false guarentees should not be allowed to be ignored by Mr. Velas he needs to take resonsibilty for what happens on his property, I hate to say it but thats for spoiling my Honeymoon.

Mar 04, 2011 9:45 pm EST
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Don't get scammed again by G&G Mexican Timeshare Solutions! Just quit paying the [censor]ers.

Feb 16, 2011 9:49 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Dear Timeshare Owners,

We invite you to get to know our services at G&G Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We are a Mexican based company that specializes in cancelling contracts purchased under fraudulent premises. We offer free consultations to anybody interested in our services to discuss the details of their case.

We are empathetic to victimized consumers and we work on a contingency basis; which means no upfront fees, and if we don't achieve results, you don't pay us a cent.

We look forward to helping you in your claim.

Customer Service,

[email protected]


Jul 03, 2010 8:34 pm EDT

Im curious why all you guys don't get together and SUE his [censor]. He needs a smack down and if enough people can get together you can easily hire a lawyer or a few and find a way to get what is rite fully yours. To me its just a no brainer. I worked for the guy and saw what he was doing to people and it made me sick. I had to quit the job and leave because I didn't want his filth all over me. Please for your sake and for everyone else take care of him and make sure that you get your dues.

Jun 16, 2010 4:21 pm EDT
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So has anyone started a class-action against Velas Vallarta and all their accomplices in this scam? I mean Dreams, Sierra, and others. I fell for this scam in April 2009 too and Dreams hasn't rented even one week for me in over a year, even after I "upgraded" to a premier membership so they would rent 12 weeks per year with no commission, and preferred listing. They conveniently use the "poor economy" as their excuse now. Their website reeks of a scam because it doesn't even work. I'd love to participate in a lawsuit and get my money back. These scam artists must be rolling in the money.


Jan 08, 2010 10:38 am EST

I too have been a victim of this REGAL scam. I just called to talk to Clair Banks at REGAL, she obviously doesn't exist there anymore. Regal is a scam, rip-off and plain out fraud. Do NOT buy into this garbage.

Jeannie Davis

Oct 01, 2009 11:42 am EDT

WOW! Hi i am the latest victim as of 9/16. Four days on our honeymoon. They switch the rental Company to "Dreams" I payed 25, 000 for our one bedroom with a maintence fee of 683 bucks. My parents have always had time shares and I figured everything seemed fair. WRONG. Rick Sanfillipo who claimed to give us the 25 weeks we can rent up to 24 of the weeks back for $1923 bucks a week. He also threw in 75 HSI weeks. Too good to be true~well yeah it was. So we owe Vellas Vallarta 13280 bucks. We have not activated our Bank of America Card that they issued us for the deposit. So we have not paid a penny to anyone. Any suggestions on what to do. Should we pay the bank of America card off and just strike this up as 13280 loss and not send vellas anything. Do we pay the whole thing. Do we not pay anyone. Do we use the 25 weeks at another resort. No one has answers. PLEASE HELP. 25000 is the most expensive massage, canopy tour and Taxi ride I have ever had. I mean we have the money to pay this off, we just don't know what to do or if we should pay this. Today is day 15 into the scam.

Aug 31, 2009 5:31 am EDT

Hey everyone, Johnny Noe is heading up the EXACT same scams at Saint Mary Lodge and Resort in Montana. (Glacier National Park) I believe he is the manager and owner there. I was reading through some TripAdvisor reviews on the 'resort' and they are absolutely hilarious. I had to research this gentleman, and this is the forum I stumbled across. Here's one TripAdvisor review from a girl/guy who experienced his resort. I must admit, I did chuckle, even in my old age:

"Ode to Saint Mary"

Bart lived life as a fine tourist,
He'd heard of St Mary as a place "you can't miss!"
His pocket watch told the time was to stop,
So out came his camera for this great photo op.

Saint Mary Resort was the odd kind of sort,
Glacier & St Mary was like a nose with a wart.
Their website pictured a tourist hot spot,
In the middle of the woods, not a large parking lot.

His reserved night stay was a polka-dot tipi,
Which from the last windstorm, was piled in a heapie.
So the front desk staff gave him a West Lodge room,
And with that he turned in, thus began his doom!

He woke to drunks, trying to sing,
So the front desk he immediately attempted to ring.
The phones were stored, 'cause the lines were cut,
Road 89 roared, his eyes couldn't stay shut.

So Bart stood up and hopped in a hot shower,
Just the thing for his nerves, at that ungodly hour.
Well there was no water, not even some cold,
For two hundred and four, this is what he was sold.
A 4-channeled TV, next to a highway,
The price for this room was too much to pay.

The mosquitoes! The mosquitoes! Oh they came by the swarm!
In the St. Mary valley, they were "not considered the norm."
They came through the walls, and through cracks in the door,
The walls were so thin you could hear neighbors snore.
So Bart took some coils and lit them a smolder,
The scent drove them away, like a solid grey bolder,

No sleep that night, did the poor soul get,
So the front desk manager, next morning he met.
The front desk manager, as if being deceived,
Did not believe Bart, claiming a lie he'd conceived.
So flustered with grief--beyond disbelief,
Was Bart treated less as a customer and more like a thief.

Finally a man who agreed the rate was unfair,
But was selling timeshares, and didn't really care.
Bart finally checked out, having to pay full price,
The front desk staff were apologetic and nice.

But one more fee was charged to poor Bart,
He tried to protest, but lacked strength and heart.
Despite Bart's night of blood, sweat, and toil,
He got a smoking room fee, for his mosquito coil.

Aug 17, 2009 3:48 pm EDT

One moral here is not to sign things which you have not read in full. On the timeshare side, remember that they will say anything to make the sale. It is up to you to make sure what they say is true. You're going to get the same deal if you take a night to think it over and come back the next day. Of course they tell you it has to be RIGHT NOW that is their job. And anyone buying a timeshare because they hope to make money off the deal with rentals is probably in for a rude awakening. Timeshares are good for people who like to vacation and intend to use their weeks or gift them. We own with Wyndham and our salesperson lied to us as well about several minor things, and while that soured us on their sales process, we still enjoy lovely vacations every year. We would never buy anything other than resale now i.e. ebay or similar, but we took it as a learning experience. Sorry to ramble...

May 03, 2009 10:33 pm EDT

My husband and I bought into the Velas scam on [protected]. We were told that we could purchase the timeshare and then rent our weeks through Sierra Club Rentals. We were told that we would receive the first rental check for 6 weeks 9 months after our purchase and another on the 1 year anniversary. I have tried to contact Sierra Club rentals numerous times and they have not acknowledge me. Sierra will never answer the phone, you can only leave a message. I've emailed them several times with no response.

The salesman at Velas Vallarta, Bacilio Martell, was very convincing. What a con man. I want to participate in a class action lawsuit against Velas Vallarta and Sierra Club Rentals.

We need to get the word out to future unsuspecting victims. DO NOT VISIT VELAS VALLARTA.

Jan 26, 2009 3:48 pm EST

My husband and I also fell for the "fractional ownership" scam. When I booked our trip to the Velas Vallarta in June of 2008 thru expedia, it cost me a total of $2458.00. This was a all inclusive package that included airfare, hotel, all meals and drinks. When I tried to book our vacation for this year (2009) with the "fractional ownership", it appears to be costing me $1, 000 more. Seeing as though that was a bit high, I went to expedia's website again to see what they would book the same exact trip for. If I were to book my trip through expedia today, it would cost me $2501.00. This is a heck of a lot cheaper then using the timesare so I don't get it? I thought the timeshare was supposed to save us money?

I'm very frustrated and found that it's hard to get rid of a time share at the price you purchased it for. I would love to be involved in the class actions lawsuit.

I do have a question. The fractional ownership does not appear on my credit report. Does anyone know what would happen if we just stopped paying on it?

Dec 09, 2008 9:22 am EST
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We too have had a similar nightmare with Club Regina, although at the Minors Club in Park City Utah. Does anyone know how we can all pull together to file a class action law suit and try to recoop some of our so called "investments"? Feel free to email me @ [email protected]


Nov 28, 2008 8:44 pm EST

My wife and I also were given the same false information for buying this time share on 5-4-2008. They said we have to pay 2, 600.00 within the first year to get the 25 year ANNUITY value 52, 000.00. They also said they would buy our other 2 Time Shares, to find out after the fact that they would only list out other 2 Time Shares for sale. I'd be interested in joining any campaign to spread the word of the deceitful, fraudulent practices this company continues to engage in.

Nov 06, 2008 2:21 pm EST

We purchased the 25 week and the additional 75 that were supposed to be rented out. I was supposed to see about $2000-$4000 a year in rent payments back to me starting in the year 2004. To this date, a big fat zero has arrived. Now, every year they want maint payments on something that is supposedly not even rented out. Scam all the way. Sign me up for a lawsuit as well.

Oct 08, 2008 10:32 am EDT

JOHNNY NOE is now doing time share business as the President of "St. Mary Lodge & Resort" and the president of "The Club at Glacier." Beware, he's the same flim-flam, high pressure, say anything, don't pitch the ###, boiler room salesman. His Winter setup will be in the Cancun region in 2008/09.

Oct 02, 2008 7:10 pm EDT

We stayed at Velas Vallarta 3 times and really liked the resort. We felt it was very family oriented and a fun place to stay. The food was good, and the service was great.

However the time share presentation was a scam. We were told at the presentation that we would get our money back through rentals, and we could get an annunity to get our money back.

Unfortunately we upgraded on our second visit and put even more money into the time share. On our third visit they told us that everything we had been told was not true, but for $22, 000 we could get $6, 000 back each year. They told us many lies again at that time. We still had a balance on some of the second deal. So we wrote them a letter and told them we would not pay the balance, and outlined all the lies and misrepresentations. We had not heard from them until Sept. 2008 when they sent us a letter indicating they have canceled our contract for non payment. I have called them - and hope to get this resolved. When we were there the third time they quickly moved us to a back room to keep us from being heard by others. I think if we all went down there and told the guests what was really going on . we could make a real mess for them.

I am interested in joining a group for a class action suit. It really is too bad because the resort is a fun family resort, and the staff were wonderful.


Sep 15, 2008 9:02 pm EDT

We were also scammed in December 2007. I think it would be great if we could get a class action suit going. There are so many people that have been ripped of by them. I have absolutely no idea how to get the thing started but I'm sure willing to do what I can.

We lost the time share we traded in, almost 11k down payment and the 8 months that we have already paid on it. We also paid Sierra to rent out our weeks in order to the pay for new timeshare. Which of course we all know will never happen.

Aug 28, 2008 10:55 pm EDT

We purchased at Mayan Palace in Puerto Penasco and a sales person there, connected us to Claire Banks at Regal Resales and Rentals. During the presentation we expressed that we were interested in selling a timeshare in order to be able to afford to buy at Mayan Palace. Claire Banks at Regal assured us that she could sell our timeshare quickly. After we purchased and returned to our house at the close of our vacation, we were contacted by Claire who again assured us that she could sell our timeshare for $12, 500. We paid $349 as a listing fee on July 30, 2008 and have not heard from Claire or anyone at Regal since then. I am afraid I have been scammed especially since I have read the comments pertaining to Velas Vallarta.

Jul 23, 2008 11:45 am EDT

My boyfriend and I were also duped back in July 06. We are currently in debt for $29, 430.34. Regal Resale duped us also. CLASS ACTION SUIT IS DEFINITELY IN ORDER. HOW? That's all I want to know. How do we get this taken care of? Who can I contact?


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